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Orly Airport - Sens

Our Paris Orly airport transportation provides a private car transfer service to Sens. So if you want to avoid the stress of finding a taxi or waiting for the bus at the start of your trip, our transfer service is the best option for you


Private car transportation service  from Orly airport  to Sens



Main point of interest of its district, located 100 km from Paris, Sens is part of the department of Yonne and is crossed by an eponymous river. Sens is a French commune that enters history in a shattering way. Its inhabitants are called the Senonais. It should be noted that the Senonais designates both the natural region representing a Gallic territory of the Senons and the Roman city of Agedincum.

During the Roman period, the banks of the Yonne were occupied by a most elaborate installation of river traffic, which did not fail to attract the attention of the military strategists of Julius Caesar. Archaeological remains attest to the presence of an amphitheater, a forum and thermal baths in the second century. The baths, and especially the façade, were to present various sculptures. At that time, the local dwellings were decorated with mosaics.

The commune counts 25,507 senones, but the urban area located in the vicinity of Sens is inhabited by twice as many people. The city takes its name from the Gallic people of the Senons. They inspired respect, even in the ranks of the Roman cohorts. The ‘senile’ and ‘senate’ terms are said to be coming from the name of this Gallic tribe established on the coasts of the Adriatic.

At the arrival of Caesar, the Senonais had to choose between the republic and the traditional authorities. Sens has a strong Christian tradition. The diocese of Sens was founded around 240 by Saint Savinien. As early as the eighth century, this town became a strategic point in the circulation and communication of the Romanesque church. Indeed, at that time, the Muslim fleet was already packed on the borders of the Mediterranean, on its way to wars for the Islamization of territories, of which France was a part. The Counts of Sens come from very high lineages, related to the royal Merovingian family.

During the ninth century, the diocese of Sens had a very important place in the Christian life. Concretely, this meant that the archbishopric of Paris depended on that of Sens, on the same basis as Auxerre, Meaux and Orleans. The city receives the Archbishops of Canterbury, Thomas Becket and Edmond, and grants asylum to Pope Alexander III.

From a geographical point of view, Sens enjoys a temperate climate, moderated by oceanic influences. These climatic parameters have facilitated the installation of communication routes during the Industrial Revolution. Sens is served by the TER of Burgundy, which allows to rally Paris, Auxerre and Dijon. It also has a Grand Prix and four flowers on the 2007 prize list of the Flowery Towns and Villages contest.


Cathedral of Sens

First gothic cathedral of France, its style is characteristic of a period of historical and architectural transition. Known as the Metropolitan Cathedral or St. Stephen's Cathedral, this is the main cathedral of the archdiocese of Yonne. It was named this way in honor of the first martyr, the Saint Stephen. The latter plays a most important role in the Catholic landscape of this region.

Museum of Sens

Museum created in the 19th century, its collection is full of historical objects with great archaeological utility. It exhibits artefacts from the Gallo-Roman civilization such as some blocks from the Great Wall of Sens. The collections in this museum gather the riches of other Senese museums, but also the treasure of the cathedral of Sens. The Archbishop's Palace houses museum since 1985.

Garden of the Orangery

Located in a green area, the activities offered in this garden are adapted to the wishes of relaxation for the whole family. Bowling, billiards, bar and restaurant are available to all guests.


Hôtel de Paris et de la Poste(3 stars)

This property has a total of 30 rooms and is located within walking distance of the Gothic Cathedral. Nestled in the heart of the city center, the hotel offers a gourmet stop of quality and an authentic and charming hotel. The setting is wonderful and the hotel is set in this former post house. Guests have access to several common facilities, including the reading room. The restaurant prepares its dishes according to the needs of the customer and recipes worked for 30 years. An old decor preserved, furniture arranged to improve the comfort of individuals, the Paris hotel and the post office is the must-see event for history lovers.

Office de Tourisme de Sens et du Sénonais(3 stars)

Offering a tour of the city and its sightseeing tours, the hotel will also advise you on the best outings and recreation options when staying in the city. Among these activities, you will have to think of gaining your diploma as a knight by discovering the city by its history and its gastronomy. Local tourists call this tour “the return to the Middle Ages” in the footsteps of Saint Louis. You can also choose other circuits such as the return to Antiquity, in the footsteps of the Gallo-Roman, always to discover the monuments and museums of Sens. Discover the monuments of Sens and the museum collections with the eyes of a child from the Gallo-Roman era.

Hôtel Ibis Sens>

Recommended for tourist stays or business trips, ibis Sens is born in 2016 and already receives the most flattering comments on the main travel forums. At the same time modern and warm, it is close to a commercial area. The hotel offers 68 rooms with exceptional designs. They are comfortable and air-conditioned. Access to the Wi-Fi will charge you no extra charge.


101 km of roads will be crossed during the Orly-Sens journey. By collective car, it will take you through the A5 in the direction of D606B in Saint-Denis-lès-Sens before taking exit 1. Tell your driver to continue to D606B and drive towards Rue du Général Leclerc in Sens.