Transfer Zip code 94 - Orly Airport

Zip code 94 - Orly Airport

Whether you have an early morning departure or a night departure for your flight, our chauffeur is available for you. You can have a driver who will pick you up at Val de Marne district and drive your directly to Orly airport.


Private car transfer from Val de Marne district  to Orly Airport


Places of interest in the Val-de-Marne (94) department


A historical monument

Château Grosbois is a vestige of the glorious past of the Val-de-Marne region. It is more precisely in the commune of Boissy-Saint-Léger. Although classified as a historical monument, it remains a private domain. Its construction began in the 16th century. It took almost a century to fully see the day. Its architectural style is therefore of the Renaissance type. Originally, the building was owned by Charles of Angoulême and was intended for royalty use. Currently, its owner is the Société d'Encouragement à l'Élevage du Cheval Français. Since 1962, this property has a training center for racing horses.

A historical heritage accessible to all

During its centuries of existence, the castle has welcomed great French historical figures: the Duke of Angoulême, Charles de Valois, the Minister Germain Louis Chauvelin or Napoleon I, to name a few. The exterior and parts of the interior of the property are considered historical monuments. This is the case of the few canvases and wall paintings in the Louis XIII dining room in the building.

This French cultural heritage opens its doors to the public. It is even possible to organize parties in the orangery of the establishment. Special rooms have been arranged to accommodate different kinds of events. More than 5000 m² of garden and more than 400 m² of enclosed space are thus available to people who want to enjoy this idyllic setting.


From private to public

On the way to Orly airport, it would be a shame for flower lovers to pass through the 94 department and not visit the Val-de-Marne Roseraie. It is the work of Jules Gravereaux at the end of the 19th century. It was even the renowned landscaper, Edouard André, who had arranged the place to make a park around ‘The Rose’ theme. In 1936, the Seine territorial collective society had acquired the domain. In 1998, Val-de-Marne will inherit it. Moreover, public transport has been set up to serve this place as the RER B to the stop Bourg-la-Reine or the Metro Porte d'Italie.

An area for all

This public park, having as main attractions the rose in all forms and from all horizons, is world famous for its beauty. On an area of 1.5 ha, this rose garden perfectly fits its place in its environment so specific. Lovers of this type of plant will not remain insensitive to more than 3,000 varieties of roses and about ten thousand plants. 13 collections are gathered within its walls. Among other things, there is the rose garden ‘à la française’, the rose history alley, the botanical rose bushes or the Malmaison roses.

It is an excellent place for a family stroll or a solitary one. It is also suitable for sports activities such as brisk walking. The grounds have playgrounds for children. The park also hosts occasional festive activities such as concerts. Normally, the rose garden is open to the public all year round from 08:00 to 17:00 at least. Between May and August however, the opening hours can be until 21:00.


The lung of Paris

Forêt Notre-Dame is a domain type forest in the Île-de-France region. It is part of the green lungs of the capital and its suburbs. In view of the preservation of this green zone, it has been classified as a Natural Area of Ecological, Fauna and Flora Interest. This green mass is also part of the natural heritage of the French State. It is located on the site of several communes including Lésigny, Pontault-Combault, La Queue-en-Brie and Santeny. As a dominant flora, it consists mainly of oaks and birches. While at the level of the local fauna, it is dominated by batrachian and reptilian.

The largest natural park open to the public in the 94 department

With a total area of 2,050 ha, the Notre-Dame forest is one of the largest vegetable estates available to the public in this region. Various activities are possible for the public, including the walk in the forest or the discovery of different types of batrachians through the pools of the park. Signage for these activities makes it easier for visitors to locate themselves in the immensity of the place. They also allow visitors to see the boundaries of their activity zones so that they can enjoy the park in complete tranquillity and safety. Several parking and resting areas have been created throughout this domain and on the perimeter of the forest. For those who want to enjoy the experience, they can even go through the royal star, the Notre-Dame oak, the departmental park of Morbras or the castle of Marmousets.


For a better view of a part of the 94 department while going from the castle of Grosbois to the airport of Orly, it is advisable to opt for private transport by car with driver. The first stage of this short trip, which usually lasts no more than half an hour, will take you to the town of Bonneuil-sur-Marne. After passing through the city center, the next stop will be Créteil through the departmental road. The next checkpoint will be in Rungis, via the A86 and the Guy Moquet and Moulin tunnels near the Rungis fresh produce market, which has several ‘4 flowers’ awarded parks from the competitions of towns and villages in bloom. The last stop before Orly airport is the town of Paray-Vieille-Poste. From there, going to the Orly airport will take about ten minutes passing by the West Avenue.