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Paris (Hotel or home address) - Troyes

Troyes is a city in the Greater East region. Its medieval center is lined with typical half-timbered houses. The city is embellished with remarkable Gothic churches. Our chauffeur service by car or van can transport you there quickly.

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Description of the City of stained glass
The City of stained glass is located in the department of Aube, in the city of Troyes. It is part of a natural route from the cathedral to Saint-Urbain Basilica. This is a place not to be missed for lovers of stories and discoveries. They will be able to attend a permanent exhibition dedicated to the art of glass painters from the twelfth to the twentieth century. The City of stained glass is located in Hôtel Dieu-le-Compte on the banks of the Seine. It should be noted that it has three spaces to become a true center of interpretation and documentation dedicated to glass roofs. It is among others a real museum which gives the possibility to the visitors to discover the fabulous inheritance in situ of the department of Aube. The City of stained glass is a place of both cultural and educational of the historical capital of Champagne, Troyes. It is in this sense that the City of Stained Glass is the source of a real metamorphosis of a popular district including visitors along the quays of Canal Haute-Seine to see closely the stylistic changes of the means age.

What to visit in the City of Stained Glass Troyes?
The City of Stained Glass Troyes is installed on 150 sqm which highlights stained glass from all eras, some of which have experienced renewals. It is by visiting the museum that it is possible to apprehend stained glass in all its states. It includes works of the centuries before so monumental pieces like "the tree of Jesse of wools with the Wood", representing the rich production of Aube in the 16th century. In addition, tourists can also discover a piece made by Alain Vinum which dates from 1939 and has entitled "Jazz" an exceptional style. It is also possible to discover a test panel for the monumental abstract bays of the 2005 David Tremlett's Villenauxe-la-Grande church and the 16th century stained-glass windows of Sainte-Croix de Provins church. In addition, this exhibition space highlights the stages in the manufacture of stained glass windows ranging from control to installation. Our destination is essentially from the airport to the hotel, we can however take you to discover this beautiful city.

The Wolf museum is located in Cloister-Saint-Thégonnec, in the department of Finistère, in Monts d'Arrée. It is a museum which depends on the Regional Natural Park of Armorica. He has new tours and new atmospheres to know more about the wolf and its history. Indeed, it is through this unique museum of France that any visitor will be able to discover a fascinating animal that is really different from the big bad wolf from the tales and legends of before. In other words, the museum showcases the biology, the protection of species and everything related to the wolf whether stories, children's literature or even the imaginary. In other words, this museum at the foot of Arrée Mounts is the only one to paint an ultra-complete portrait of this mammal. Thus, the wolf museum is not only for children, but also for adults who are passionate about humor and inventiveness.

What to visit through the Wolf Museum?
During a journey of about an hour and a half, visitors will be able to discover life in the complete wolf and a set of traditions related to this animal through the works of Yvan Pommaux and tales of Patrick Ewen. During the visit of the museum, it is possible to rub wolves who are naturalized. Courses also provide information through multiple teaching aids. There is an explanation of how to rebuild a den, how a sheep escapes the wolf and so many more. Unlike exhibitions in many museums in France, the Wolf Museum offers interactive layouts that turn visitors into creatures half-men, half-beasts while giving the opportunity to get close to a wolf virtual through a screen.
In short, the visit of the Wolf Museum is of vital importance to be aware of the presentation of the wolf from the Grotto of Font-de-Gaume, through those of the tales and legends and the problematic of the reintroduction of the wolf in France. If you want to explore this museum, we can provide a day rental service.

History and description of Saint Madeleine church
St. Madeleine church is one of the oldest churches in Troyes. It is 48 meters long and 29 meters wide. Its construction dates from the twelfth century and is rebuilt in 1200 with a Gothic style, but keeping some Romanesque elements in his nave that will be restored in the nineteenth century. It should be noted that the church of Saint Madeleine is one of the few churches in France that have kept its rood screen Renaissance with stone laces made by the sculptor Jehan Gailde. It is in this sense that it is ranked among the key monuments of the heritage of Troyes. In addition, St. Madeleine church was originally flanked by a cemetery that lies against its south aisle. It is also possible to apprehend its trace in documents of the time. Indeed, they have indicated that the cemetery is mentioned from the years 1465. This beautiful church is especially remarkable for its famous rood screen as well as the stained glass of his bedside. As for his choir, it offers superb examples of stained glass windows from the Trojan school to the Renaissance.

What to visit at St. Madeleine church in Troyes?
During a stay in Troyes, St. Madeleine Church is worth a visit. Indeed, any tourist will be impressed by its famous rood screen which is really exceptional as well as its stained glass which adorns its bedside. This church also houses the Sainte Marthe, a statuary part of the masterpieces of sculpture Champenoise. As for its stained glass windows, they are both bright and vivid colors. In addition, some windows of the bedside represent an abundance of characters while others are rather sober and majestic. The glass painters have proved their talent in complex glass cuttings and engraving to make their windows unique in their kind. In the old ossuary of Saint Madeleine, a medieval garden was born. It is also noteworthy that from 2008, the City of Troyes opens it and christens it "Jardin des Innocents". Embellished with shrubs and white roses and is a discovery for visitors. To book one of our pick-ups, do not hesitate to contact us.

Troyes is a city in the department of Aube. It is just 4.6 km from Hurray Park and 51.8 km from Marnay Botanical Gardens. For information, the town is more than 190 km from Charles De Gaulle Airport and 173.7 km from Orly Airport.