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CDG Airport - Angers

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Private car service between CDG airport and the city of Angers



The city of Angers was established during the Gallo-Roman period thanks to the foundation of Juliomagus, the ancient name of Angers. In the Middle Ages, this city became more important because its lords became counts and thus manage to dominate multiple neighboring provinces including those of Touraine and Maine. In addition, the dynasty of the Plantagenet royal house had a surprising effect and thus turned the county into a real power at the time of the Plantagenet Empire. But it is especially with the arrival of the king of Naples, the duke of Anjou, that the art and the culture of the region begin to make themselves known. It was also in his day that the first university of Angers was born. Angers has continued to prove its power. Indeed, during the Renaissance, she was the leader of a territorial organization of the Angevin domain while being at the head of an administrative district of six countries of election.

In 17th century, Angers felt a hard time especially when it was hit by the epidemic of plague and famine not to mention the increasingly aggressive tax pressure that led people to revolt. As a result, Angers is advancing slowly, especially in economic terms, despite the existence of industries.

However, the early nineteenth century is for it a beginning of prosperity and success thanks to its new infrastructure namely the railways, urbanization work, while remaining the cultural and political center. Many schools are built with universities that increase the number of intellectuals in the city. It is also the time of the renovations of Haussman and Haussmannian fashion. Thus, the new constructions, the embellishment of the city, the establishment of the Palace of the Arts also brought a change to the city of Angers towards the end of the 19th century. Drop the bags at the hotel and take a tour of the city, you will not be disappointed.


Angers is at the same time the political, economic and even cultural capital of Maine-et-Loire. Located in the west of France, more precisely in the center of the department of Maine-et-Loire, it is a historic city containing various heritage monuments which constitute up to the present day its identity and its specificity. She is in the prefecture of the region of Nantes which is 80 km from her. The three rivers including Loir, Mayenne and Sarthe and the great river named Maine shape the beauty and wealth of socio-cultural and geographical Angers.

In the last two years, the population of Angers has reached 151,520. It is the second most populated French town in the Pays de la Loire in recent years. Its population is relatively young with 32.3% of men and 30.8% of women are between 15 to 29 years, and 18.4% of men and 15% of women are between 30 to 44 years old. At the moment, innumerable infrastructures were born in Angers. Like education, Angers has several primary, secondary and higher education institutions as well as universities with multiple faculties and departments. Like all other big cities, Angers has hospitals in which city dwellers can take care of, but what is so remarkable is the fact that the needy, the beggars, the homeless and the elderly receive the necessary care for free in one of these hospitals. In addition, so many changes and progress are noticed in this city, there are among others the birth of sports complexes that motivated people to form several clubs in different subjects.

As for the economy of this French city, it has 12,772 establishments as of December 2012, the distribution of which is as follows: 53 relate to the agricultural sector, 473 that of industry, 624 relate to the sector of construction, 9,145 for the tertiary sector and 2,477 for the administrative sector. The tertiary sector occupies a considerable place in the city's economy, especially since it represents 71.6% of establishments. Organize an airport transfer to Angers is very easy with our services. Just contact us.


As historical monuments, this department of Maine-et-Loire is known by the Château d'Angers. This building was built in the 13th century. Inside are enclosed a wide range of medieval tapestries as well as a tincture of the Apocalypse.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a must in Angers especially for those who are passionate about the history of this city. This museum contains more than 300 paintings as well as sculptures dating back to the 11th century to the 20th century. In addition, the Trélazé Slate Museum also deserves a detour in Angers. Indeed, those who want to discover with their own eyes the slate industry and its foundations will be fascinated by what they go. Do not miss the original Slate Slot demonstration.

In addition to the historical monuments, Angers also attracts a large number of visitors and especially vacationers since this picturesque city has so many other attractions for both children and adults. More exactly, this town is rich in theme parks and gardens.

As for the garden, it is impossible to pass through the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Health, pharmacy department. It is a real conservatory in which are gathered a thousand and one species of wild and cultivated plants. In this case, about 2000 species are found there so almost 200 of them are protected in France. This botanical garden of Angers was built in 1889 is composed of an arboretum, families of plants in the style of the time of its creation, a garden of medicinal plants and a tropical greenhouse of plants. A grain is also to discover. It is therefore normal that more than just a garden, it is also an indispensable educational place for those interested in teaching systematic botany and phytotherapy.

françaisAs a park, the castle of Brissac is interesting. It is a lush park that is around the Giant of the Loire Valley better known as the Château de Brissac. The alleys that date back centuries and the marsh at the foot of the castle which has become a beautiful landscaped park are sure to please any visitor.

As for children, the first theme park in France, the Terra Botanica will surely make them happy. But this same park is also able to entertain the greats thanks to the different tree courses of an exceptional height that are intended for young people and adults who are not afraid of emptiness.

In short, it is possible to affirm that this city is unavoidable thanks to not only cultural heritages but also to its natural heritages. Moreover, since it is located on the immediate outskirts of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Loire Valley, it indeed gives the entrance to the Loire-Anjou-Touraine regional natural park with Tours in Indre-and -Loire. Our destination is mostly from the airport to the hotel, but our experienced drivers can take you around the city.


Angers is a city of art and culture that has a large number of historical sites and very attractive amusement parks. The city is 77.1 km from Château de Brézé and 70 km from Pierre et Lumière Museum. It is 285.1 km from Orly Airport and 327.2 km from CDG Airport.