Transfer Conflans-Sainte-Honorine - Aéroport d'Orly

Conflans-Sainte-Honorine - Orly Airport

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Minivan transfer from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine to Orly



Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is a French city established on the banks of the Seine. 160 years ago, the boatmen took advantage of the development of the Seine to welcome the first cruise passengers, Conflans thus becomes a strategic point of the boat industry.

In order to remind us of this important step in the evolution of life on a cruise, a museum of the boat building is located on the site of a former priory of 1080 where were received the relics of Sainte-Honorine. Thus, the history of Confans-Sainte-Honorine and its economic activity is strongly imbued with this heritage boatman. However, one can only contemplate a history of the city if the name of Sainte-Honorine is evoked.

In 876, the Norman invasions caused fears of looting to the monks of the abbey of Graville. Also, the latter had to decide to move the valuable objects to the places least likely to be attacked by the barbarians. Consequently, the relics belonging to the holy Honorina the martyr were stored in Conflans.

Since the birth of the museum and the Association of Friends of the Museum of Shipping (AAMB), many sailing boats are restored in the confluence area. Among these sailing ships, the Jacques and the Triton 25 are two boats renovated between 2013 and 2015. The Jacques is the oldest French tugboat still steaming (1904). It is classified as a Historical Monument. The Triton was the last tugboat for traction, the last of its kind in France.

In 1920, the Industrialization arrives in Conflans, mainly with the installation of the LTT factory, manufacturer of telegraph and telephone cables. After the disappearance of this company in 1985, diversified activities are developing. The municipality boasts a coat of arms referring to the seals of the Queen White and of Louis VIII and the elements representing the city, in particular the castles, vineyards and arms of France.


Conflans-Sainte-Honorine has a marina that can accommodate tens of thousands of people a day. The barge port of Conflans is the nerve center of cruises on the Seine. Apart from this port of the barge, here are a few must-see destinations for tourists who came to holiday at the confluence of the Seine and the Oise.

Bateau-chapelle Je Sers

This boat welcomes the boarding school, but also the Port Saint-Nicolas. Port of river habitat possessing the infrastructures necessary to accommodate the cruise passengers. The west and south faces have geminated windows very rare in the military architecture of this time. It is one of the most visited places among the monuments of the Seine. Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is a resort town, the most frequented in Île-de-France.

This boat is used as the seat of social mutual aid since the foundation of the association in 1935 by Joseph Bellanger. Founded in 1919, the Je Sers Chapel Ship was used to transport coal. The chapel became the place of celebration of marriages, baptisms, masses and other highlights of the life of the boatmen. On this boat, there is also the seat of the national chaplaincy of the inland waterways.

Théméricourt’s Castle

Built by the secretary of King Louis XIV, the castle of Théméricourt was a convalescent home during the First World War. This tradition born of the Second World War has been perpetuated so far. L'Enfance batelière acquired it to set up a boarding school for children of sailors. Given to the National Education in 1960, the castle of Théméricourt welcomes today the administrative services of the boats. This castle is also one of the most emblematic places of this city.

Church of Saint-Maclou

This jewel of Conflans is a parish church of the 11th, modified for 3 centuries. Saint-Madou, classified as one of France's historic monuments, has been used to preserve the relics of Sainte-Honorine towards the end of the French Revolution, in the same way as two tombstones of the lords of Montmorency. Church restored in 1927, it is built according to the canons of the Gothic architecture. You can see a collection of stained glass and paintings. Visiting this high place of religion is a very necessary step for art history students or anyone who is fascinated by the history of French civilization



Hotel Cerise Maisons Laffitte

Hotel located 11 kilometers from Conflans, it is used to accommodate the boaters and those arriving in resort. The price of a room is 60 euros minimum.

Hotel L'Isle de France

The place is composed of a central room overlooking the garden where breakfast is served and two rooms. The rooms, although quite small are comfortable and well appointed. The decor is tasteful and modern. Establishment very well maintained, they provide cots.


To go from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine to Orly airport, take the A13 to Rocquencourt and leave N184, N13, D386 and Route de Versailles / N186. Then, your shuttle can take the A86 towards the D86 in Thiais then take exit 25a and leave A86. Tell your chauffeured car to continue on D86. Take street Hélène Muller, street of 11 November and Avenue de la Paix towards Avenue de la Victoire / D264 in Orly. This route is 52,4 km long via A86.