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CDG Airport - Calais

The city of Calais is the central hub of the Côte d 'Opale, it is trade that plays the driving role of economic development as well as the ferry terminal to England. A car service always on time is offered for you to go around Calais.

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Calais was discovered in the 12th century, but became prosperous only a century later thanks to the development of the fishing sector. Its golden age is between 1880 and 1914 during which the trade has grown and a large number of manufactures appear in this city.
At the time of Louis XIV, a fort-lock was built and a redevelopment of the citadel brought a new air to the city of Calais. But it is especially Henri IV, Richelieu and Vauban who hastened to improve and consolidate the fortifications of the city to defeat any future attack. Indeed, many people are interested in this city including the Spanish, the English and the Dutch. They tried several times to seize the city. Fortunately, they all failed, only these wars still managed to undermine the prosperity of the Calais trade.
During the First World War, Calais became an international military base. But the most terrible was announced with the Second World War that destroyed the entire heritage of Calais causing many casualties and significant material damage. Calais was being bombarded both by sea and by the English coastal batteries installed near Dover.
Indeed, it was largely destroyed, since on the 17,700 buildings, only 860 remained intact. In addition, the port of Calais was no longer able to be in service. The figures are only the reflection of the truth, it is for this reason that in tribute to his heroic attitude, Calais received the Legion of Honor on July 10, 1947 and was given, November 11, 1948, the cross of war 1939-1945 with palm.
After the war, the majority of neighborhoods that were destroyed north of the city were rebuilt. However, it is only an emergency reconstruction, which will mark the urban architecture of the city for several decades. In any case, it was above all the opening of the Channel Tunnel of 1994 that spawned the economic recovery of the city. As a result, several jobs have been created, as well as new road infrastructures and new businesses, including Cité Europe. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel, however you can ask us to take you around the legendary places of Calais.
The population of Calais in 2018 is made by 78 055 inhabitants, the number of inhabitants will be about 78 468 inhabitants in 2019. Thanks to modernization projects and industrial policy, the city of Calais has benefited from a large number of projects amenities. The "Calais Port 2015" project is one of the major projects in this city that has had a direct impact on its development. In addition, thanks to the rehabilitation of neighborhoods following the program of the National Agency for Urban Renewal or "ANRU" of 2003, the city is increasingly embellished. In addition, the renovation of the Calais-Nord district is concretized by the construction of a hall on the Place d'Armes in 2015. But in parallel, the city becomes more and more animated since from 2015 on, projects of construction of multiple public facilities like an art school, a palis congress as well as the construction of new hospitals were concretized.

In the field of health, new activities have emerged in the hospitals of Calais. Among others, multiple advanced consultations of infant surgery, a continuous monitoring unit and an outpatient surgery unit are available. Other services such as gynecology obstetrics, respiratory rehabilitation are also given new spaces more efficient and welcoming in the hospital of the city. It should also be noted that a new hospital center has just opened its doors to the public in the Virval area. As far as the economy of Calais is concerned, this city has become the central hub of the Côte d 'Opale. Indeed, several national and regional groups have established themselves in this city due to its geographical location and its rapid access to the Côte d'Opale.
Among the activities which have been able to develop, those of trading KDI, CGE Distribution, and Ternois Descamps are the most significant activities. It should also be noted that LOOMIS fiduciary transport, Littoral Nord Autocars, OTIS, ELIS Linge and the Nord Littoral press bring a new dimension to the economic development of the city. In addition, business services play an important role in jobs in Calais. However, it is still trade that plays the driving role of the economic development of Calais after the creation of the Channel Tunnel with 1120 commercial establishments. A car service always on time is offered for you to go around Calais.
Calais is just 10 km from the cap Blanc-Nez, a Grand site of France and is an important tourist place in the north of France. Many are the tourist attractions of Calais.
Indeed, this city has a large number of historical monuments as well as various unmissable sites. Among others, the religious building of the church Notre Dame de Calais and the Cistern of the church Notre-Dame de Calais are not to be missed. This building is near an old fountain which supplied the inhabitants with water. It is surrounded by very flowery gardens which constitute a beautiful place to walk. The Burghers of Calais are also a must in this city. This sculpture of Rodin characterizes one of the famous episodes in the history of the city of Calais.
Do not miss to visit the International City of Lace and Fashion in Calais. Inaugurated on June 11, 2009, this showcase of hundreds of years of know-how is a pole of tourist attraction. It is also possible to enjoy contemporary creations. With this city, the city aims to become a must for the millions of annual visitors who pass the Channel.
Museums are also found around this city including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Meccano Museum or the Museum of the Calais War. The latter is in the former command post of the navy. This is the perfect place to visit for those interested in World War II. This museum contains many photos, objects and equipment that retrace the greatest moments of history and everyday life under occupation. Aside from the historical monuments, Calais also attracts many tourists thanks to its natural sites, its sports activities and especially to its Cité Europe shopping center. Providing a day rental service is our specialty, do not hesitate to use our services if you want to discover museums and monuments in Calais.
Calais is part of Pas-de-Calais department, in the region Hauts-de-France. The Dome Center of History is 45.1 km from the city and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is 34.3 km away. For your information, Beauvais Airport is 213.7 km from Calais and CDG airport is 266.1 km away.