Transfer Caen - Paris ( Hotel or home address )

Caen - Paris (Hotel or home address)

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  • Caen is a commune located in the North-West of France. It belonged to the Calvados department in the Normandy region and was the capital of the Basse-Normandie region until 2015. Caen was named in 1025 at a time when the city, former duchy, was ceded to the Vikings.
  • It is since 1050 that William the Bastard, says the Conqueror, makes the city prosper, thanks, in particular, to the conquest of England. This Norman agglomeration houses one of the oldest universities in France. Built by order of King Henry VI, it was completed in 1432. City of the poet François de Malherbe, Caen shapes its urban face thanks to intense intellectual activity, making the city prosperous until the century of lights. It houses a museum of fine arts and the Normandy museum. The Romanesque architecture has strongly rubbed off on the city. Caen is gaining Renaissance prosperity by its Escoville mansion, like the half-timbered houses of the Rue Saint-Pierre. The city of Caen is nicknamed the Athens of Normandy. In the 19th century, for the first time, the Caen metropolis were linked to the city of Paris, marking its entry into the industrial era. In the wake of industrialization, the Canal of Caen was opened in 1857 and allowed the commercial port of Caen to prosper internationally.


  • If you are passing through Caen, you will be tempted to visit the city. The latter has an architectural richness inherited from the Romanesque and Renaissance periods. Its natural heritage has fascinated since antiquity. Here are the natural and architectural treasures to discover during your tourist stay in Caen. Discover also the leisure and main attraction proposed in the urban area of ​​Caen

The cooler


  • Situated square Jeanine Boitard in Caen, this cooler has about 150 years of existence. In a former open-air quarry, then completely covered, it was used to keep food fresh, before sheltering some residents of the district during the bombings of 1944. The city of Caen organizes a guided tour of this cooler every Monday. The cooler is rarely open to the public.


Stone of Caen

  • Among the symbols of the city, Caen stone has been a limestone rock used since antiquity. It is ocher-colored and easy to cut, combining fineness and homogeneity. Born 165 million years ago, this stone is exported in Belgium, Holland and Germany. The stone of Caen has served in particular in the construction of the cathedral of Canterbury, Buckingham Palace in England, the church Saint-Pierre of Caen and the two abbeys. If time permits you, visit a quarry of Cintheaux, you practice the extraction of this place.


Floral Park of the Bird Hill

  • The hill to the birds is a vast green space of 17 hectares. Located near the Memorial of Caen, this space includes a rose garden to see absolutely. The park is open all year from 10 am, the entrance is free and free. Guided tours by appointment are also organized there.

What’s on Museums of Caen ?

  • The Museum of Initiation of Nature is devoted to the ecosystem of Normandy. Located in the historic setting of the Abbaye-aux-Hommes, it features Raptors from the Bocage, naturalized marsh birds and seaside. A touch pad is available during the visit.
  • Museums and sites of Vieux-la-romaine await you. Situated 15 minutes from Caen, the museum and the archaeological sites of Vieux-la-Romaine make discover the daily life of the Gallo-Romans through the archaeological remains such as the capital of Aregenua. In order to live the daily life of its inhabitants, this visit count films, tactile objects and a staging of the collections. You can also visit the Caen Memorial Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Normandy Museum


Relaxation activities in Caen

  • You will have the choice between a guided tour of the city with musical walks and theatrical tours, a discovery of museums, climbing courses, air sports or spend a day at Festyland, the largest amusement park in Normandy. To put some spice in your walks, choose the route to riddle, cycling circuits, as much as these routes do not require a guide. Pancakes, buckwheat burgers and Orne cheeses are some of the gastronomic treasures of Caen, so take time to taste them if you stay in the city of Guillaume de Conquérant. The city has a large number of creperies and tea rooms where you can taste these local specialties.



Accor Ibis budget memorial

  • (3 stars)
  • For your stay, stop at the Accor ibis budget memorial. Located 10 minutes from Caen city center and 5 minutes from Caen Carpiquet airport and facing the marina, this hotel complex offers 80 air-conditioned rooms, a 24-hour bar with terrace and a closed car park. The hotel is easily accessible via the A84 motorway and the Caen ring road, it is equipped for the disabled people, ideal for guests on a business or leisure trip.


Hotel B & B IFS

  • (3 stars)
  • This hotel is located near the Caen Memorial. B & B offer rooms ranging from 40 to 75 euros a night and a breakfast at 6 €. It is reached by the line A of the tram. Otherwise, for group accommodation, choose the Lemonnier institute or the Robert Rème residence, among the establishments best rated by the tourists who came to Caen.


  • You have to browse 256 kilometers from Caen to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Transportation takes 2h 40 mn if your chauffeured car service takes the A13. By car or mini van, you make 2h38 to reach Orly, which is located 241 km from the City of Caen.