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Sub-prefecture of the Seine-and-Marne department in Île-de-France region, Provins is also the capital of the district and the canton. This city is built at the confluence of the valley of Voulzie and Durteint. The inhabitants of this commune are the Provinois and Provinoises.
Provins is an old capital of the Counts of Champagne. His name is attested under "Pre (vu) nda silva" which designates a deep and thick forest. The origin of the name of this city is not certain. Indeed, some argue that Provins comes from the deep, thick Latin word. Others say he holds vineyards of Probus, a Roman emperor who was arrested in the city around 271. The earliest human traces in this city date back to the Paleolithic era.
Since the Middle Ages, Provins is the third largest city in France and is home to the most important Champagne fairs as it was under the protection of the Counts of Champagne. But King Philippe-le-Bel put an end to the prosperity of Provins following his multiple trips that led only to the ruins of the city with the tax levies it imposes on the inhabitants regularly.
In the 10th century, Provins already had 80,000 inhabitants. Indeed, it attracted many French thanks to its medieval festival and especially to the cultural wealth of the country of Provence. At the time of Louis XIII, three fairs were held each year, the first is the May Fair, the second is the Saint Ayoul Fair and the last Fair Saint Martin.

>françaisProvins was affected by the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. Thus, the majority of the Provinois fled on August 27th of this year and those who could not afford to escape hid in the undergrounds of the city.
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The twentieth century was marked by the arrest of German troops at its doors by the Armed Forces of France during the First World War. But these troops made a counterattack. These events led to major damage in the city Provins


Provins is the capital of pink confectionery. In other words, a large part of its population lives from the manufacture of rose petal jam but also rose honey and rose candy. Other products such as Provins rose syrup are spread throughout France and even across Europe. These products contribute to the considerable economic growth of Provins currently. In addition, roses from this city are used in the therapeutic and pharmaceutical fields. Nowadays, rose-based products are the hallmark of Provins in Europe and the Orient.
In addition, the tourism sector is one of the most important sectors in Provins in recent years. Indeed, this tourist destination attracts more and more visitors who are constantly growing. Among other things, the international rugby tournament that is held every year and which is composed of 14 participating countries is an event that increases the number of visitors to this city.
Other areas of activity that are starting to grow are the electrical, electronic and optical equipment sectors.
Many companies have recently been created in Provins. Most of them are real estate companies. But those who are most buoyant recently are the retail sector, mass distribution and the construction sector, building, public works, or the sector of communication, information and marketing, education and training. These various activities have contributed to the considerable economic development of Provins for some time.


In 2016, its urban population was 12,270 inhabitants over an area of ​​14.79 km², with a density of 793 inhabitants per km². In the same year, 1125 companies are listed, of which 759 are access to the trade sector which represents more than half of Provins businesses.
It should be noted that the economic fabric of this municipality consists of 350 companies with a maximum of 9 employees while 96 companies employ at least 10 employees.
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Since 2001 Provins is inscribed in the list of the world heritage of Unesco. This city contains a large number of very impressive historical monuments. Thus, any enthusiast of French history and culture can visit among others, the César tower of Provins. This is a dungeon, symbol of the city but also the power of the Champagne accounts of the Middle Ages. This tower has existed since 1137 and the current roof as well as the frame still dates from the sixteenth century and the seventeenth century. This monument is now home to the bells of the collegiate church of Saint-Quinriace and gives visitors spectacular spaces with a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. In addition, audiovisual scenographies are projected in the rooms of this tower to know more about the history of the centuries before.


The tithe barn is a 13th-century building that was a covered market, the first floor of which consisted of shops and a low storage room, while the second floor was intended for habitation. Its stone facade is still guarded and is typical of Provins with its low arched vaulted room. Today, it is a place of exhibition of wax mannequins which return to the image of the merchants and trades of the Middle Ages. In other words, the visit of this historic site will allow to be known on the Champagne Fairs in Provins of the seventeenth century.
The museum of Provins is also an essential site not to be missed in Provins. Indeed, this museum contains invaluable collections in a Romanesque house. It should be noted that the Romanesque House is the oldest building in Provins. This museum holds several archaeological objects and so many objects of art that date from the twelfth century until the nineteenth century. Among others, lapidary archaeological collections are to be discovered in the basement. Others from excavations and finds made on Provins are on the ground floor. In addition, a collection of medieval and Renaissance pavements is also to be discovered in this museum. It also has a room that traces the life of this city after the Revolution including busts, painted portraits and many memories of great personalities of the time. Collections of keys, coins, and medals are also present. To make so many historical visits is possible in this locality.



Provins is a French commune located 77 km south-east of Paris. It is 57.4 km from Château de Fontainebleau and just 60.1 km from Walt Disney Studios Park. It is 89.5 km from CDG Airport and 97.7 km from Orly Airport.

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