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Orly Airport - Angers

Angers, this beautiful city in the western of France is really worth a visit. You can visit its mediaval castle, its theme park, or taste good restaurants. We provide a private vehicle which pick you up at Orly airport and drop you off directly in Angers


Private car service from Orly airport to Angers



The alliance between the beauty of the city and nature makes Angers an interesting tourist destination. Among the highlights of Angers, no tourist can do without the visit of the famous Château d'Angers. It is located on the west side of City Hill. It is positioned at an altitude of 45 m. It is a vast fortress that has 17 towers of 12 m. Remember that they are spaced nearly 20 m apart from each other retracing the history of previous centuries. It is one of the most visited historical monuments in Angers. It is very impressive from its outside that its interior.


History of Angers castle

The construction of this castle dates from 1230 by Saint-Louis, but the oldest parts of the castle date from the 10th and 11th centuries. Between the fourteenth and fifteenth century, he had a more pronounced military role before holding an administrative role. In the Middle Ages, this Angevin historical monument became a defensive architecture that reached 40 m high. Its interior has undergone several modifications with the exception of the Great Hall. Louis II and King René are the main builders of the royal residence, the chapel and the chatelet. This building is called Castle of the Dukes of Anjou or Castle of King René. Indeed, this monument consists of the fortress and castle-residence of the dukes of Anjou. The castle of Angers is classified a historical monument since 1875.


What to see in this castle?

While visiting this monument, it is possible to discover the garden ditches, the Logis Royal, the King René Gallery and the Apocalypse, the chapel of Saint-Jean Baptiste and Saint-Laud. The tapestries of the Apocalypse are also a tapestry that represents the Apocalypse of John, created in the fourteenth century and a masterpiece unique to the world of medieval art. From the castle, a walk in the gardens will certainly be good for visitors, but it is also essential to climb the castle towers for a unique panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

The castle of the Dukes of Anjou is also a place of preservation of the tapestry of the Apocalypse and the ensemble of medieval tapestries that makes Angers a city of art and interesting history. Ask us a driver to take you to this mythical place.


Angers is the capital of the former province of Anjou. It is a French city belonging to the department of Maine-et-Loire. The Maurice d'Angers cathedral is a cathedral church of the diocese of Maine-et-Loire, more precisely Angers. It is located at the top of the Saint-Maurice staircase.


History St Maurice Cathedral of Angers

The St Maurice Cathedral of Angers is built between the 12th and 15th centuries and has undergone different reconstruction. It is the first church in Angers and the Gothic Plantagenet angevin. During this time, he was dedicated to the Virgin. However, it was burned several times, particularly in the twelfth century. It was therefore Bishop Geoffroy de Tours who took charge of his reconstruction. The other parts of the cathedral were rebuilt little by little. In the fifteenth century, she receives as a gift the beautiful tapestry of Apocalypse. This cathedral is the work of the two bishops Guillaume de Beaumont and Normand de Doué. She experienced a general restoration between 1870 and 1914 and after the Second World War.


What to see in this cathedral?

From outside the church, visitors will be able to admire the bird's eye view of Maine. From inside, they will be fascinated by the Angevin Gothic style of this monument as well as various domed vaults. The play of lights of medieval stained glass is also very surprising. Moreover being very decorated thanks to the multiple fine veins going from the nave to the choir, this monument allows to discover the evolution of Gothic through time. It has a tower covered with a cupola of the sixteenth century. In addition, crosses, ciborias and a large number of reliquaries retrace the history of the diocese of Angers through the cathedral St Maurice d'Angers. The chapel Sainte-Anne is also the treasure chest of this cathedral. Several liturgical objects that date from the Romanesque period until now are also to be discovered in this historical monument of France. Book a car service in Paris to go directly to Angers is an option available to you.


The Museum of Fine Arts Angers is located in a former mansion not far from the historic city of Angers. It is an integral part of the complex Toussaint which includes among others the garden of the fine arts, the David d'Angers gallery as well as the municipal library. It has become today the most modern museology of Angers.


History of the Angers Museum of Fine Arts

After the French Revolution, the Logis Barrault mansion houses the Central Schools and Maine-et-Loire Directory. In 1801, the museum is opened on the model of the Louvre museum. Following the removal of the Central Schools, the museum becomes a rich depot of nearby departments and it is also the most beautiful in France. As a result, it becomes the municipal museum four years later. From that time, a large number of legacies and so many prestigious donations came together. As a result, the museum experienced a lack of space, but expansion projects did not emerge until the early 20th century. The David d'Angers and Beaurepaire galleries were inaugurated successively. From 1999 to 2004, many works were made and the museum becomes a true emblem of Angers.


What to see in this museum?

The Museum of Fine Arts of Angers is a monument through which discovery enthusiasts will be able to discover collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings as well as multiple objects of art from various eras. In the historic halls of the museum on the first floor are works of art from the 14th to the 20th century. Art objects from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance are also to be discovered. Exhibitions are held frequently in the museum's exhibition halls to project visitors into the history of centuries past.

Besides the historical monuments, Angers is also appreciated by a large number of tourists each year by the beauty of its nature and its multitude of theme parks. Indeed, this city has several parks that can entertain both adults and children who want to spend an unprecedented family vacation. There is for example the park Terra Botanica where entertainment with so many fun activities and green space are waiting for you in one place. Our fleet is composed of various types of car. To book one of our pick-ups, limos, cars, vans, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Angers is a commune located in the west of France, at the edge of Maine. The key words as soon as we talk about a stay in Angers are discovery and conviviality. It is 74.4 km from the castle of Montsoreau and 41.6 km from Cave des Sculptures. It is 285.1 km from Orly Airport and 327.2 km from CDG Airport.