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Dieppe and its famous cliffs is close to the capital if you want to offer a nice weekend at the seaside.

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Dieppe is a port city dedicated to fishing and trade. It is in the country of Caux, in the Normandy region. Let's discover it through its history. Ask us for a driver so that you can trace these stories for yourself.

Dieppe, a story shaped by the sea

To know the history of this coastal town in the valley of Arques, we must go back to the 1000s where an old charter dating from that time mentions the existence of a small fishing port called Dieppe. However, this territory that is the junction of France with the Channel was both a place of departure to distant lands and a place of arrival of sailors, explorers and conquerors from foreign lands. At this time, the confluence of the three rivers (Aulne, Bethune and Varenne) forms an estuary which was a safe anchorage for passing boats.

The Vikings passing around in the 900's and named Djupr or Djupa the mouth where they moored. These names meant "deep" or "deep river". The Normans had the idea to create a port. The city is rich and the port prosperous, especially because of the commercial activity and the importance granted by the kings. From 1364, the sailors of Dieppe became navigators who went in search of spices and ivories in India and Africa. After the war of 100 years that deeply marked the city, Dieppe found its prosperity and develops thanks to the fishing that is added to the activities of the inhabitants.

In the 1800s, the port was redeveloped with the design of new ponds. Industrialization requires, Dieppe becomes a coal and oil port. At the same time, it acquires the status of the leading banana port in France (bananas from the Canary Islands). Currently, the port is still active but the city becomes a major tourist attraction especially because of the sea, its rustic and especially its status as a city of history.

Some key dates of the city of Dieppe

December 06, 1067: departure of William the Conqueror for England.

1195: fire of the city by the troops of the king of France Philippe Auguste, then in war against the duke of Normandy Richard Lionheart; annexation of the city by the kingdom of France.

1339: Dieppe sailors are victorious in Southampton.

1420-1435: occupation of the city by the English; Joan of Arc was provisionally detained there.

1443: Dieppe was besieged again by the English.

August 19, 1942: The defeat of Canadian troops against the Germans during the Dieppe landing.


Dieppe is one of the French communes which is in the department of Seine-Maritime, in Normandy. This city says "the city with four ports" is located not far from the resorts of the Alabaster Coast, north of the city of Rouen and in the north-west of France.

Current economic situation of the city of Dieppe

Starting in 2002, this French city began to develop economically thanks to the development of tourism in Dieppe. This new policy is based on golf subdivision projects, renovation of the Grande rue. In addition, the city attracts a large number of tourists thanks to the reopening of the small municipal theater and the creation of a new seaside resort with playful pools. Apart from these attractions, the economic situation in Dieppe has improved after the creation of a new thalassotherapy complex which is located right on Dieppe's seafront.

In addition to economic development through tourism, Dieppe is also known by the new business center Dieppe Normandy which is located inside the premises of the former transmanche terminal of the boat Hoverspeed.


Leisure activities in Dieppe

Since Dieppe is a seaside resort, several activities are possible. In addition, its white beaches, casinos, golf courses including golf eighteen tours attract many tourists recently. Its racecourse, marina and multiple shopping centers are also to be discovered. It is worth noting that Dieppe receives every two years, the International Kite Festival, a major world event that welcomes some forty countries and receives more than 300,000 visitors. Currently, this city is also known by the Dieppe International Film Festival and the comic book festival as well as the big international chess festival. To make so many historical, playful and cultural visits in this locality.


Dieppe is the oldest seaside resort in France. Located 170 km from Paris, it is nicknamed the "city of four ports" or "the kite capital". It is also labeled City of Art and History. In other words, leisure and discoveries are not lacking. Here is the list of activities to do in Dieppe.

Walks and discoveries

The walk can begin with a visit to the Castle Museum. It is a medieval building transformed into a museum which contains rich collections of ivory objects and sculptures from France. There are also paintings, engravings, furniture and marine rooms where ship models, navigation instruments, maps, etc. are located. Then there is the Memorial of 19 August 1942 which is a museum dedicated to the landing of Canadian troops in order to liberate France. As a reminder, the operation ended in a stinging defeat, which allowed in some ways to better organize the landing of June 6, 1944. There is also Estran Cité de la Mer which allows to discover themes on the scientific and technical culture of the sea and fishing. Finally, there is the church Saint-Jacques City of the Sea Walk.


Dieppe is above all related to the sea. The holidaymakers come for its pebble beach and for thalassotherapy and some water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing, fishing. Its marina also offers a unique opportunity to go on an extraordinary high-seas ride. The most interesting being the trans-ferry ferry trip that will take you to England in four hours from Dieppe to Newhaven. It is a crossing that can be done at 4am to leave around 23h and sleep in the boat. This allows to visit the English coast all day. Many hotels and restaurants are located in Dieppe for lodging and food.

Festivals and events

Coming to Dieppe is a rare opportunity to attend the International Kite Festival held every two years in even years. Kite enthusiasts from all over the world come together for 9 days to play, show the talents, admire all kinds of flying objects identified. The Herring and Scallop Festival is also an opportunity to discover and feast with these Norman specialties. Book a car service in Paris to Dieppe is advised to discover these mythical places.


This seaside resort near Paris is one of the oldest resorts in France. Dieppe is 40.3 km from the Alabaster Coast and just 9.1 km from the William Farcy Flower Park. It is 178.8 km from CDG Airport and more than 206 km from Orly Airport.