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History and visit the avenue Velasquez in Paris

Velasquez Avenue is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. She travels the area of Europe. It begins and ends boulevard Malesherbes Monceau Park. The creation of this avenue was made in 1861. It measures 86 meters long and 25 meters wide. Each end of the avenue is closed by gates.

Avenue Velasquez was named in honor of the Spanish painter Diego Velázquez. Its name was given as all the streets near the Parc Monceau. These streets are related to famous painters of the eighteenth century as the street Rembrandt, Murillo street, avenue or Ruysdael Avenue Van Dyck.

Avenue Velasquez had mansions as Jules Goüin hotel, the Hotel Alfred Chauchard, the Hotel Henri Cernuschi. The house of Madame Back to Surany was at number 2 this avenue. Currently, the building serves as the seat of the French Agency for International Investments.

The hotel was at number 5 was transformed into the headquarters of the civil society multimedia authors since 1998. He was the founding owner of department stores in the Louvre. Collections of paintings have been kept before being given to the Louvre in 1909.

Cernuschi museum is located at number 7 Avenue Velasquez. He was the former mansion of Henry Cernuschi and given to the city of Paris. Cernuschi be collected art objects from the Far East.

Transfer to the Avenue Velasquez in Paris
Avenue Velasquez is at a distance of 21.7 km from Orly Airport to 26.9 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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