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Chantilly is a french town located in the department of Oise, in the region of Hauts-de-France.

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Chantilly city is famous because of its castle, its horses and its forest. It is 38 km north of Paris and south of the Oise. Indeed, the castle of Chantilly is located in the valley of Nonette in the department of Oise. It is the work of the great collector of his time, the Duke of Aumale, Henri of Orleans. This castle is a French heritage that deserves to be visited in Chantilly. Chantilly testifies in all its splendor of the French art of living between the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

History of Chantilly Castle

The castle of Chantilly has gone through several centuries as a princely residence. It is part of the large Domaine de Chantilly which includes the castle, the Condé museum, the large stables, the horse museum and the park. The castle entered the history of France from the 13th century, being at first a stronghold. It was then thanks to the works of Montmorency in the sixteenth century that his fame spread throughout Europe. But it was at the time of the Napoleonic wars during which the industrial activities begin to flourish that the castle of Chantilly begins to become a tourist destination.

What to visit in the castle of Chantilly?

The Château de Chantilly is in the heart of a vast area, the massif of the Three Forests, a large forest of Paris. This historic monument dating from the Middle Ages is a jewel of the heritage of France and is one of the few French furnished castles. Indeed, Prince Henry of Orleans, son of King Louis-Philippe has made this castle a jewel of several masterpieces and precious manuscrits.

françaisThe Château de Chantilly houses the most important museum of old painting: the "Condé Museum" and a library that contains many rare books, very valuable. Among others, visitors to this castle will be able to discover more than 1,000 paintings, nearly 5,000 drawings and engravings, around 30,000 books, of which 12,000 are old prints and more than 1,500 ancient manuscripts. Among the most remarkable pieces of furniture of the previous centuries found in this castle are the mineral furniture of Haupt, the table of the vine stock, and the chest of drawers in white marble, gilded and chiseled bronze in the room of the Prince.


Chantilly is labeled in 2007 "City of Art and History" by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This city is composed mainly of two arteries. The Chantilly lace museum is a cultural and artisan heritage that brings together a wide range of beautiful pieces of lace that date back to the 19th century. Fashion, elegance and technique are the aspects of lace to discover through this small French museum which is just less than half an hour from Paris.

History of the lace museum of Chantilly.

The lace museum of Chantilly was born thanks to two Cantiliennes who want to highlight the craft in 1985. But the history of the production of lace with Chantilly dates back to the XVIIe century. It was the Princess of Conde, Anne of Bavaria, who created the first lacemaking school in the region in 1694. Chantilly was then known from the nineteenth century by her fine black lace with floral motifs on a mesh background hexagonal. Its success has been answered across Europe. She then became the symbol of French art.

At first, the lace was known as "white blonde" and "black blonde". Many pieces were created in lace including shawls, fans, ties, veils, collars, skirts and corsages that are collected through this museum.


What to visit in the Chantilly lace museum?

Those who are passionate about culture and crafts will be able to discover in the Chantilly lace museum more than a million pieces of lace handmade in the nineteenth century. It should be noted that some of these laces are unique. It is especially in the three rooms of the museum that visitors can discover the most beautiful laces of Chantilly. But to give more information on the manufacture of lace in the nineteenth century, the new museum path is now available. Thanks to this, tourists will know more about the great diversity of use of lace and its manufacturing process.


The Princes vegetable garden is right next to the Castle of Chantilly. It is a wildlife park that interests both young and old thanks to its many surprises to visit. It offers to every walker and botanist a true symphony of gardens unique to its kind.


History of the Princes vegetable garden

Princes vegetable garden was created in 2002 by Yves and Annabel Bienaimé in a three hectare estate in the center of Chantilly. The Princes vegetable garden is the fruit of the passion and investment of this couple and is located at the old pheasant Grand Conde. When they bought the park in 2000, there were only terraces and two disemboweled pools. Yves Bienaimé then decided to attach to the park its perspectives from the 17th to the 19th century. He did everything he could to make his park a paradise for children and animals. It is thanks to their efforts that this place got the price of the "tourist site" in 2002 before being labeled this “remarkable gardens”.


The essentials of the Princes vegetable garden.

The princes vegetable garden is especially famous for its elegance and richness thanks to a harmonious blend of vegetation, animals and minerals. Among others, 25 gardens are to discover. The most appreciated by visitors are: the exotic garden and its banana trees, the bamboo labyrinth, the garden of medicinal plants, the Japanese garden and also the rose garden. Apart from the vegetation, the Greco-Roman temple which is a souvenir of the pheasants is also to discover at the edge of the pond of the Potager des Princes.

To beautify this park, multiple water games decorate the place without putting aside the fantastic rock that is erected on an island. As for animals, rabbits, sheep, goats and peacocks as well as many others are walking in semi-freedom princes kitchen garden. In addition, educational panels and multiple paintings are also to discover for the enjoyment of small. Fun activities are also held frequently. If you come with your family, it is still better to opt for a vehicle that can accommodate 8 people.


Chantilly is a french town located in the department of Oise, in the region of Hauts-de-France. To reach the Saint Paul Park from the city, it is necessary to travel 66 km and the Memorial of internment and deportation is 42.4 km. It should be remembered that Chantilly is 63 km from Orly Airport and only 29 km from CDG Airport.