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CDG Airport - Caen

Our chauffered service Paris includes sightseeing in the surrounding regions of Paris. So, if you need to go to Caen, you can reserve in advance a private car and after you’ve stepped off customs at your flight arrival , our courteous chauffeur will drive you directly to this town in Normandy


Private car service on arrival from Charles de Gaulle airport to Caen



Caen is a city rich in natural and cultural heritage. As for its historical monuments for example, the visit of the museum and international cultural center of the history of the twentieth century, the memorial of Caen is interesting. The Caen Memorial is a history museum that attracts a large number of tourists. Indeed, it is part of the first list of the most visited European memory sites with an average of 400,000 visitors per year.

History of the Caen Memorial

The Peace Memorial contains memories of the Second World War period and in particular the Battle of Normandy

Indeed, the Memorial of Caen is a museum of reference on this recent period. Recall that it was inaugurated on June 6, 1988 by François Mitterrand. It was erected just above an underground gallery which previously was the headquarters of the command post of the commander of Germany's 716th Infantry Division. This museum is dedicated to the history of the twentieth century. More concretely, it was built to pay tribute to the liberation of the city, to all those who lost their lives in the fighting during the Second World War. This museum for Peace highlights the various causes as well as the consequences of the war. In 2002, it expanded with the opening of a new wing dedicated to cultures of peace and the Cold War.

What to see in this memorial?

The Caen Memorial offers a temporary exhibition as well as various permanent spaces. By visiting its four spaces, each history buff will be able to know more about everything about Berlin in the heart of the Cold War, the Normandy Landing and the Battle of Normandy, the World War, the total war as well as various opinions that trace the news of the world during the period of the war through the drawing of press. This museum offers its visitors a system of audioguides available in several languages ​​to complete the guided tours. In addition, maps and explanatory panels allow to see closely the traces of the rise of perils in Europe. A space dedicated to the Holocaust is also to be discovered in this monument of Caen. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel, we can however take you there.



The Château de Caen is a historical monument dating from 1060. It is located on the rocky outcrop overlooking the town of Calvados in Normandy. It is a vast fortress millennial Europe inevitable during a stay in Caen.

History of the Château de Caen

The castle of Caen was built under the empire of Duke William the Conqueror and it was even mainly a princely residence. He always played an important role in the politics of the Anglo-Norman kings on the continent until 1204, the time during which Normandy was attached to France. During the Hundred Years War, the Castle of Caen became a fortress that enjoyed a large number of seats while from 1789 until the beginning of the Second World War, it became a simple barracks. After having been destroyed and rebuilt in 1944, it becomes an enclosure of the museums of Caen while constituting an important point of the urbanism of the city.

What to see in this castle?

The castle of Caen is not only a historical monument of this city, it is also a place of walk, of relaxation, of festivities but especially of discoveries. In its enclosure are the remains of the dungeon, the museum of Normandy which is the former home of the governor. It also contains various exhibition halls including the artillery rider and the rooms of the Rempart and another room that refers to the Echéquier of Normandy. The Museum of Fine Arts of Caen is also within the walls of this castle and the Church of St. George. For those who are passing through the city, take a walk in his garden of simple that can rediscover the type of medicinal garden dating from the Middle Ages. Since 2007, various works like Huang Yong Ping's One Man, Nine Animals have been installed around this monument to form a sculpture park. For you to enjoy, we offer vehicles for 8 people.



The Normandy Museum is one of the municipal museums located in Caen, in the Calvados department of Normandy. This monument is a testimony of the past of Normandy highlighting not only this region but also the lives of Normans in general.

History of the Museum of Normandy

The Normandy Museum was created on November 1, 1946 by Georges Henri Rivière. At the beginning, this monument was devoted to ethnography and, from 1968, a large number of archaeological dig collections were established there. It is built inside the castle of Caen. Initially, this monument as well as the museum of fine arts of Caen settled in the abbey to the Men. In 1958, Michel de Bouard decided to install this museum in the home of governors. From the 1960s, some services took place within the building and three years later, more precisely in December 1963, it opens its doors to the general public. During this time, there were still only ethnographic objects of the nineteenth century.

What to see in this museum?

The Musée de Normandie retains up to more than 80,000 properties dating from Prehistory to the 20th century and welcomes more and more visitors each year. It also offers multiple activities for both adults and children. Guided tours, storytelling workshops and shows are at the rendezvous for children. Discovery enthusiasts will know more about the history of Normandy by taking a tour of the ramparts. In the archeology section of this museum are various tools as well as remains of skeletons and other objects from excavations. The ethnographic section exposes various clothing and agricultural tools from medieval and modern times.

The plant garden and botanical garden of Caen is a significant natural heritage. It is indeed a plant museum built in 1689 by Gallard de la Ducquerie. It is possible to find in this garden more than 2000 different species and a large number of rare plants. Do not hesitate, ask us for a driver to take you around the monuments and gardens of the city of Caen.



Caen is a town located in Normandy, north-west of France. 64.5 km separates the city from the Eugène Boudin Museum and you still have to drive 65.8 km to reach the Naturospace Honfleur. It is located 247.1 km from Orly Airport and 255.8 km from CDG Airport