Private car transportation from CDG airport to Aizier


History  of city of Aizier 

Aizier is a French city located in the department of Eure and the Haute-Normandie region. Originally Aizier was a Gallo-Roman port. Ancient roads leading to it Lillebonne resulted. Several tours are offered for a pleasant stay in the city.


Tourism and visit Aizier.

The city Aizier are several sites listed historical monuments, including a church, a dock and ancient megalithic monument. The Church of St. Peter was built in the eleventh century. A large part of this church was built in Caen stone, the tower is a fine example of building stepped the vaulted apse oven dating from the same era and finally the greater part of the north wall. The leper, a former leper colony, overlooking Aizier. It was built in the thirteenth century. Tourists can also visit the pierced stone. It is a limestone block with a hole circular well.

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Transfer from the city to Aizier Paris airports.

The city Aizier localizes to 139km from Paris and Rennes 223Km. This is a destination that is 139km from Paris Beauvais Airport Paris, 178km from the airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and 172km from Paris-Orly airport.


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