Transfer CDG Airport - Sens

CDG Airport - Sens

We provide a private car service upon your arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport to Sens. This town is the gateway of Burgundy and has many outstanding and worth-visiting places such as Sens Cathedral and the Synodal Palace


Private car service from Charles de Gaulle  Airport to Sens




The town of Sens is a borough town and one of the most important towns in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region. Located in the North West, the city participates massively in the economic development of the region by its tourist importance. Due to its architectural style and the various events that take place throughout the year, Sens is a must-see tourist attraction, be it national or international.

The city of Sens is the second largest city in the department of Yonne. Seniors currently number just over 115,000 in the nine main areas of the city. Among the busiest neighborhoods are the Ile, the City Center, the Clos-le-Roi, the Moulin-à-Tan, the Boutours, Maillant, Champs Plaisant, Chaillots and Sainte-Béate. The municipality covers an area of ​​27 km² and served by several rivers including the Yonne River, the River Vanne, and the stream Mondereau. Its proximity to the Gatinais Français Nature Park is an asset for the city, from the tourist point of view.

The history of the town of Sens dates back to Roman times. Previously, the city bore the name of Agedincum and was occupied by the Senones. The Senones were respected and feared by other peoples because, under the leadership of their leader Brennus, they dared to challenge Rome. Soon, the city has gained importance in economic, social and architectural terms. The great monuments began to appear. Under the High Empire, amphitheatres, forum, baths gave a new image to the city. A little later, a great wall was erected to protect the city and its population because the aristocrats built their estates there.

During the Middle Ages, the ecclesiastical significance of Sens is demonstrated by the number of parishes built there. In all there were sixteen, and very frequently, the archbishops were called to attend the royal coronations.



If you pass in the region of Yonne, Sens is an untouched tourist destination to entertain both young and old. The city has several tourist attractions that attract thousands of visitors each year.

Saint Etienne Cathedral: This is the first Gothic cathedral in France. Also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral, it was built during the 10th century, but it was not until 1966 that it became cathedral. It is a Gothic complex consisting of a synodal palace and another archiepiscopal. The interior of the cathedral consists of the nave, two transepts and the choir. A little later, it was arranged and was endowed with various decorations and the Chapel Sainte-Colombe. In 1840, Sainte Etienne is classified as a historical monument and to keep it in good condition, the restoration work is held regularly.

The museums of Yonne: it is one of the main museums of Senegal which open its doors to the general public. Among the collections of the museum, one can distinguish the Gallo-Roman lapidary hall, the Danubian house of Charmoy which gather the prehistoric archaeological remains, the medieval sculptures which made the reputation of the region and finally the paintings resulting from contemporary works. You will not have a hard time finding yourself because all the collections are sorted chronologically.


The covered market: place of multi-weekly exhibition, it was built in 1882. It is located in the center of the city. Initially, it was a place that was used to heal the sick. His role has changed over time. With the rehabilitations that took place there, the market has become a place of cultural and economic exchange. You'll find everything you need to make your stay a little better, as well as items that will bring back memories of the city.


The house of Abraham: built in the 16th century, it has a unique architectural structure. It symbolizes the beauty of Renaissance sculpture, also known as the "House of the Four Winds.


Do you want to visit the city of Sens? Know that the city has five resorts willing to welcome tourists and vacationers throughout the year. In all, just over 156 hotel rooms meet the expectations and requirements of visitors. You will certainly find the one that suits you, whether you spend a family holiday or solitary.

First class Sens Nord-Saint Clément: This is one of the most important resorts in the city of Sens. It is located two kilometers from the city center, very close to the Cathedral. In each room there is a flat-screen TV and wifi connection. Bathroom and private bathroom, you will find the best value for money. In addition, the hotel offers a varied gastronomic menu, there is no better way to spend an unforgettable stay.

Sweet home: as its name suggests, you will feel at home here with the services that the hotel staff offers. Sweeet home is located just five minutes from downtown Sens. Sweet home is renowned for its unique charm and tranquility.

Hotel de Paris and La Poste: it is located two hundred meters from the Cathedral Sainte Etienne, two kilometers from the train station. The particularity of this hotel complex is the friendliness of the welcome and the cleanliness that reigns there. In addition to the heating, the free wifi connection and the hairdryer in the bathroom, you also benefit from private parking. Also, a breakfast buffet will be offered each morning to start the day. The hotel has set up equipment for people with disabilities to meet the needs of everyone.

françaisInter Hotel Archotel: Do you like contact with nature? This is the place for you. Located in the center of Sens, Archotel is in a private park. This is one of the most renowned resorts for the beauty and comfort of the rooms they offer. Wifi, private bathroom, access to the garden, bar, relaxation and serenity are waiting for you! 


The city of Sens is served by several train stations and stops that connect it with the surrounding cities. From Champigny, Villeneuve sur Yonne, and Pont sur Yonne to Sens, there are daily train traffic available to users day and night.

If you opt for air transport, the city also has an airport that connects Sens to French airports. The airports of Auxerre, Troyes, Paris-Orly and Châlons Vatry open their doors and are in direct contact with Sens. The closest airport to Sens is Auxerre. It is 42km from the city. A few minutes of travel and you are already arrived. To facilitate your stay, travel agencies are present in Sens, ready to help you in the organization of your trip and stay from the transport, the hotel booking, the means of circulation in the city .... Do not hesitate to come, Sens is opening its doors to you!