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CDG Airport - Tours

We offer private car services upon arrival to Charles de Gaulle airport to Tours. Our professional trained chauffeur will wait for you at the airport with a sign with your name  and will drive you directly to this town where you can find interesting sites dating back to Renaissance


Private shuttle transportation between Charles de Gaulle airport and the city of Tours


Tours Castle attracts a large number of tourists every year. Indeed, it welcomes between 50,000 and 70,000 visitors each year. Painting, photography, pottery and sculpture are the hallmarks of Château de Tours.

History of Tours Castle

The castle of Tours was built in the eleventh century on the order of the Count of Anjou. The building just opposite the bridge to cross to the north of the Loire and bordering the city has been a point of entry for both goods and men for centuries. The castle was initially a simple residence. But from the XIIIth century, it is enlarged and becomes an important defensive stronghold of France.

With the construction of the Wilson Bridge, the building acts as an arsenal as well as the begging depot while being a military barracks. At present, it is still possible to visit the Logis des Gouverneurs, which served as a meeting place for city councilors. The medieval tower dating from the 18th century also remains there and is leaning against the flag of Mars.


What to visit at the castle of Tours?

The castle of Tours has become a place of exhibition. Indeed, each year, at least 10 exhibitions or 12 are held there and are spread over 4 levels. It is the Exhibition Service of the city of Tours that takes charge of their organization. These exhibitions attract a large number of audiences as they bring together several target visitors among others thanks to the diversity of the topics covered. Students and students will find interest in attending educational workshops exhibitions. In addition, visitors will be able to discover at Tours Castle an exhibition dedicated to Félix Nadar, the pioneer of photography. Photographs of amateurs of the XIXth century are also there to discover. To top it off, multiple exhibitions are held frequently. More exactly, a varied programming that touches all areas of creation is at the rendezvous. To book one of our pick-ups to go to Tours, just contact us.


The St Gatien cathedral of Tours is a witness of centuries before. Possessing a magnificent glass roof and being of a radiant style, this cathedral attracts a large number of tourists every year. It stands in the center of the city which was once a pilgrimage center, the most famous of the West in a region illustrated by Saint Gatien.


History of St Gatien cathedral of Tours

The St Gatien cathedral of Tours takes the name of the first bishop of Tours, Saint Gatien. It was at this same time that the cathedral was dedicated to St Gatien. At the beginning of the second half of the sixteenth century, it was crowned in Italian style like the other towers. But during the Wars of Religion, a large number of statues that were in this cathedral were destroyed. During the French Revolution, it becomes temple of Reason. Witness of a rather brilliant past as well as a long history, this cathedral is a high place destined to the amateurs of art and history as well as to any seeker of God. This cathedral has benefited from royal protection. Indeed, several French kings are canons of honor to begin with Louis VII.


What to visit at St Gatien Cathedral in Tours?

The harmony of the proportions and the abundant light of the St Gatien cathedral strike the eyes of the visitors as soon as they enter the cathedral St Gatien of Tours. This building is also appreciated by its beautiful apse of the order bearing all the styles of the thirteenth and sixteenth century. More exactly, it has three levels of windows as well as an important chromatic unit dating back to the 18th century. The choir of this St Gatien cathedral has 800 m² of stained glass which reveals a Gothic style thus making it one of the most beautiful cathedrals of France. Aside from its flamboyant facade very elaborate, this cathedral also attracts a large number of tourists because it houses the "tomb of children" of Anne of Brittany and Charles VIII, which is gracefully carved from the 1500s. A car service always on time is offered so that you can go to discover the wonders of Tours.


The castle of Bourdaisière is in the town of Montlouis-sur-Loire, the department of Indre-et-Loire, Center-Val de Loire region. It is a Renaissance building that has been inscribed on the historic monument since March 6, 1947. The castle and its park have attracted a large number of visitors each year for some time.


History of the castle of Bourdaisière

The construction of the Château de la Bourdaisière began in 1520 and did not finish until the 19th century. The original owner of the castle was Philibert Babou. After many changes of ownership, the castle is in the hands of Nicolas Gaudin, a treasurer of the queen. In 1520, the latter decided to build a brand new castle that retains only one of the old medieval towers. From the seventeenth century, Hercules Rohan, then the Duke of Montbazon and then Etienne François de Choiseul succeeded as owner of the castle. The latter ordered the demolition of the castle and recovered the stones to build the castle of Chanteloup. In the nineteenth century, Armand Joseph decided to rebuild the castle in a neo-Renaissance style. In 1947, the furniture of the castle was sold to the town of Montlouis. In 1991, it became the property of the princes of Broglie and a biodiversity laboratory was established including a collection of more than 300 varieties of tomatoes.


What to visit at the Castle of la Bourdaisière?

The conservatory garden of tomatoes that has been created since 1996 as well as the garden of dahlias, its remarkable Capitualire of Charlemagne and its garden of Liliana Motta make the park of the castle an essential place which attracts a large number of visitors who come in the region Val -of-Loire. Numerous festivals and parties are held from time to time at the Château de la Bourdaisière, such as the Plates and Chicken Festival, which brought together in 2017 a large number of exhibitors and millions of visitors. The egg hunt is also an event that takes place frequently at the Château de la Bourdaisière. Thus, this castle is not only known for its history but also for festivals that are held frequently.

It should also be noted that Tours also has a large number of parks such as Sainte-Radegonde Park, Lake Bergeonnerie Park, Simon Island Park, Honoré de Balzac Park, the Parc de la Plaine. La Gloriette, Perraudière Park, Aucard Island Park, Grandes Brosses Park and so much more. Our fleet consists of different types of car, such as vehicles that can accommodate 8 people


Tours is a commune located in the west of France in the department of Indre-Loire. It is 24.4 km from Castle of Amboise and 40.3 km from Castle of Usse. It should be remembered that it is 229.7 km from Orly Airport and 261.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport.