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CDG Airport - Dieppe

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Private car service from Charles de Gaulle airport to the city of Dieppe




Dieppe is a city located on the northwestern coast of France, 170 km from Paris. This distance makes Dieppe the beach near the capital. It is connected to major cities in the region by a huge network of motorways. It has a cross-channel connection with Newhaven, which reaches England in four hours from France. The cruise is provided by the ships of the Transmanche Ferries.


The name "Dieppe" comes from the English word "deep", which means "deep". It was the Normans w ho gave this appointment, in the 6th and 7th centuries, because of the bed dug by the Arques in plateau of the country of Caux. This is where ships dock.

It is a city full of history: it has experienced various wars that have ravaged it, but it has also benefited from kings and leaders who allowed it to rebuild. Coastal town, its port was very active thanks to the shipowners, which allowed him to rank among the first markets of France.

Dieppe was taken by the English in 1420. But Captain Desmarets, assisted by the Dieppois regains control, in 1453. He built the great castle on the cliff.

In the sixteenth century, time of religion and civil wars, Dieppe suffered from various misfortunes. Thousands of Dieppois succumbed to the plague in 1668. It was totally ravaged by an Anglo-Dutch fleet in 1694. The Ventabren engineer rebuilt it after that.

But many years later, the Second World War hits the country. It was a big ordeal to bear for the region. A raid, named "Operation Jubilee" was carried out on August 19, 1942.Dieppe was the frontal attack ground between the Allies and the enemy forces that wanted to invade the country by the city. This operation eventually resulted in more than 1,000 deaths (about 900 Canadians), two thousand prisoners, about 1500 wounded, the loss of a hundred planes and the destruction of several buildings, including the Berkeley destroyer.


The city is now renovated, but keeps track of the wars and struggles it has gone through.



Dieppe is a city that attracts many tourists, because of its history and the various activities that can be done there. It is even more attractive because for 200 years now, it is the first seaside town in France. The passage of whales, rare species, has something to attract visitors.

The castle-museum of Dieppe

Built in the 14th century, this sandstone castle is located on the cliff, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant view of the sea and breathe the sea air. Its architecture asserts its medieval character: drawbridge and loopholes. The castle played the role of residence, barracks and even prison. In 1923, it became officially Dieppe Museum and all the municipal collections such as the famous ivory pieces of the city are preserved and exposed to visitors.

The Saint Jacques Church

It is, according to the Dieppois, the heart of the city. Built in 1195, it remains monumental with its breathtaking Gothic appearance. She knows since its construction, many reconstructions to embellish it. The frieze of the "savages" and the chapel of Jehan Ango can be admired. Going up on the 42-meter square tower can also be done. 

The Memorial of August 19, 1942

It was built in the name and memory of all the soldiers killed in Operation Jubilee. Housed in the Little Theater in Italian, there are all the memories of these good people: outfits, photos, objects, newspapers, etc. The public has access at the end of March until the end of September.

The Alabaster Coast

It stretches 130 km. With its sandy beaches and hot and blue sea, a small ballad while picking up the pebbles will be really nice. The colorful villages of fishermen are worth a look; and why not take a walk in the seaside resorts. Neither are the holidays and nautical activities that are missing. You can attend the Feast of Herring - "the king fish" - and the scallop if you pass in November.

The City of the Sea

Created in 1987, it is a large cultural center located in an old fishing village. It provides information on everything there is to know about the area of ​​the sea and the coast of Dieppe. The process of construction of sailing boats is demonstrated. The center has a room that simulates the cabin of a boat with the rudder and various dials. A model Dieppe and rock samples are also exhibited. Videos about the scallop shell that is famous for the region are broadcast. You will be able to admire the littoral fish sheltered in the aquariums of the center.

Dieppe National Scene

It is the place of culture Dieppe. Cinemas and shows are organized in its two rooms. The public is entitled to various programs: theater, dance, music, etc. She devotes herself to Comedy Month (January) and Electrical Scripture (April).


The Grand Casino Hotel

Located in the center of Dieppe, it is easily accessible. 10 minutes walk from the SNCF are enough to be there. Its comfort rooms offer views of the beach and the city.

Hotel Aguado

In a tourist area, it is 10 minutes from the beach and Dieppe and 20 minutes from the train station and Castle Dieppe. Cozy rooms and a varied drinks bar.

Kyriad hotel of Dieppe

It is a 3-star hotel-restaurant located just at the entrance of the city. It is 10 minutes from the train station. From the hotel you can also easily reach the castle museum, the port and the cross-channel connection.

The Villa "My Rest"

It is 6 km from the sea. It is a traditional house built in a large park. It was built in 1830, but has undergone renovations, giving it today 5 comfortable rooms with wifi and garden view.

The INTER-HOTEL of the beach

It is located in the city center, 800 m from the train station. The rooms are warm with sea views; and accessible to pets.

The Hotel of Europe

Located on the Alabaster Coast, this is an original hotel built on the skipper of a boat. Its bright and warm rooms offer a pleasant stay. The beach and the Cité de la Mer are just next door.


The closest Paris airport to Dieppe is Beauvais-Tillé airport, which is 90 km away, so it's about 1 hour and a half way. Then there is Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, 147 km, or about 1 hour 45 minutes. Orly airport is 193 km away: it will take about 2 hours to reach it.