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Bayeux: its various names from before

Bayeux is a city of France located in the department of Calvados which was named in the fourth century "Augustodururn". After it became the capital of the cities of Viducasses and those of Balocasses, it was called "Civitas Balocassium" during the time of the Romans. Bayeux was under the Ancien Régime on the eve of the French Revolution, the capital of Bessin and it was part of the government of Normandy from 1778.

The monuments marking the history of Bayeux

Bayeux is a city that traces the centuries before. Indeed, it shelters a large number of historical monuments and some of them even date from the eleventh century. Among others, the cathedral was created in 1077 and burned in 1106. But this monument was rebuilt in the 12th century and its reconstruction lasts a century. This building of great originality was restored in the nineteenth century. Until now, in many chapels, we note the presence of wall paintings that date back to the sixteenth century including the chapel of Notre-Dame de Bonne-Nouvelle where is a very old polychrome sculpture. In the courtyard of the town hall of Bayeux, there is a marble statue designed by archaeologist Arcisse de Caumont dating from the eighteenth century.

Aside from the monuments, Bayeux also interests tourists thanks to the various old houses of architecture that date back to the 16th century. Some of them are covered with very old sculptures, others are still made of stones. We can name those that make its reputation as the house of Saint Manvieu, the House of the Governor, the Grand Manor as well as the old hotels that are at St. Nicolas Street.

The Bayeux Tapestry is also a masterpiece that dates back to the Middle Ages and attracts thousands of tourists until today. It is important to remember that it is classified "Memory of the World". In addition, the "Bayeux Botanical Garden" is a landscaped park built by the Buhler Brothers in the nineteenth century is a monument that traces the history of this city.


Bayeux is a French commune in Calvados in Normandy. It was born as early as the 4th century as a Mecca of Catholicism in France. Today, this city is the capital of the Bessin region.


A dynamic population

The bayeusains are currently 13,917 according to the last census of INSEE in 2014. It was noticed a small increase in the number of inhabitants compared to 2009. It is an active population despite the fact that it is aging. Indeed, nearly 30% of bayeusains are of retirement age. However, it intends to attract many young people, particularly with job search programs offered at the level of the shared service Economic Development for example.


Public services for the local population

In education, this town is very well endowed. It has a dozen kindergarten, three colleges and three high schools. In addition, Bayeux has a specific school for people with reduced mobility. At the level of health infrastructures, it has two hospitals. Given the relatively high age of the population, the town also has several homes for senior and retirement homes.


Leisure in the city

This town has several sports facilities. Indeed, it has 8 stadiums, 5 sports centers, 4 multisport areas, a special park for skateboarders, a golf course of nearly 3.5 ha and a municipal swimming pool. It should be noted that several associations are listed in the city for the practice of some popular sports such as martial arts or collective sports. As for culture proper, Bayeux has a media library, a cinema and several theaters.


Bayesian gastronomy

The region has a great history in terms of agriculture. It has big names in dairy production and in the field of livestock. For locals, it is possible to have these products on the market place of Saint Patrice every Saturday morning. Local products such as cider or calvados are real pride in this region. Ask us for a driver so that you can enjoy the best addresses in the city.


In the commune of Bayeux, there are some unmissable sites, especially related to its particularly rich history. These heritages tell part of the history of France but also of England.


The Museum of Bayeux Tapestry

The Museum of Bayeux Tapestry is certainly the first heritage of this city. The centerpiece of the museum is the Bayeux tapestry. The latter is a woolen embroidery dating back to the 11th century. This work tells the war of England led by the Duke of Normandy William the Conqueror at the end of the eleventh century. Unique piece, it is part of the ranking of "Memory of the World" according to UNESCO.


Notre-Dame cathedral

This cathedral is a religious and cultural attraction of the city. It is made in an architectural style of medieval type. This building is very well preserved for an infrastructure that dates from the end of the eleventh century. It is strongly imbued with the Gothic style that took place from the 12th to the 15th century.


The British memorial

The British memorial is a military cemetery where nearly 5,000 British, Australian or Russian soldiers who participated in the Battle of Normandy are buried. It should be noted that it is the largest cemetery in the honor of the English in the Hexagon. In addition, the memorial for the 2,000 unidentified Commonwealth soldiers stands right in front of this site.


The reporters' memorial

The reporters' memorial is the result of the commune's commitment to freedom of the press around the world. It was set up after a partnership between Reporters Without Borders and the city of Bayeux. Visitors will find engraved on the steles of the memorial the name of nearly 2,000 reporters who have died in the exercise of their work since the mid-40s.


The three museums of Bayeux

For history lovers, the city is a source of inspiration and knowledge. Its three museums tell the major events in the history of this region. These institutions are the Bayeux Tapestry Museum, the Museum of the Battle of Normandy and the Museum of the History of European Art. Book a car service in Paris to Bayeux is recommended to discover these mythical places


Bayeux is a city on the Paris-Cherbourg railway line, the capital of Baiocasses. It is 94.3 km from Cerza Wildlife Park, 82.8 km from Pirou Castle and just 23.9 km from Omaha Beach. It is more than 276.1 km from Orly Airport and 281.4 km from CDG Airport.