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Chantilly and its Castle - Paris (Hotel or home address)

Chantilly is a pretty town located 40 km from Paris with one of the most beautiful castles in the Île-de-France region . If you want to visit this castle  you can book in advance a private airport transfer service online


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As a recent city in terms of town planning, most of the major development and modernization projects took place two hundred and fifty years ago. During this period, the gardens sold to private individuals saw the implantation of villas, modern houses and buildings. After 1799, Chantilly underwent an extension. The main residences represent 92.4% of the dwellings on Chantilly, of which more than half are occupied by tenants. The Cantilian dwellings are equipped with an average of 3.5 rooms. Chantilly also has 1,115 social housing units.

In spite of this modernization of the city, the traces of ancient stables at the origin of the horse tradition omnipresent in the city remain visible. During the Stone Age into the Iron Age, there are no traces of human occupation. The first artefacts to be restored are dated back to the Gallo-Roman period. Among the oldest relics found are some Merovingian tombs of the 7th century. It is in 1227 that the presence of a strong house is signalled on the present site of Chantilly. A century later, the castle of Chantilly will begin to be mentioned, its construction being completed in 1394.

The Anglo-Burgundian invaders besieged the castle in 1421, but without success. Later, the castle will fall into the hands of the invaders in order to save the lives of its inhabitants. The town of Chantilly developed in what once belonged to the estate of the castle. Chantilly obtained the commune status during the French Revolution. Towards the end of the 17th century, the castle was sold in lots: the vegetable garden, the waterfalls garden, etc. After these invasions and a series of looting, the castle is refurbished. The current version of this ancient medieval fortress was built in 1882, following the Renaissance guidelines. Having been renovated in the 19th century, it has also undergone the influences of eclectic architecture.

The name Chantilly comes from the Gallic name Cantilius. The town received the name Champ-Libre, following a convention encouraging cities with names reminiscent of the feudal era to find a different denominator.


Chantilly’s Domain

Domain classified national property, it shelters the patrimony of Prince D'Orléans. Among the valuable assets of the domain are: The Elevator, which is municipalized, and The Chantilly Porcelain Factory, managed by the Englishman Christophe Potter (1792-1806), and later on the Cotton Mill and the Painted Canvas Factory, Richard-Lenoir Hydraulic Machine and, added in 1885, a laundry mechanized by King Louis-Philippe Duc D'Aumale. Activities will end in 1987.

Pavilion of the Manse

Formerly known as The Princes’ Mill, the Manse pavilion is an annex oo the Chantilly estate. Built in 1678 by a cousin of King Louis XIV, the machine that play the Great Waters was used to feed basins, fountains, waterfalls and jets of water that adorned the garden to the west of the castle.

Astérix Park

The Astérix Park is for all ages and it is open every year from April 2nd to November 2nd. This theme park was started to be built in the summer of 1987 and it received its first visitors 2 years later. Its capacity is of 20,000 people and it lays over 22,000 hectares of landscaped land. About twenty of the main attractions require a minimum height of 1m. Depending on your tastes and your profile, it can offer family tours, small Gallic or thrilling tours.

Park Astérix is open from 10 am to 6 pm on week days, and from 10 am to 10 pm on week-ends. There is one exceptional day in October, during which nocturnal sessions are also held. For practical reasons and to allow the maintenance of the premises, the amusement park cannot go beyond midnight.

It should be noted that the park offers adult and child (3 to 11 years old) rates. Children under 3 years old have free admission. You can bring your pets, the park has a kennel located outside the Park that you can use for a small fee. Park Astérix is located in Plailly, from Chantilly. The entrance to the park is between exit 7 and exit 8 of the A1 in the direction of the city, from Paris.


B@B Creil de Chantilly

Located near the D201, 10 minutes from the A1 junction and 30 minutes from Roissy-CDG airport, the hotel is close to the city's commercial center and offers affordable rooms.

Oise Hotel

The Hotel is located 5 minutes from Chantilly Castle, it is a few steps from the A1 (exit 8), 25 minutes from Parc Astérix. This property offers spacious and bright rooms in very soft tones. During your stay, the cooks will concoct you the best dishes of season, typical of the region.

Jeu de Paume Inn

Located in the heart of the historical Domaine de Chantilly, this inn is just a stone's throw from the region's main tourist attractions, including the Chantilly Castle’s gardens, the Great Stables, home to the Musée Vivant du Cheval. This inn offers an exceptional view of the Chantilly Hippodrome. On a racing day, you will be ideally placed in one of the rooms of the Jeu de Paume Inn.


To go from Chantilly to Roissy, your driver can take the D924A, then D1017 and D317 and D902A in the direction of Avenue Charles de Gaulle / D902 Airport, on a 26km long journey.

To reach the Orly airport from Chantilly, you will have to travel 64 km via the A1, the D924A, D1017 and D16, then the shuttle has to take the A86 in the direction of A106 in Paray-Vieille-Poste.