Transfer Orly Airport - Troyes

Orly Airport - Troyes

Troyes is one of the dynamic cities of the Grand-Est region of France. For those who plan to make a transfer from Orly our destination is essentially from the airport to the hotel, but we can do any address according to your request.

Transportation by private shuttle from Orly airport to Troyes



Previously, the city of Dawn is considered the land of Tricasses or the Gallic tribe, to the VIth century. BC. Although archaeological excavations have dated the occupation of the Troyes site in prehistory, the first to have left tangible traces of their presence are the "Tricasses", which accepted the Roman occupation in its capital, which then became Augustobona. At that time, the city already enjoyed a crossroads situation, close to the Seine and connected to the path of Agrippa from Milan to Boulogne sur Mer.
In medieval times, the "Champagne fairs" contributed to the development of this city. There is the "hot" fair of Saint-Jean begins every month of June and that of Saint-Rémy, the fair "cold", at the beginning of October for fifteen days in the district of Saint-Jean, whose church is flanked by cubicles welcoming merchants from all over Europe. This is where the name "Saint John at the Market" comes from. Thus, in their castle, the Counts of Champagne has contributed to the international influence of Troyes. It is in this sense that this city even enjoyed great prosperity in the twelfth century with the construction of several buildings such as the palace of the count of Hôtel de Dieu.

During the Renaissance, Troyes enjoyed a flourishing period thanks to the development of trade sectors, textile industries, tanneries, paper mills and printing plants. It is in this sense, that in the XVIIth and XVIIIth century, this city became the 5th city of the kingdom of France. And even if, Troyes knew a big fire in May 1524 and which destroyed about 500 houses as well as the churches Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Pantaléon, Saint-Jean to the market, it was able to reshape and continue its rise. Construction of new timber-framed houses and stone hotels have contributed to the tourist appeal of this city at present.
In the nineteenth century, Troyes became the capital of hosiery and knitwear. It has thus experienced a golden age with its industrial revolution and a large number of factories have emerged especially in the southwest of the city as the Petit Bateau, Lacoste, Dim and Absorba. In addition, cotton also contributed to the city's increased productivity and allowed it to reach international renown between 1885 and 1910.
From 1965, Troyes is a victim of the textile crisis. Indeed, companies compete with other countries, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Far East. It was during this time that a disaffection of the consumers for the low stitching was noticed. Organize an airport transfer is our specialty, so we can take you to discover the remains that mark these stories.
In recent years, the number of inhabitants of Troyes has steadily increased according to data from INSEE. Indeed, it went from 60,750 to 60,928 between 2014 and 2015. Today, Troyes is a city destined for the whole family. Indeed, multiple companies have established themselves there. As for the education of children, it is possible to identify several primary and secondary schools. Moreover, since 2013, the number of students at the University of Troyes has increased. Troyes has 3 pillars of higher education including University Center or CUT dependent University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, University of Technology Troyes or UTT and University Institute of Technology Troyes or IUT.

Regarding health, Troyes has a hospital center dating from the thirteenth century. But from October 2014, a new hospitalization center was opened. This new building is mainly dedicated to hospitalization units of medicine and surgery. In addition, Troyes also has several private clinics. As for the world of sport, this city has already been designated as the most sporting city in France thanks to the many sports events that take place there frequently. Among other things, there are the night walks on rollerblades or by bike in the center of Troyes, the Troyes half-marathon which brings together a thousand runners each year, the Paris-Troyes cycling race in mid-March or even the Christmas Corrida.
Regarding the economy, several industries of the centuries before that made famous Troyes have disappeared and among the big names of the industry Trojan, only Lacoste and Petit Bateau continue to manufacture some of their products in Troyes. But the polos brand crocodile still develop the industrial sector of this city so far. In addition, the automotive sector remains relatively present with the installation of a Michelin agricultural tire production plant and Metro Roues, which manufactures steel wheel rims for light vehicles and trucks. Our destination is essentially from the airport to the hotel, but we can make an exception according to your request.
Troyes is best known for its important heritage. Its wealth, which has been safeguarded and valued over time allows it to be part of the essential cities of the department of Aube.
Troyes has among others some forty buildings, most of which are historical monuments. Among these is the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Troyes. This is a historic monument dating back to the 18th century. It is characterized by its only Tour. In addition to this church, other historical religious buildings such as the Saint-Urbain Bastille, the Saint-Nizier church or the oldest church in Troyes: the Sainte-Madeleine church, all churches from centuries before are worth the trip as those staying in the city.

Feel free to take a tour in the City of Stained Glass. The latter contributes to the cultural dynamics of the entire department. It is possible to discover in this unique place of its kind original stained glass windows. The stained glass windows on display belong to different owners, including the Academic Society of Aube. Awakening the aesthetic emotion that lies dormant to visitors is the main of this cultural place.
Troyes also has multiple museums. Some of them house the historical heritage of the city thanks to the various archaeological pieces, objets d'art, paintings and sculptures of before that they contain until now. Among these museums, it is possible to visit the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Vauluisant, the museum Saint-Loup or the Museum of Fine Arts, the Aubois Museum of History of Education and many more .
While spending a stay in Troyes, it is also interesting to know more about the archaeological heritage of this city. The most famous sites in Troyes are the Moulin de la Paresse, the Moulin de Pétale and the Moulin de la Pielle. Our fleet is made up of different types of vehicles if you want to go around these places with family or friends.
Troyes is one of the most populous cities in the Grand Est region of France. It is 47.2 km from Nigloland and 51.7 km from Camille Claudel Museum. For those planning to make a transfer from Orly, Troyes is 169.6 km from Orly Airport and 193.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport.