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Giverny is a municipality of France in the department of Eure in the region of Normandy. This village contains a lot of secrets as well as many bucolic places that attract so many tourists to come every year.

Around 1025, Giverny is known as the Latin Givernicum which comes from the Gallic domain "Gabriniacu". The first historical traces of this town date from the Merovingian period between 484 and 754, at the time when Charles II the Bald gives Giverny to the monks of the abbey of Saint-Dennis-le-Ferment.

In the Middle Ages a large number of monasteries was born and several lords succeeded one another. At that time, leprosy disease invaded this territory. Thus, a leprosarium was established to isolate the patients.

The first mayor of Giverny was Mr Le Loriet and it was he who held the village lands in the years 1791.

But it is especially the arrival of the railroad at the beginning of the 19th century that brought this town into history.

A century later, Claude Monet brought renovations and redeveloped the orchard into a flower garden. He is also the origin of the "Nymphéas", a painting he made on the edge of the water lily pond. During the Impressionist Artistic Revolution, in addition to Claude Monet, several American painters settled in the village and contributed to the improvement and beautification of Giverny. It is for this reason that this small village is called "the village of painters".

During this time, Giverny was a high-place of Impressionism to which Claude Monet could reveal all over the world paintings representing the beauty of this Norman village.

He gathered them in "Claude Monet's house". Later Being, Giverny became an historical impressionist reference, the Earth Foundation for American Art named the former Giverny Museum of American Art the "Museum of Giverny Impressionism" .

In short, between Giverny and painting, history is like an idyll that has never ended until today. The painting has given soul to this small Norman village but also the depth to a thousand and one discoveries that will be able to excite those who wish to know more about the history of this town 75 km from Paris.

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The inhabitants of Giverny are called Givernois and Givernoises. There are 501 of them in 2013. Half of its inhabitants are an active population with a net income per household of € 2,719 per month. Giverny has 146 companies, including 130 seats and 10 establishments.

Giverny has become a cradle of Impressionism that will not lose its authenticity. It is also thanks to the beauty of the village, drowned under the cascades of the flowers as well as the loads of wisteria and its vines that Giverny develops its economy at the moment. Its greenery and history make the tourism sector in this village run at high speed. Indeed, the number of tourists who come every year continues to increase. Giverny offers a landscape of refreshing freshness, conducive to daydreaming and a moment of relaxation unparalleled.

In addition to the tourism sector, the business is also starting to make the economy of Giverny much more dynamic. Indeed, this small village of 6 km² has a large number of shops that offer a wide range of articles and gifts original souvenirs. Some also sell local gourmet products as well as cultural products.

françaisIn short, all types of business sectors are represented in Giverny, which also contributes to the economic dynamism of this village today. This index is 0.77% in 2017. In terms of a sector of activity, it is mainly the restaurant and hotel sector as well as the architectural activity sectors that are the most developed. But the most promising remains in recent years the sector relating to the "manufacture, wholesale of artistic objects for sale".

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Giverny is a unique iconic landmark that attracts an average of 800,000 tourists of different nationalities each year. Even if this village does not extend a few kilometers, it has a multitude of unmissable sites of attraction which makes of it a non-negligible tourist destination of the Eure department in Normandy. Among the places to visit, one can not do without visiting the House and gardens Claude Monet. It is a workshop of Monet that he transformed into a renovated shop identical to the room and living room of the era of Impressionism. It brings together a collection of Japanese prints. The cylinder desk and 18th century dresser are still available on the 1st floor of this historic building.

The Musée des impressionnismes Giverny is also a must in Giverny. It is a museum that is especially dedicated to the various currents of Impressionism and a place of important exhibition. Painting workshops for all ages, several conferences, guided tours as well as many other services are to enjoy during the visit of this museum that reflects the history of Giverny from the time of Impressionism to date. The museum also has a beautiful garden, a real eulogy to the color which is labeled "remarkable garden". More exactly, its roses, its aromatic plants and the primary colors of the garden make it unique.

In addition, the "natural mechanical museum" is also worth visiting in Giverny. This museum is very interesting in that it contains so far old farm machinery of the nineteenth century but are still in working order.

"The former Baudy Hotel" is an establishment located in the heart of Giverny. It contains part of the history of the village with several copies of the paintings and a beautiful rose garden not to mention the old paint shop. It belonged in 1887 to Madame Baudy who changed her own grocery store into a hotel. Many American painters have already spent long time at this hotel, including Cezanne, Monet, Renoir and Rodin. Now, this hotel has become a restaurant that has kept its authenticity. Fans of French cuisine will be satisfied with the dishes of this restaurant while admiring its unchanged setting since the eighteenth century. Indeed, if the interior brings back memories of the centuries before, the outside is fascinating thanks to its small shady garden which resembles a park strewn with old roses. Our destination is mostly from the airport to the hotel, but our experienced drivers can take you to these must-see places.


Giverny belongs to the natural region of the hunchbacked Vexin, at the confluence of the Seine and the Epte. The city is 25.4 km from Château Gaillard and 53.5 km from Biotropica. For those planning to transfer from the airport, it is 87.8 km from Orly Airport and 91.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport.