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Caen or affectionately the "City of a hundred steeples" shaped the rich past of Normandy. Erected in City of Art and History, the Norman capital is one of the safes that holds the heritage and cultural treasure of France.

1000 years of history, punctuated by crisis and suffering

Before the advent of the Duchy of Normandy, Caen was a small town whose main activity was the craft and agriculture. The rise of the city begins in the tenth century. In the Middle Ages, a city is not really one if it does not have its castle and / or fortress. It was in 1060 that William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and future King of England, began the construction of the castle of Caen, the Abbey to Men, the Abbey of the Ladies, then the fortification of the city.

During the conquest of Normandy by the King of France Philippe Auguste (reigning for almost 43 years, from September 1180 to July 1223), the city of Caen undergoes several revisions including the redevelopment of the castle and the modernization of the fortress. It was henceforth the governor, lieutenant of the king, who administered the city.

During the Hundred Years War, Caen was occupied twice by the English from 1346 before being definitively taken over by the French in 1450. During the sixteenth century, Caen suffered again through a dark period. The city falls into the hands of Protestants who destroy Catholic symbols; then in 1584, the plague ravaged the city, making 10,000 victims.

The splendor found

In the margins of all the popular and military agitations experienced by the city, Caen continues to develop during the Renaissance. Its development is such that it was nicknamed "the Norman Athens". This period of grace and prosperity continues until the Enlightenment.

Caen was one of the cities that relied on industrialization during the nineteenth century. It is particularly favored by the opening of the railroad linking it to Paris and the construction of the Caen canal, which strengthens port activity. Its economic boom was indisputable.

During the Second World War, Caen again became the scene of a bloody war. But this time, the battle in the city was decisive for the fate of the world during the landing of June 1944. Rebuilt after the war, Caen has regained its splendor and is honored as a City for Peace. Book a car service in Paris in advance if you want to trace the history of this mythical city with friends or family.


It is a French commune in northwestern France in Normandy. The "city of hundred steeples" is also the political capital of Normandy since it houses the headquarters of the regional council of the region.

Caen: its  demography

The Caen inhabitants who are the inhabitants of Caen count in 2016: 107 206 inhabitants are about 4 135 inhabitants per square kilometer. It is thus the most populated city of the department of Calvados. In recent years, the urban area of ​​Caen has experienced a sharp increase in number of populations while that in the city center and its agglomeration has experienced a significant decline in population. The evolution of the population of Caen is represented by a curve in cubic interpolation. If between 2009 and 2014, the number of Caen has declined steadily, since 2015, it has increased a little to reach 107,206 in 2016. In fact, the Caenais had 109,899 in 2008 and were only 10538 in 2014.

Caen: its current economic situation

Caen is considered today as a major economic crossroads in France. Indeed, this city is known for its economic dynamism which is at the height of its ambitions. Its major assets lie mainly in the fact that it houses a large number of national and even international references. Among them are Peugeot-Citroën, Robert Bosch, Renault Trucks, Normandy Fuels, France Télécoms R & D and Laboratoires Gilbert as well as many others.

The competitiveness clusters also contribute to the economic development of this city. Indeed, Caen brings together various important clusters such as the "TES" for secure electronic transactions, "Hippolia" for the equine sector, "Mov'eo" for the automotive sector and the "Nucléopolis" for nuclear sciences and telecommunications. applications. In terms of business sectors, the tertiary sector currently predominates followed by the industrial sector, agriculture and construction, according to the INSEE source in 2016. To book one of our pick-ups for your business trips in Caen or in the surroundings, do not hesitate to contact us.


Caen is a city which is the home to no less than 81 listed monuments and several attractive tourist sites. It constitutes a detour unavoidable during a walk in Calvados.

Walks and discoveries

The nickname "City of a hundred steeples" came because of the proliferation of religious buildings in the city. But before visiting the churches and abbeys, you must first go through the Caen Memorial. It is a museum designed to commemorate the Battle of Normandy. But it is there first and foremost as an international cultural center whose goal is to teach the fragility of peace and the horror of war to all future generations. françaisThen there is the Museum of Fine Arts which is located inside the castle of Caen. After, you have to take a walk in the Ladies' Abbey and Men's Abbey, two legacies of William the Conqueror. To end the day, a stroll along the beach landing is required.


There are many charming hotels in Caen but it would be much more entertaining to stay at the guest houses. This is an opportunity to ask the mistress to prepare typical Norman dishes with regional products of Calvados. To taste the famous tripe with the fashion of Caen is essential. Caen is also a great site for hiking, boating and water sports. In search of a family tour, Caen is one of the French cities that promise a lot of discoveries for young and old.


Festivals and events

Caen is a land of art and culture. It organizes among other things one of the important festivals of electronic culture of France: the Nördik Impakt. It is a festival organized by the association ArtsAttack which takes place every November and it takes place during a week. Music, dance, videos, multimedia, visual arts, decoration, etc. everything electro goes through. There is also the Boreal Festival, an event dedicated to literature and Nordic culture. Finally, there is the Beauregard Festival, an eclectic music festival that takes place in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (outskirts of Caen). All these events attract many festival-goers (artists and spectators) from all horizons.


Caen is a town in the 36th department of France, Calvados. It is just 14.7 km from Pegasus Memorial and 88 km from Utah Beach Landing Museum. It is 247.1 km from Orly Airport and 255.8 km from CDG Airport.