Transfer CDG Airport - Castle on Loire valley

CDG Airport - Castle in the Loire Valley

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Minivan transport between Charles de Gaulle airport and the castles of the Loire Valley

Discovery of the Loire castles
Most of these castles were built or upgraded during the period of the French renaissance, when the king's property was located between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries on the banks of the river, its tributaries or near them. It was during the medieval period that some buildings have their roots and keep the most important architectural aspects. This region contains remarkable monuments of the Loire Valley is a world heritage of UNESCO.

Château d'Amboise
It was the former home of Charles VIII and was also the place of his death, at the age of only 28 years was in 1498 after knocking his head on a door lintel. At the time, Francis I proposed a trip to the great painter Leonardo da Vinci also succumbed there in 1519. In 1560, the building was a victim of the conspiracy of Amboise announcing religious wars.

Château d'Azay-le-Rideau
This fortress is the work of Francis I is one of the most famous buildings of the Loire. It is like "a faceted diamond set in the Indre" describes Balzac.

Château de Blois
In the Middle Ages, this citadel is the principal residence of King Louis XII. Then Francis took office and his wife relines furniture for the building to abandon that of Amboise to arrange the court at Blois. In 1524, after the death of Claude de France, Francis I left the fortress in favor of that of Fontainebleau. The Chateau de Blois was the main residence of François II and Charles IX, who are both successors of Francis. In 1576 and 1588, Henri III invited the States General in the building that was subsequently installed by Henri IV and became a place of banishment for his wife, Marie de Medici after his death. Today the fortress has three wings taking both the Gothic form, Renaissance and Baroque

Chambord Castle
In 1519, the castle was built for the opening of the site of a hunting lodge on the site where an old castle was built. After the death of Francis I, the Chambord castle no longer interests the sovereigns of France that is becoming increasingly degraded. In 1684, it was remodeled by Louis XIV. In addition, a first representation of bourgeois gentleman was given by Molière in 1670. Subsequently, it was the turn of Marshal Berthier to occupy the fortress that was proposed by Napoleon Bonaparte. Indeed, the castle served as a field hospital during the Franco-German hostility in 1870.

Castle of Châteaudun

Châteaudun The castle is characterized by:
• a keep 31 meters high and 17 meters in diameter
• a Sainte-Chapelle
• wing Dunois
• wing Longueville

Castle of Cheverny
It is Henri Huraults, Military Treasurer of King Louis XI belong the land site. Currently it is in the hands of his inherited the Marquis de Vibraye. After a fraudulent act by the latter to the state, the castle was purchased by King Henri II to Diane de Poitiers but the latter sold to the son of the first occupant. The author of Tintin, Georges Remi, known as Hergé drew his ideas of this fortress to create Marlinspike serving the home of Captain Haddock.

Castle of Chaumont
To protect themselves from the violence of the counts of Anjou, Odo I, Count of Blois recommended the construction of this citadel so to defend its people. Indeed, the town was burned and ravaged in 1455 by Louis Xi as a Pierre d'Amboise punishment which opposed the Crown during the "League of the Public Good". It was rebuilding the fortress after a renaissance style but always with its general shape strengthened.

Chenonceau Castle
It is the work of the Secretary General of King Francis I finances. A financial analysis result of fraud, the king authorized to require a substantial contravention of his heirs and returning the property in 1535. Then it was offered to Diane de Poitiers, Duchess of Valentinois by Henry II. And then it was the turn of Catherine de Medici, Diane de Poitier opponent to hand over power to the sovereign dynasty after the death of Henry II in a tournament in 1559 in front of Gabriel I of Montgomery, captain his Scottish guard. Women who occupied the fortress marked the history of it that includes a room especially for girls and daughters-Catherine de Medici and the chamber of five Queens who Mary Margaret of France, Louise de Lorraine, Elizabeth Elizabeth of Austria and France. During the First World War, the castle of Chenonceau is a hospital for the wounded. In addition, it adheres strictly to the line of delimitation with one side in the occupied zone and the other in the free zone during the second world war.

Castle of Chinon
It was built on older Roman walls and erected three parts following the story needs. High historical personalities are received in this fortress as Henry II of England and his son Jean Without land and Richard the Lion Heart. This is also the place where history Joan of Arc and Charles VII started.

Castle of  Langeais
Langeais Castle is a medieval fortress that was built in the late tenth century. Under the supremacy of the English Crown Plantagenets, it was enlarged by Richard the Lion Heart. Then, after Philip Augustus gave him in the year 1206 it was devastated during the Hundred Years War by the British. Today in France, the Château de Langeais claims to be the oldest surviving stone building. Indeed, a redesign was ordered to the year 1465 by Louis XI. The union of Charles VIII with Anne of Brittany Castle Stakes since its existence.

Castle of Loches
The name of Loches has the name of the place in ancient Castrum Locae would mean marsh camp. The English are very interested in the city and settled there with their ancestors Plantagenet.

Castle of  Saumur
It is the turn of the Count of Anjou Plantagenet and his descendants to occupy the castle of Saumur The King of France and also Capet, Philip Augustus brought the sovereign dynasty. Then, comfort was increased by delicately by King René of Anjou, also called "good King René," a man with culture, a writer and also building constructor. The castle of Saumur is not like other fortresses at celebrity, it was for this reason that Louis XIV and Napoleon decided to turn it into prison.

Castle of  Valençay
Following the request of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Château de Valençay was presented to Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord in 1803 to host foreign dignitaries. In this fortress are arranged works of the Louvre gallery as the Venus de Milo antique statuary and Winged Victory. There is also the cabinet of drawings and jewelry sovereign dynasty.

Castle of  Villandry
During the period of the Renaissance, the great castle of Villandry was the last to be imposed on the Loire. It was during "The Colombiers Peace" which it held July 4, 1189 Henry II Plantagenet, King of England acknowledged losing against the king of France Philippe Auguste.

Distance between the  of the Loire  valley and   Paris airports
The locations of castles are far from each other and therefore, the average distance between the castles and Paris airports is between 140 and 400 km for a ride from 1 hour to 5 hours drive.