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Le Havre is a maritime and port city rebuilt by Auguste Perret. It has been approved by the UNESCO as a "city of art and history". For your transport between Le Havre and CDG Airport, we can provide you with a quality service.

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The Hanging Gardens are located on the site of the Sainte-Adresse fort following the decommissioning of the 1979 military base. After a long hesitation in choosing the facility, the municipality of Le Havre decides to transform the fort into a garden. botanical and walk place. The idea of ​​a dream space, dedicated to the plant world, takes shape little by little. These will eventually be gardens devoted to plants from four continents in tribute to botanists-explorers. It is from September 2008 that this garden became the hanging gardens. In 2014, the Hanging Gardens, thanks to the quality, the beauty and the maintenance of the place, were awarded the "Remarkable Garden" label. The Hanging Gardens offer a botanical journey through different gardens and greenhouses. Plants by geographical origin are grouped together. These are installed on both bastions of the ramparts and inside the fort.

What to discover in the Hanging Gardens?
On an area of ​​17 ha, the Hanging Gardens of Le Havre contain plants from Australia, America, New Zealand, Mexico, Tasmania, South Africa, Tasmania, Mexico, Japan etc. Luminous greenhouses provide visitors with surprises of all kinds, both by choice and by the variety of species exhibited there. In addition, the collection greenhouses of these gardens also house more than 300,000 fragrant plants to which begonias, orchids, carnivorous plants, tiny and giant cactuses as well as tropical strains coexist. Every last Wednesday of the month, it is possible to attend workshops. These are aimed at both children and adults. An animator and a gardener thus take care of welcoming visitors. In search of a tour in the area, we recommend you to visit the Hanging Gardens.

Le Havre is a maritime and port city rebuilt by Auguste Perret. If it has been approved "city of art and history", it is mainly thanks to its heritage and monuments. The Cathedral Notre-Dame is one of them. Indeed, it is the main church of the diocese of Le Havre. This ancient building is a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts a large number of tourists each year. The Notre Dame Cathedral is the only heritage that survived the destruction during the World Wars.

History of Notre-Dame Cathedral
From 1520s, construction work began on a wooden chapel; They will end in 1522. In 1526, Male-Marée decides to build a new chapel to which is added in 1539 a bell tower which will be destroyed by the English in 1563. In 1575, after the looting of the church by the Huguenots , the decision is made to build a real stone church. Long work has followed for several years and the church was really built only around 1829 after being damaged by British bombing in 1759. In 1818, it is classified as a "historic monument". During the Second World War, Notre-Dame Cathedral was again bombed and partially restored in 1949 but it was only able to reopen to worship in 1952. On May 22, 1974, the restored church became Cathedral of the diocese of Le Havre.
What to discover at the Cathedral Notre-Dame du Havre?
Inside the Cathedral Notre-Dame du Havre is a partially preserved furniture. However, the famous great organ, offered by Richelieu, then governor of Le Havre, in 1639, which was restored several times in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is totally destroyed following the bombings of September 6, 1944. Its buffet was restored in 1980. Henri IV's stained glass window, which has undergone reconstructions, is now to be discovered in order to be aware of what were the glassmakers of the 19th century in the workshop of the master glassmaker of the cathedral. So that you can go to discover this cathedral and other mythical places of the city, like the Museum of modern art André Malraux, the Abbey of Graville or the House of the Shipowner, we put at your service professionally trained drivers.

Le Havre cruise terminal is located on the tip of Florida, the cruise ships stop at Roger Meunier wharf or Pierre Callet wharf. The cruise terminal is open every day. Thanks to the works managed by the Tourist Office of the Havraise agglomeration as well as to the investments of the city of Le Havre, the cruise ship terminal of Le Havre welcomes more and more passengers at present.

Brief overview of Le Havre Cruise Terminal

Le Havre cruise ship terminal has been set up to receive line stops with check-in desks, a check-in area, a baggage storage area and a luggage scanner service. In other words, The Cruise Terminal has all the facilities that allow a quality reception of passengers and crew members. It also has a tourist information point, a customs office and the Border Police. In addition, the cruise ships terminal offers a relaxation area, a large shop, a free WIFI connection, a defibrilator as well as a car rental or even a bicycle rental for the passengers.
Renovation projects for the cruise ship terminal in Le Havre
From 2017, work to improve the cruise terminal in Le Havre has begun. The main quest for the project is to beat all the cruises of the cruise terminal with 142 stopovers and approximately 400,000 passengers. Among other things, the reception of passengers has been improved. The hangars at Florida Point have been repainted with red on the port side and green on the starboard side to pay tribute to the sailors. In addition, terminal access security has been enhanced.
Le Havre, the port of embarkation by excellence to enjoy a cruise to northern Europe
If Le Havre attracts cruise passengers, it is mainly due to its geographical location. The port is located between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The port can accommodate the largest cruise ships. The cruises proposed both maritime and fluvial are very interesting. For information, the cruise in Le Havre knows an exponential growth with double or triple stops. If you want to take advantage of Le Havre before leaving for Orly Airport, we can provide a day rental service.

Le Havre is a port city in the department of Seine-Maritime. It is 89.2 km from the Panorama XXL museum and 91 km from Clères Zoo. It is 216.4 km from CDG Airport and 210.7 km from Orly Airport