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Orly Airport - Tours

Our airport car service provides transfer from Orly airport to Tours. This city can be a good basis for travelers who want discover the Loire Valleys’ castles. Pre-book your trip before you go and you will relax and enjoy the journey


Minivan transport service between Orly airport and the city of Tours




The city of Tours has a glorious past including being the former capital of the kings of France. Its history spans two millennia.
A rich past
In Gallic times, the present city of Tours was a rich land inhabited by the Turones. In the first century, a city called Caesarodunum (Hill of Caesar) was built on the site. The city is growing little by little. Towards the fourth century it took the name Civitas Turonorum and it was raised to the rank of capital of IIIe Lyonnaise. It was in Tours that one of the five largest amphitheatres of the Roman Empire was built. Tours also has an important religious past. The fame of Martin de Tours, the third bishop of the city, has so far crossed the border that Tours became a place of pilgrimage, as important as Rome, during the High Middle Ages. Several Councils of the Roman Catholic Church were there. Tours was then chosen as a place of residence by the kings of France. The War of Religion ended this prosperity. Nevertheless, the city has been reborn from the ashes.
The must-see castles of the Loire Valley
It is impossible to talk about Tours without mentioning the castles that make the Val de Loire famous. The white and blue city is a fortified city with its defensive wall and famous castles. The kings of France and their courtiers lived there between 1450 and 1550. The Renaissance gave a new face to Tours. It has seen the birth of many castles and mansions that are currently referred to as Chateaux de la Loire. These monuments have earned Tours the status of City of Art and History. There are many things to discover such as its Cité de la Gastronomie, the Loire vineyards of Loire Valley and the nougats of Tours. Ask us for a driver to take you to discover this beautiful city rich in history.



Tours is in the department of Indre-et-Loire. The name of the city comes from the Turones, a Gallic people who used to live on the site.
The economy of Tours
Tours is a place of creation or, more precisely, the setting up of a large number of national and international industrial groups in recent years, which are the basis of its current development. Among these industries, we can mention among others the hearing aid sales group "Audilab" and the third French real estate administrator "Citya real estate".
There are also many international groups such as "Devilbiss Healthcare France" which is the worldwide distributor of products related to respiratory therapy.
It should be noted that Cehimeau Laboratories, Hexadome, H.L Dispaly France, Socofer, Sunrise France and RLD Europe are major groups that also contribute to the economic development of Tours. In short, a broad spectrum of business sectors that drive the French economy are located in the Tours region. You can find everything from banks, shops, communication and marketing, construction and public works, culture, energy, manufacturing, hotels and real estate. Everything is encouraged for those who want to invest or choose to live there. In addition, real estate offers in the city remain accessible compared to other major university cities in France.
The business sectors of Tours
Tours is an important urban center in western France. Indeed, this city has more than 20 000 companies currently. Trade is a traditional activity in Tours, it still holds a large place in the sectors of activity and one in five companies operates in this field. But it is mainly the tertiary sector, especially the service sector, which is starting to grow in size. It represents 63% of jobs in Tours. In addition, the tourism sector is very present especially thanks to the association Palo Altours which puts forward the diffusion of the digital culture of the city. This is how tourism becomes a central economic driver of the city. You can benefit from guided tours by your driver guide if you decide to book one of our vehicules.




Tours is a city in the Center-Val de Loire. Former capital of the kings of France, it is currently the capital of Tours Métropole Val de Loire. Labeled City of Art and History, Tours has plenty of cultural heritage to visit and entertaining activities to offer.
Walks and discoveries
Tours is made up of an urban space that contrasts beautifully with its natural space. The first attraction of the city is the Saint Gatien Cathedral whose construction lasted three and a half centuries (1170-1540). It is a religious building 100 m long and 28 m wide with a height under the vault of 29 m. Remember also that the two towers north and south are 68 m and 69 m respectively. It has the most beautiful set of windows and medallions of Europe, dating from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. There is also the Basilica of St. Martin of Tours neo-Byzantine style which is currently only the new building built between 1886 and 1902 by architect Victor Laloux. The old basilica (built in the 11th century) was ransacked during the Revolution. It was transformed into stable in 1793. Its vestiges are still visible and they are classified Historical Monuments. The Museum of Fine Arts and its French garden is also worth a visit. Lovers of history and historical monuments will be spoiled if they are passing through Tours.
Tours is a large university center that attracts many young French and foreigners. Indeed, the city is one of the 5 French university cities. The massive presence of students influenced the local way of life and this has given rise to many cafes, cinemas, bars, movie theaters and many entertainment venues. We would like to make a special mention for Place Plumereau located in the heart of the old town which is the most lively.


Festivals and events
Tours has many entertainment venues such as the Grand Théâtre, the Ockeghem Espace Jacques Villeret Hall, the Olympia Theater, the Exhibition Center. There are still many other spaces that organize in the year various interesting festivals dedicated to art and culture. There is for example the Festival Tour Horizons organized by the National Choreographic Center Tours. And there are also concerts of rock, jazz, pop music, etc. The end of year party in Tours is particularly lively. If you come with your family, it is still better to opt for a vehicle that can accommodate 8 people. You could enjoy all the things to see that Tours offers to discover.


Tours is a commune located in the west of France. Prieuré de Saint-Cosme is just 4.4 km away and for wine lovers, the Château Moncontour winery is 10.3 km away. For those who need this information, it should be remembered that it is 229.7 km from Orly Airport and 261.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport.