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Orly Airport - Château-Thierry

Château-Thierry is in Picardy region , in the department of Aisne . Our airport transfer service is at your disposal for any need of transport to this destination.


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The House of Friendship France America, known by the acronym of MAFA, is a place of both solidarity and education. It is located in the center of the city being a building tracing the memory of American soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War.
History of the House of Friendship France America
The House of Friendship France America exists since 1919. Its main founder is Dr. Wadsworth with the contribution of his wife. They created the "Memorial Methodist" within the former Elephant Hotel. The MAFA is then a place of commemoration of fallen soldiers during the Great War. There is among others Quentin Roosevelt, an aviator aged only 22 years old. It was in 1918 that he crashed in the sky of Tardenois. From 1930, the founding couple donated to the city of Château-Thierry so that it can continue the work already underway. She then played a fairly important social role for more than 70 years before closing her doors for obsolescence. In November 2015, the new House of Friendship France America was inaugurated. Indeed, the place testifies to the strong links uniting the municipality of Château-Thierry in the United States of America.

What to discover at the House of Friendship France America?

The House of Friendship France America is now renovated and restored becoming a magnificent institution. Visiting this place, it is possible to know more about the war from 1914 to 1918 through exhibitions including the one on Quentin Roosevelt. Do not miss the many photos that tell the story of the time.
The MAFA is open to all audiences not only to visit the monuments, but also to go to the nursery or to take language and dance classes. Indeed, the visit of MAFA is especially recommended for children and adolescents who are thirsty for culture and knowledge. The Adothèque is a place of exchange testifying to the existence of lasting and unconditional friendship. There is also the Mini-School, the place dedicated to young children so that they can learn the English language. It should be noted that it hosts the House of Tourism Les Portes de la Champagne. The latter is the ideal starting point for those who want to discover the South of the Aisne. Remember to book a car service in Paris.

After the First World War, six American military cemeteries are listed on French soil. Among them the one behind Bois Belleau, north of Château-Thierry in the south of the department of Aisne.
History of Belleau American War Cemetery
The Belleau American War Cemetery marks the first major and decisive engagement of the American military during the First World War. In this US military cemetery of 21.25 ha rests the bodies of 2,289 military casualties of the United States of America, fallen during the First World War. Most of them died in the summer of 1918, during the battles of Bois Belleau, as well as in the Marne valley. The names of 1,060 soldiers whose bodies were not found or identified appear on the walls of the chapel. A bronze rosette is affixed near the names of the missing whose bodies were later found and 251 steles indicate the graves of "unknown" soldiers.

What to find on this place?
Each year, in memory of soldiers who fell during the war and in memory of the fierce fighting between 1914 and 1918, a Memorial Day ceremony is held at Belleau American War Cemetery. During this commemoration, US Marines are even on site. Various canons of the First World War were grouped in this place. They served as a frame for a bloody battle around what has been called the "Battle of the Marne". As a note, in the village, a museum of the memory of Belleau 1914-1918 relates this battle of the soldiers which caused the death of the American soldiers.
It should be noted that the general shape of the cemetery resembles a T. It is the chapel that slightly dominates the crossbar. Remember that it bears witness to French Romanesque architecture. The chapel was built by the 2nd American Division in order to defend Bois Belleau. This is one of the reasons why it rises to more than 24 m. Every detail that adorns the chapel has a meaning. Among other things, sculptures of men's and women's heads under the openings of the tower. It's actually an airman, a driver, a nurse, and four soldiers. To book one of our cars, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Château-Thierry Eagles offer a remarkable show at Château-Thierry, a place renowned for its remarkable history and military architecture. It is also advisable to discover every corner of the medieval fortress. Many visitors come to discover the riches of the City of Fables.

The eagles of Château-Thierry: brief overview of the show
During the spectacle of the eagles of Château-Thierry, many spectacular birds are to be discovered. In fact, eagles, owls, vultures, kites, storks and bald eagles can be seen in one place. They are spectacular because of their size and behavior. During the show, free-flying Eagles greet visitors and they do not have to fear that breeders are on site and they give all important explanations. In addition, raptors are both beautiful and wise.
What to discover by visiting The Eagles of Château-Thierry?
Many shows are organized at the Eagles of Château-Thierry. A journey in the air and in time in the heart of the Middle Ages awaits every visitor. The aerial ballet raptors closer to the audience is also not to be missed. In addition, more than 70 individuals from 25 different species are at the rendezvous. In short, a journey both poetic and fun in the imaginary world of the child is to enjoy during this discovery of falconry and birds from around the world. In addition, the park is located at the level of the ramparts. It allows to enjoy a nice view of the city and the trails to walk. It is thus advisable to inform oneself about the programs proposed before going on the spot. We put at your service a professional service. The agent will wait for you at the door of the arriving plane.

It is in Picardy, in the department of Aisne, that is the Château-Thierry. It should be remembered that it is 60.2 km from the Château de Coucy and 55.5 km from the Fort de Condé. If CDG Airport is 86.3 km from the city, Orly Airport is 101 km.