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CDG Airport - Colombes

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The Aeroville shopping center near CDG airport is a large shopping complex not to be missed especially for jewelery, trendy lingerie, clothing, or various everyday items. Indeed, this shopping center is composed of more than two hundred shops, thirty restaurants, a space EuropaCorp Cinema without forgetting the Auchan hypermarket.


Location and description of the establishment

The Aeroville shopping center is a short walk from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. It is located north of Paris, between the town of Tremblay-en France and Roissy-en-France, more precisely, between CDG 1 terminal of Roissy airport and Villepinte. This is a spacious commercial property of high standard, available to the general public since the evening of October 16, 2013. It is especially intended for any agoraphobe who finds pleasure to visit each store with huge storefronts.


The must-see places at the Aeroville shopping center

This large shopping center attracts a large number of tourists every year, whether travelers in transit or Parisians looking for novelties. In other words, all passionate about shopping and all greedy and greedy will find pleasure to go there.

This shopping temple covers 85,000 m² several hundred shops. Thirty or so restaurants offering French delicacies are available not only in working days but also every Sunday.

Multiple cinemas including the EuropaCorp cinema as well as Europa Max and Live are also located there. It gives the possibility to choose between premium rooms with a screen of 18 m height or classic rooms. It is also possible to spend pleasant moments in the room of retransmission of live shows.


The city of Roissy-en-France was an old farming village known for the fertility of its land. It contains until now the remains of the castle where several lords have lodged for centuries. Multiple urban planning operations have marked this French town as the renovation of the airport or the updating of old farms such as the Great Ormes.

Roissy-en-France is a small French commune in the Val-d'Oise in Ile-de-France region 25 km from Paris. The city was the seigniory of Jean Jouvenel des Ursins in the fifteenth century before being world famous in 1974 during the establishment of the international airport Paris-Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

This village on the doorstep of Paris-CDG airport was the fief of famous lords who frequented the court of the Kingdom of France. Among them are Jean-Jacques de Mesmes (1490-1569, First President in the Parliament of Normandy). His descendant, Jean-Antoine de Mesmes built a new castle on the site in 1704 under the direction of the famous architect of the time, Germain Boffrand (first engineer of bridges and roads, Castle of the Dukes of Lorraine, Castle of Aulnois, etc.). In 1719, the estate was owned by financier John Law before being transferred to Antoine de Portail, first president of the Court of Parliament.

In 1790, after the Revolution, Roissy was erected as an independent commune. The first mayor was Maurice Gabriel Joseph de Caraman, born in the village, son of Victor-Maurice Riquet, count of Caraman and last lord of the place. The vandalism of the after popular uprising and terror eventually destroyed the castle completely. In 1814, the Russian armies ransacked the city and mistreated the inhabitants.

It is in 1817 that, thanks to a contribution of the farmers of the village that Roissy-en-France obtained his first fire pump. The war of 1870 again plunged the village into chaos. Faced with their defeat, the French soldiers had to burn everything in their path so that the crops do not fall into the hands of the Prussians. They have obviously ransacked the village.

After the Second World War, the city gradually regains its colors and the installation of the airport marks a turning point in its history. It is no longer an agricultural village, it is a trendy meeting place with many amenities.


The city of Colombes is known by its centuries-old history being the old town in the sixteenth century and has become a holiday resort marked by the evolution of the industry since the nineteenth century. From the inter-war period, this world sports city that hosted the 1924 Olympic Games underwent a major renovation with new neighborhoods, multiple pavilions, a few collective residences, and so on.

Colombes is a friendly and attractive suburban town located in the northwestern suburbs of Paris in Hauts-de-Seine. Its history is loaded with a turnaround, passing from a small village to a city full of modern infrastructures after being invested with industrial workshops during the twentieth century.

The township Museum of Art and History of the city tells the rich history of the city of Colombes. A Merovingian sarcophagus preserved there testifies the occupation of the territory at this remote time.

At the time of the kings, the town of Colombes was famous being the place of refuge of Queen Henriette, wife of the fallen king of England, Charles I. After the decapitation of her husband during the Cromwell revolution, this daughter of the King of France Henry IV settled there from 1657 until her death in 1669. She received her nephew Louis XIV there to discuss matters concerning the 'England. The island of Moulin-Joly and its picturesque garden designed by Claude-Henry Watelet are also the attraction of the site. Louis XVI and his wife also ventured there.

In the nineteenth century, the arrival of the railway increases the attractiveness for the city and leads to the arrival of newcomers which has increased the number of population. In the late nineteenth and twentieth century, Colombes has experienced an industrial boom marked by the installation of the perfumer Guerlain, the telephone manufacturer Ericsson or tire factory Goodrich. Colombes also had a glorious sporting past. The first Stade de France was set up in Colombes in 1907, hosting the 1924 Summer Olympics and the 1938 football world cup, as well as many rugby matches until the Parc des Princes development.

Today, the increasingly modernized city is investing in the tertiary sector while maintaining its attractiveness. Remember to opt for a vehicle that can accommodate 8 people if you want to go around the city with your family.


Colombes is the seventh commune of the region. It is just 7.6 km from Avenue des Champs-Elysées and 9.4 km from Palais du Trocadéro. It should also be noted that the distance to CDG Airport and Orly Airport is 27 km.