Transfer Zip code 93 - Orly Airport

Zip code 93 - Orly Airport

For those who want to get to the airport on time without losing their time in public transport, the best option is to book in advance a private car. The chauffeur will drive you directy at Orly and there’s no without suplement price surprise .


Private car service between Seine Saint Denis department and Orly airport


Places of interest in Seine Saint Denis department



A true jewel of history, Basilica of Saint-Denis is one of the most important jewels of religious architecture in Ile-de-France region. On the route between Seine-Saint-Denis and Orly airport, this is a must visit place especially for old stones Builded lovers on the site of an old Gallo-Roman cemetery in the middle of the 5th century, the Basilica of St. Denis is a Gothic masterpiece erected in honor of the eponymous saint who, according to tradition, would have been martyred because of his faith. St. Genevieve, the patron saint of the city of Paris, wanted to bury him in a tomb worthy of his glory asked the clergy of Paris permission to build a Gallo-Roman chapel on the current square of the Basilica. Over the centuries, the monument's prestige grew day by day. Made mostly of Lutecian limestone, the Basilica of Saint-Denis has a particularly rich and refined architecture. Announcing - among other Biblical scenes - that of the Last Judgment on the tympanum of its central portal, its facade subtly mixes the charm of the Romanesque style with the elegance of Norman and especially Gothic abbeys. From its height of 58 meters, the south tower is placed in first position of the highest points of Basilica of Saint-Denis. We also notice its stained glass windows retracing the most important stages of the life of Saint-Denis, the pontiffs and those of kings and queens of France. In addition to its role as a place of worship, the Basilica of Saint-Denis is also a royal necropolis where the bodies of several members of the Merovingian, Carolingian and Capetian dynasties rest.


Rosny-Rail Railway Museum is a regional railway discovery center. Located at the base of the Rosny-sous-Bois station, the site offers to visitors 5 rooms to immerse themselves in the history of rail transport in France from the 19th century to today through several themes: History of the railway, signage, track, rolling stock ... Since 1997, Rosny Railway Museum has been inviting locals and foreigners alike to experience a unique and life-size experience as a train driver. Thanks to its layout including the small-scale reproduction of all the essential facilities of a station, everyone can put himself at the controls of a train through a miniature network that is the star attraction of the museum.

Of course, other curiosities also await them in the various exhibition rooms. In the station hall, for example, they can make a leap in history by visiting the reconstruction of a 1930s station. In this part of the museum are among others a luggage room, a balance to weigh the parcels, a charcoal stove - and what makes the visit even more alive - baggage waiting for shipping and posters of the time. The electric locotractor also deserves a little attention in that it is one of the few machines of this kind not to be equipped with a diesel engine. The hand-powered as well as the motor-driven pistol do not fail to move visitors.


Today, Paris Flea Market, located in Saint-Ouen city, is one of the best-known sites in the capital, where you can find good deals. Considered as a real crossroads of art, it has its origins in ragmen and crocheters of the late 19th century who, unable to perform their activities in the heart of the city of Paris, moved to the outskirts of the village of Saint-Germain. Ouen to open small barracks. Soon, the site has become a real tourist attraction thanks to the wide variety of items on offer ranging from rare antiques to beautiful works of art. Classified as an architectural heritage protection area in 2001, the Saint-Ouen flea market attracts millions of visitors every year from all over the world who discover a place to wander from Saturday to Monday. With family, friends or alone, exploring the nooks and crannies of the market promises hours and hours of pleasure without forgetting, of course, to bring back a little souvenir.


For the 29 km that separate the Chips Saint-Ouen Orly airport, the route via Bd Peripheral allows to connect the fastest two sites. First take the ring road at the gate of Saint Ouen, bypass it to the south of Paris to exit A6 at the Porte d'Italie. Follow the A6 to the junction of the A110, which goes directly to Orly airport.