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Place of pilgrimage since the year 708, currently, the Mont Saint Michel welcomes nearly 3 million visitors a year. This medieval fortress set in the middle of a bay is designated as the Wonder of the West. Zoom on the past and present of this World Heritage and third most visited tourist site in France.

Before the construction of the abbey, the place is no more than a rocky island rising amidst strikes in the sea between Normandy and Brittany. Originally called Mount Tombe, it was once a pagan place of worship. It was in the year 709 that an oratory was built in honor of the Archangel Saint Michael, patron saint of Catholicism. Legend has it that Aubert, bishop of Avranches, ordered the construction of the building because the Archangel Saint-Michel appeared to him twice.

From 710, the clerics nicknamed the place "Mont Saint-Michel at the risk of the sea" (Mons Sancti Michaeli in periculo husband). He kept this name throughout the Middle Ages. It should be noted that it is in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel that one finds the biggest tides of continental Europe. The tidal range (difference between high and low sea) is 15 meters.

The Avranchin and Mont Saint Michel including belonged to Brittany since the Treaty of Compiegne. It will remain a Breton territory and it was not part of the Norman lands ceded to the Viking leader Rollon in 911. In 966, the request of Duke of Normandy Richard I to install Benedictine monks was heard. The Notre-Dame Sous Terre church was built. In the eleventh century, the sanctuary became an abbey and an abbey church was raised. Mont-Saint-Michel then becomes a popular place of pilgrimage. The relics of Saint-Michel preserved in the abbey and the work of the Benedictines arouse the interest of the faithful and contribute to the economic development of the Mount.

françaisSaint Michel and its Abbey were also a theater of war. In the twelfth century, when the king of France Philippe Auguste annexed Normandy, the Bretons of Guy de Thouars, his allies, led a bloody retaliation against John Lackland and set fire to Mont Saint-Michel. Philippe Auguste later financed the construction of two three-storey buildings. The place was then fortified with a powerful wall, 7 towers and 3 gates. During the Hundred Years War between France and England in the fourteenth century, Mont Saint Michel had the reputation of resisting the assaults of the English. This anecdote contributes to making pilgrims more popular.

During the French Revolution, the Benedictines were expelled from the place. The name of "Mont Libre" was given to the mount and the building served as a place of internment of priests and house arrest. Note that the island has become a place of imprisonment since the reign of Louis XI, the prison is permanently closed in 1863. If you need to get there, we offer your services to Charles de Gaulle.



In 1874, when it was listed as a Historic Monument, Mont Saint-Michel took a new turn in its history. Major works are being successively restored to the site's splendor. In 1897, the abbey receives the statue of the Saint Michael archangel slaying the dragon. This statue sculpted by Emmanuel Frémiet is also a lightning rod, it is she who gives the present appearance of the abbey.

In the nineteenth century, authors and painters came to Mont-Saint-Michel to appreciate its charm and picturesque landscape. An unsinkable dike-road of 1,930 meters long was built from 1878 to 1880. The passage of the steam tram in this road promotes tourism and pilgrimage to the place. Since the 1950s, this Norman town has become a major tourist attraction in France. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The site welcomes you to 16,000 visitors during the summer.

The religious side of the abbey is not obscured so far, the cult is restored since 1969. Since 2001, brothers and sisters of the monastic fraternities of Jerusalem, from the church of Saint Gervais in Paris ensure the spirituality all over the world. 'year. They take over from Benedictine monks who have deserted Mount gradually since 1979.

A series of works lasting 10 years was completed in 2015, which required more than 20 million euros. The project was intended to restore the site's maritime character. It is once again an island as we knew it with its bay and its tide. The dike-road has been replaced by a bridge bridge. A new car park is now 2.5 kilometers from the intramural mount. The new bridge bridge allows visitors to walk. The shuttles will park 400 meters from the place to allow visitors to have a clear view of the bay and the mountain. To get there, tourists have several choices: train-bus; Shuttle Buses ; personal cars; hiking a few kilometers with the guides of the association The paths of Mont-Saint-Michel to walk in the footsteps of pilgrims.

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Like any self-respecting tourist site, the Mount houses stalls, inns and restaurants. Before arriving at the place, there is the Grande Rue, a long road lined with old houses (fifteenth and sixteenth century) and shops that run through the village. Visitors will not miss many travel souvenirs ranging from key rings to medieval weapons, not to mention dolls, rings, daisies, tapestries, confectionery, porcelain, kitchenware, religious objects, etc.). It will also be an opportunity to taste the various regional specialties of Normandy or Brittany.

Then there is the abbey, main attraction of Mont-Saint-Michel. It is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, mixed with the work of 19th century architects and the modern 21st century road structure. The abbey is a jewel of France. It is a building built on a granite rock, itself set in the middle of a bay whose tide holds the largest amplitude in Europe. For those who are interested in religious matters, the parish church also offers rare remains such as the 13th century baptismal font, the 15th century stained glass, the altar and its 17th century altarpiece with columns and two statues. the Virgin of the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

Finally, the bay is a picturesque landscape of Normandy. The tide redraws twice a day this landscape making Mount, sometimes an island, sometimes a peninsula. It is nevertheless important to pay attention because the bay is full of quicksand. For your pleasure, we can provide you with all types of vehicles for your visit to Normandy.



Mont Saint Michel has fascinated the world for over 13 centuries. It is 56.1 km from Champrépus Zoological Park and 38.7 km from the Airborne Museum. It is 358.4 km from Beauvais Airport, 366.4 km from CDG Airport and 358.3 km from Orly Airport.