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CDG Airport - Colleville-Sur-Mer

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Colleville sur Mer entered the history of France from the second world war, more precisely at the dawn of June 6, 1944. It is a place of commemoration of the day that has made thousands of deaths and more than 2,000 injured and missing. Indeed, it is in this village that was built the 1st American cemetery of the Second World War. There are 9,367 corpses resting there. Several famous personalities are buried there including the son of the president of the United States: Théodore Roosevelt between 1858 and 1919, Théodore Roosevelt Junior. The Niland brothers from Kenmore, New York, who served in the US Army during World War II, where two of the four brothers died during the war, are also buried in this cemetery. From the years 1978, several presidents come to collect themselves in this cemetery. These include Jimmy Carter in 1978 and Barack Obama in 2009, who furrowed when he celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Normandy Landings.

In March 1944, the beach of Colleville-sur-mer obtained the code name of a city in the state of Nebraska, "Omaha". A few months later, she entered the story under the name "Bloody Omaha" or more precisely, "Omaha the bloody" given the terrible losses that took place during the war on this place. Indeed, on June 6, 1944, the first waves landed on this beach. A large number of aerial bombardments as well as multiple shots fired by the naval artillery took place on Omaha. As a result, the beach was crowded with corpses that are rolled by the waves, not to mention the many wounded and smoking carcasses of gear that are destroyed by the shells.

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This small rural village in the north-west of France belongs to the canton Trévières and the district Bayeux. Its inhabitants are named Collevillais and have the advantage of living between land and sea facing the beautiful beach of Omaha Beach. This village is less than 3 km from Russy and Surrain and 4,19 km from Formigny.

Colleville-sur-Mer is a fairly quiet village with an area of ​​less than 7 km² which has only a few hundred inhabitants to date, with a density of 26 inhabitants per square kilometer. If its number of populations is increasing by 2.82% compared to that of 2010, however, it decreased slightly since the Collevillais were already 369 in 1821. As for the type of housing in this small village, it has about a hundred second homes or occasional homes, 80 main residences and ten vacant housing.

Its economic activities revolve around the tourism and agriculture sector. During the summer months, this rich and varied territory welcomes more than 1,200 visitors. But as tourism is still related to trade, 6 businesses and services to individuals are in this town and its surrounding including shops offering souvenir gifts. It should be noted, however, that this village does not yet have supermarkets or banks until now. A car service always on time is at your disposal if you want to go to Colleville-sur-Mer.


Colleville-sur-mer is one of the most important tourist destinations of Calvados. Indeed, this territory not only attracts a large number of visitors by its history, but it is also known for its beautiful beaches, the various recreational and sports activities including the wind sports it offers and the possibility of to practice a green tourism.

As for the Colleville-sur-Mer American Cemetery, inaugurated in 1956, it attracts about one million visitors a year. It is also the most viewed site of Americans in France and is one of 25 permanent funerary sites of the United States on foreign soil. Many people come to pray at the graves of the Niland brothers. In front of this cemetery stands a large bronze statue with a height of 7 meters. A semi-circular colonnade that honors airborne troops is at the ends of the amphibious landing front. As for the west of this American commemoration site, it is covered with a large number of burials and symbolizes "the spirit of American youth rising from the waves".

It should also be noted that the beaches of the Landings are among the most famous historical monuments in Colleville-sur-Mer. Indeed, they attract millions of visitors each year to collect and pay tribute to the soldiers who brought freedom to France. Nearly 10,000 white crosses that are perfectly aligned and pointed to America gather in this green space that is perched on the cliff of the beach of Omaha Beach, located between Grandcamp-Maisy and Arromanches, on the coast of the Normandy.

For those who wish to make a return to the past, it is quite possible to discover the Museum of Colleville-sur-Mer which highlights the life of the soldiers who fought for the freedom of Europe. Indeed, a film, several reenactments, various collections of uniforms as well as weapons and vehicles are exhibited in order to immerse the visitors in the heart of the history of the D-Day 1944.

Another historical site to visit in Colleville-sur-mer is the Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Church. It was built between the twelfth and thirteenth century. But much of this monument was destroyed during the landing by American destroyer fire. This church was rebuilt between 1946 and 1951 and has returned to its pre-war aspect and is now an important historical monument of Colleville-sur-mer.

françaisThe month of August in Colleville-sur-Mer is animated by the Omaha Festiv ', a festival consisting of various events and rock concerts. The territory of Calvados also offers, in September this time, the festival of the Greenways which aims to travel the bike paths of the department including the coastline of Omaha Beach along the village.

Young people are also attracted by the many water activities possible in Colleville-sur-mer. Sand yachting, surfing, canoeing and so many other water sports are to enjoy in Omaha Beach. Its beach is about 7 km long. It is a favorable place especially for the practice of sand yachting, at low tide thanks to its vast expanse of sand. This beach of Colleville-sur-mer is an essential natural heritage of this French town. It is especially appreciated by its multiple paths of walk, its various sources of leisures in relation with the nature, its nautical center as well as its restoration and its various accommodations. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel, but we can however take you to discover all these places.


Colleville-sur-mer is a commune located in the Calvados department in the Basse-Normandie region. It is just 47.6 km from Château de Caen and 46.9 km from Men's Abbey. It is more than 292.8 km from Orly Airport and 298.1 km from CDG Airport.

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