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Provins is nice medieval town that requires a full day trip. If you want to have a driver pick up at your arrival in Orly, we can offer few  different vehicles that you can pre-book online


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Located about 80 km from Paris, Provins is a holiday resort that has an architectural heritage out of the ordinary. One of the most famous cities of the Middle Ages, it deserves today to be recognized by its value. The Caesar Tower is an octagonal tower tower located in Provins, Seine-et-Marne, just at the top of the hill of the upper town. It is one of the historic monuments, unique in its kind in France thanks to its construction.

History of the Caesar Tower

Caesar's Tower was built in the 12th century during the reign of Henry the Liberal. It was built by Julius Caesar, but there is no evidence that shows it. Its construction dates from 1150 by Count Henry the Liberal. The name of the Tower came only from the symbol of power. It is the only octagonal dungeon with a square base and is classified as a historical monument since 1846. It was built on the Upper City.

For centuries, the Caesar Tower served as a prison, but it also held a large military order. Indeed, it holds two walkways serving as watch on the plain of Brie. The roof that is still visible today, as well as the frame were built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Before, this tower was connected to the urban rampart, but most of this dungeon is already destroyed, only the exterior siding as well as the interior filling are always visible.


What to visit in the Caesar Tower?

While touring the Caesar Tower, it is possible to relive the daily lives of soldiers and knights in the Middle Ages. The latter stood guard and lived in this tower. Many projections of images as well as a scenography are proposed to know more about the history of the centuries before and to immerse themselves in a surprising medieval atmosphere. They present among others, the daily life of the dungeon during eight centuries while it was a place of watch, prison as well as refuge. At the last level of this "Big Tour", each visitor will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. To do so many historical visits is possible in this city.


The Provins ramparts are fortifications found in Provins, in the department of Seine-et-Marne, Île-de-France region. They surround the three sides of the upper town.

History of Provins ramparts

The ramparts of Provins are built since the reign of Thibaut IV, between the eleventh century and the thirteenth century. They consist of 22 towers that at the beginning were 5000m long but now there are no more than 1200m. Each of the towers has its own appellation behind each one of them hides beautiful vaulted room of edges and ogives. It was the "big tower", the current Caesar tower which was considered as the command center of the other towers. Parts of the ramparts have been classified as historical monuments, including the Pourceaux tower in 1875, the portion between the Caesar tower and the English tower in 1942. The fortifications of the Upper City of Provins were previously systems of protection of the village and constitute a remarkable ensemble of medieval military architecture during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Nowadays, there is still the door of Jouy and the Porte Saint-Jean which were built in the fourteenth century. This unique heritage was restored in the 1970s slice by slice.

Why visit the Provins ramparts?

The ramparts of Provins are traces of the Middle Ages. These historic French monuments are worth a detour as soon as it comes to a stay in Provins. The most interesting part of the ramparts is between the Porte de Jouy and Porte Saint-Jean. Indeed, it is there that is the "tower with the Engines" which was the warehouse of the machines of war in the Middle Ages. The falconers presented a sight of raptors in free flight behind this tower before. Go around the ramparts crossing the alley Remparts is also interesting since this walk allows to discover the beautiful view of the Tower Gear. Going up the stairs to get to the door of Jouy and Port Saint-Jean, it is possible to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding rooftops and the surrounding countryside. Booking a car service in Paris is a good idea if you want to discover the different monuments of Provins.


The rose garden of Provins is a beautiful rose garden of a variety of 300 species and is located in Provins, in the department of Seine-et-Marne. It is located between the upper town and the lower town of Provins. It is a quiet place that encloses the history of the rose through exceptional green rooms.

History of the Provins rose garden

According to legend, Thibaud IV de Champagne asked in 1240 that a double variety of Rosa gallica be brought back to Provins for cultivation. This rose garden dates from the twentieth century. It was built by the Brehier family and the Vizier family.

The rose garden of Provins is especially appreciated by its colors, its forms and its perfumes. It has been awarded several awards and labels including: the "Jardin remarquable" label in 2014 and the "Four Blancs Regional Trophy" in 2013.


What can you discover at the Provins rose garden?

Among the 300 varieties of roses in the rose garden of Provins, they are categorized by themes ranging from ancient roses, gallic roses and Damascus roses to tea hybrids and finally modern roses. In addition to roses, this rose garden of Provins is also known for its traditional medicinal plants that are in a garden of "simple". In this part of the garden there is a variety of medieval plants with medicinal properties. These include consoudes, angelica and dill. An exhibition room is also available on site as well as a tea room with terrace. Through the exhibitions, visitors will be able to know more about the modern roses that bloom until autumn as well as all the types of roses including the "Rosa Gallica Officinalis" also known under the name "Rose de provins" . In addition, passing through this rose garden, it is always interesting to go to the shop there to buy souvenir gift items such as decorations or roses unique in their kind.

Provins is a city that promises and allows to dive back into the middle ages. The walk in the shade, along the fortress, is already a great moment of discovery in itself. This can be completed by a guided tour of the underground galleries whose origin and purpose of their construction remain a mystery today. Asking for a car service is recommended if you want to discover every corner of Provins.


Provins is a medieval town famous for its Champagne Fairs of yesteryear. The property is 37 km from Cat Park and 63.2 km from Castle of Nemours. The city is 89.5 km from CDG Airport and more than 97 km from Orly Airport.