Transfer Orly Airport - Le Mont saint Michel

Orly Airport - Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint-Michel islocated on  a small island of 4 km2. It attracts millions of tourists and visitors each year. We offer a private transfer service on your arrival in Orly until this beautiful visit on  the Normandy coast


Private shuttle service from Orly airport to Mont Saint Michel


Commune located in the North-West of France, the Mont-Saint-Michel Manche in Normandy. It takes its name from the rocky islet dedicated to the Archangel Michael, where today stands the Benedictine Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel.

This monument, classified among the Wonders of the West and listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, stands in the heart of a vast bay invaded by the greatest tides in Europe. Mount Saint-Michel houses this Benedictine abbey founded in the 11th century,on a set of crypts. Its construction took place at the initiative of the Bishop of Avranches, who erected a first church on October 16, 709. A portion of the wall visible in the chapel Notre Dame underground is the last vestige of this first construction. The true abbey is built at the initiative of the Duke of Normandy and is occupied by the Benedictine monks. Mont-Saint-Michel, as it exists at the moment, was finalized in the 21st century with the removal of the road dike. Mount Saint was a high-place pilgrimage, and became a prison for political figures during the 15th. The place would have welcomed prisoners since the 7th century. The monks left the abbey in the 18th century and returned definitively there in 1969. Apart from its religious history, Mount Saint-Michel was marked by the Second World War and the 1944 landing.


Registered as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1979, this tourist attraction receives more than 2.5 million visitors a year. Illuminated from nightfall until midnight throughout the year, tourism has been present since the middle Ages. A prosperous commercial village on the southeast side of the rock. Here is a list of the unmissable places of Mont Saint-Michel.

To visit

  • The Scriptorial of Avranches is a museum of manuscripts. A treasure hunt, this visit will allow you to know the techniques of elaboration of the manuscripts preciously preserved for centuries by monks copyists.

  • Museum of the sea and ecology: equipped with an audio video installation to understand the tidal movement, the problems of silting the site and deduced the next works that will take place.

  • Historical Museum: abounding with ancient weapons, paintings and sculptures, this museum has a collection that will fascinate people interested in history.

  • The archeoscope: a large multimedia show retracing the stages of construction of the abbey is to be discovered during the visit of this museum.

  • Prisons, dungeons, reconstruction of the dungeons, periscope of the XIXth century which discovers the Bay.

  • the Tiphaine house, a house where a century of furniture, paintings, 14th century tapestries is to be discovered


Other leisure activities

Tidal observation

This bay allows you to see the biggest tides in Europe. The western terrace also called the forecourt is the ideal place to observe these tides

Walk to the bay

Walk barefoot in this typical ecosystem of Normandy. You will choose the course in classic or unusual mode. With your guide, discover the shifting sands and other points of view that make this world heritage famous.

Wine tasting

Lamb of Pres -salés

Raised on the pastures of the Bay of Mont-St-Michel, lambs of salted meadows of Mont Saint-Michel have no equal in term of flavor. The seawater-irrigated grass, rich in salt and minerals, contributes to the feeding of this animal, whose meat is used to prepare legs and nets served with coconut, parsley and aromatic herbs more exquisite

Omelette of MotherPoulard

This omelette is a Norman culinary specialty of Mont-Saint-Michel and was created by the Sea Poulard. Seeking to offer a dish to the pilgrim and hungry travelers at Mont-Saint-Michel, this typical dish is made up of eggs of which the white and yellow have been beaten separately. Cooked over a high heat, this blown omelette, sometimes with fresh cream, is always served in the village of Mont Saint-Michel.


Several hotels are located at the entrance of the dike, 2 kilometers before Mount. Here is a list of the ones that are most recommended.


(2 stars)

This hotel has 27 rooms for 2 people. The breakfast is at: 17 €, you can order accommodation conditions for a group. The dishesvaryfrom 10 to 18 €


Hotel VERT

Closed in November 2016 until March 24, 2017, the hotel is equipped with 54 rooms at 76 euros with a breakfast at 9 €, group conditions on request. The dishes vary from 20 to 28 €, it is possible to negotiate conditions of accommodation in groups.


This hotel is open from mid-March to mid-November. The establishment is located in the Mont, it has 10 rooms for two ranging from 100 to 130 € (2 people), breakfast: 10 €. This hotel can accommodate pets and has a Wi-Fi available to its guests. The menus are from 20 to 43 € and conditions of accommodation of groups are accepted, provided to have previously negotiated.


Possessing 2 stars, with its 15 rooms from 145 to 180 € and breakfast at 17 €, animals are allowed. This restaurant offers tasty recipes at prices ranging from 16 to 29 €. Group conditions are negotiated.


The Old Inn is located in the main street. Hotel restaurant located by the sea, it is equipped with 11 rooms for 2 people ranging from 130 to 170 €. The breakfasts are from 20 to 58 € and the hotel has 200 seats. The hotel has a restaurant, but also a brasserie and pancake house open at all times.


The transport from Paris Orly to Mont Saint Michel is 372, 6 km by road. Private car which takes the A13 lasts average 4 hours for this distance.