Transfer Villepinte Expo - Orly Airport

VILLEPINTE Exhibition Hall - Orly Airport

If you need a ride to Orly airport from Villepinte Exposition park, we offer the easiest way of transportation . Our Paris Orly airport service is reliable, fast and affordable.A professional driver both very welcoming and very reliable will be at the pickup time appointment on the day and time scheduled.



Car service between the Villepinte exhibition center and Orly airport


Types of services served by our shuttle company



A private driver with a car is a professional who drives you during your personal or business trips following a reservation you have made beforehand.


Know everything about the driver of TCD

In trade jargon, it is a driver of TCD (tourism car - or transport - with driver). He offers his services via a contract. He is different from a taxi driver because he does not look for his customers on the street. It is also distinct from a personal driver because it is not serving a single person or a named group, its customers may change depending on the reservation. Its role is to take the customer during his shopping or his appointments in itineraries defined in the reservation.

The private driver with his car is either the operator of this type of transport himself, or an employee who works for a TCD company. In all cases, it is a driver who has special skills. It thus has an added value compared to private drivers.


Criteria to be a good driver of TCD

The car and the driver himself must meet certain criteria to be admitted to this function. First, he must pass a specific examination that includes questions on transport regulations, road safety, business management, customer relations, and comprehension of French and English. He must hold a B permit, have received training in "Level 1 civic prevention and rescue", pass a medical examination, take training to become a TCD driver if necessary. It should also hold a legal status of a TCD company or auto-entrepreneur TCD.

The driver as a professional must hold a TCD license, a certificate of insurance, a proof of insurance, a copy of registration certificate, a business card, proof of financial capacity (minimum 1,500 €). In the process, he must absolutely use a high-end car: more than 120 horses, have 4 to 9 seats, at least 4.5 meters long and 1.70 meters wide, less than 6 years old and with a luxury interior comfort. It is possible, for example, to opt for a limousine from Paris airport to the destination of your choice.



An irreproachable quality of service

Whether it is a driver or a driver, he is required to be distinguished, to have an irreproachable behavior (dress or even uniform, language, driving behavior, etc.). He must have a sense of discretion and speak at least two foreign languages ​​including English.

The driver is required to fuel the conversation if his passengers wish, he must be cultivated for it. He must provide the information required by his interlocutor and know the essential addresses (offices, public or private institutions, tourist sites, monuments, museums, trendy places, hotels, etc.). In this sense, it serves as a guide.

The executive driver or chauffeur master works with very varied schedules: a CEO and his wife who come very late from a charity gala, a member of a delegation who must take a flight to the US at 3 am , an HRD who comes out of a meeting at noon and must be taken lunch in his restaurant. Above all, this driving professional is the first person in charge of his car. Thus, he ensures the maintenance of his vehicle, the various paperwork (insurance, vignettes, etc.). In addition, he often has to perform ancillary tasks such as carrying luggage, etc.


Why hire a executive driver ?

Using a executive driver is much more beneficial especially for the removal of CEOs or distinguished people. Indeed, only a driver is able to work with discretion. Moreover, unlike a simple driver, he has a good level of culture while mastering at least three foreign languages. As a result, it is able to provide all the information on the many interesting sites in the region. In addition, it is available day and night even for long distance trips. It is therefore a pledge to offer a professional transfer service of high quality.


The company driver is an employee who works in a company and whose role is to drive the company's vehicles for various missions. In other words, he must move the frames with a light car, transport the personnel in a collective vehicle, deliver goods with a utility.


Difference between company driver and executive driver

In practice, the company driver is often confused with the executive driver, that is to say the one responsible for moving a company executive. This transport does not only concern professional travel. He can, for example, drive the CEO to the airport when he is going to take his holidays abroad, he can also drive his boss for a dinner or to watch an opera. It can also affect the service of a person who comes to visit the company (auditor, partner, investor, etc.). The company driver can also perform tasks such as bringing an important document to a partner or running errands for the company.

The company driver, if he is in the service of the management, is subject to flexible schedules somewhat constraining. His schedule is conditioned by the movements of his boss. He receives a phone call at night to announce a program change or to tell him that there is a last-minute race to do. He can work on weekends or holidays if necessary. It should be noted that some companies directly request the service of a TDC  driver with car for their executives.

Why hiring a company driver?

Appealing to a company driver present is interesting insofar as it works in all discretion and ensures optimal safety during all courses. In addition, having a good general culture, he can also act as a guide since he speaks different languages. As for the transport car, it is always comfortable to ensure a quiet and pleasant trip. Moreover, it is very available whether it is day or night even for a long journey to accomplish all the useful trips of a company. It offers a professional transfer service of high quality.


The Villepinte Expo exhibition center is located in Paris-Nord. It is located 24.1 km from the Geode and about 25 km from the Museum of Art and History of Saint Denis. For those who are looking for the nearest airport, it should be noted that 5.8 km separates Villepinte Expo from CDG Airport. The park is 37.8 km from Orly Airport.