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CDG Airport - Giverny

Giverny town is well-known for its Claude Monet foundation. Our airport transportation services include transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Giverny. We provide a comfortable chauffered car service with fixed rates which make you enjoy a high-quality transfer service


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Roche-Guyon castle is a historical monument that attracts a large number of visitors every year. Not only this castle in the small town of Roche-Guyon in the Vesin region is famous for its history, but it also contains traces of the Middle Ages.

History of the castle of Roche-Guyon

The castle of Roche-Guyon dates from the eleventh century. At that time he was the bastion against the Norman and English invader. Many kings succeeded each other for centuries to remain there. Among others, François 1st, Henri II and Henri IV. But if this castle is famous, it is mainly thanks to its dungeon. It served as both an observatory of the attackers and a defensive bastion while being a place of control of river traffic. The castle, which is circular in shape and 30 meters high, underwent a major transformation during the Renaissance. It becomes much more comfortable and becomes a luxurious place of the royal court. Between the nineteenth and twentieth century, he made the happiness of cartoonists and impressionist painters. The works of Camille Pissaro and Claude Monet make this castle an inescapable place for history buffs.


What to visit in the castle of Roche-Guyon?

At first glance, this dungeon is the most remarkable of Roche-Guyon. As it gets closer, the stable yard dating from the 1740s is also impressive. It extends throughout the castle's feet. Always from the outside, it is possible to discover various coats of arms as well as small arcades that let guess the car sheds. Inside the castle of Roche-Guyon is a pavilion Villars which was built in the eighteenth century. It is on the current terrace that the lords of the past have controlled the comings and goings. At that time it served as a passageway with several fortified gates. The decor of the guard room is also surprising with its ceiling adorned with the motto of La Rochefaoucauld "it's my pleasure". Different lounges and sumptuous rooms are also to discover at the castle. By booking a car in advance, you can even benefit from guided tours by your driver guide.


The castle of Bizy is a French castle located in Vernon not far from Giverny, in the Eure. Its parks and fountains as well as its interior make it a true tourist destination for any enthusiast of the history of France. It is also part of the most interesting French heritage monuments of the region.


History of Bizy Castle

Perched on the heights of Vernon, in the heart of a park and gardens of about 80 ha, the castle of Bizy is a trace of the history of this place. It was built in a classical style in 1740 and the first owners of the castle were Louis XV, Duke of Penthièvre and Louis-Philippe. In the 17th century, Nicolas de Bouville decided to transform the seigniory into a marquisate. A century later, the grandson of Nicolas Fouquet becomes the new owner while bringing significant amenities including gardens with fountains and water games that only beautify the castle and its surroundings. During the Revolution, the castle that became a national asset was dismantled and sold. He then knew many successors and now, it is the descendants of the brothers of Napoleon who are the owners.


What to discover in the castle of Bizy?

There is the large English park and the beautiful gardens with century old trees that line Bizy Castle and its interior is also surprising. Among other things, the salons are decorated with beautiful woodwork that brings to life the time during which the Bonaparte family lived there. Also, the multiple tapestries of Gobelins and a large pedestal in marquetry dating from the century of Napoleon are also preserved inside this castle. Visitors will also find pleasure in admiring the fountains, ponds and statues that are traces of the eighteenth century. The old stables of 1741 that gather several carriages dating from the nineteenth century but are still active and not to be missed also during a visit to the castle of Bizy. It is quite possible to use car services on arrival at Charles de Gaulle to go directly to Giverny.


The castle of Tourelles is a 13th century historical monument. It is located in Vernon, in the eastern department of Eure, Normandy. It is one of the most famous castles in the natural region of the Seine Valley and attracts a large number of tourists every year.

History of the Château des Tourelles

Philippe Auguste was the first builder of Château des Tourelles in 1196. His main objective was to strengthen the defensive system of Vernon on the right bank while reinforcing the protection of the bridge. During the Ancien Régime, it was the master Hugues who was the owner of the castle until 1759 when the Duc de Belle-Isle, Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet exchanged it for land. Then, Lemoyne de Bellisle restored the building from 1760 and made many important changes. In 1778, Lemoyne de Bellisle sold it and the castle became a flour mill. The castle also served as a prison and barracks during the Revolution. In 1854, the flour mill was transformed into a tannery. It was destroyed during the Second World War and was rebuilt between 1984 and 1997.


What to visit in the castle of Tourelles?

The castle bears witness to the medieval era with the four towers of the dungeon enthroned on an artificial mound. From the re-construction of the fourth tower with hand-cut stones, the castle attracts more and more tourists. His mysterious paces with his white lights are very remarkable. Visitors can climb to the top of the towers while passing through rectangular rooms with heavy wooden beams on the ceilings. Today, the castle is mostly used to shoot movies. Moreover, "the great holidays" of Louis de Funès were filmed there. But while taking a tour in the castle of Tourelles, it is also strongly recommended to discover the "Vieux-Moulin" which is very close to this historical monument.

In addition to historical monuments, Giverny also has a large number of impressive parks and gardens. Claude Monet's gardens, among others, are not mere gardens, but are both fabulous and sublime, but which also contain traces of the history of Giverny in Monet's day. Booking a car service in Paris is a good idea if you want to discover these mythical places.


Giverny is a mythical city of Normandy. It is 68.2 km from Notre Dame de Rouen Cathedral and 171.2 km from Normandie museum For those who want to make a direct transfer from the airport to Giverny, they have to know that it is 87.8 km from Orly Airport and 91.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport.