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Paris (Hotel or home address) - Beaune

The Town of Beaune is known for its vineyards it famous wine . We offer a very comfortable way to get to Beaune from Paris by using our private transfer service. Pre-book your ride and the driver will transfer you safely to this Burgandy’s town


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The town of Beaune is a French city and belongs to the department of Cote d'Or in the Burgundy region. With an area of ​​about 31km2, the city is 220 meters above sea level. Among the nearest villages, there is Chorey-les-Beaune, Vignoles, and Levernois.
The inhabitants of the city of Beaune are called Beaunois and Beaunoises. According to the last census they are currently around 24,000 inhabitants wich occupy the territory of the municipality. The ZIP code of Beaune is 21200.
Endowed with an unparalleled architectural richness and a unique historical past, Beaune is considered one of the first tourist attractions of Burgundy.
The first settlement of the city of Beaune goes back thousands of years, but it is only with the softening of the climate that man begins to settle down towards -7000 BC: at this time we start to cultivate and practice new craft techniques.
At the same time that the foundation of the city of Marseille by the Greeks, Beaune takes its place in history It is already located in the map of France since the time of Celtic Gaul. Under Roman times, the army gives a start to the history of the city by erecting the first fortifications. The Romans of the city a key point to control and protect the two important routes of the Empire in this region, the first that links Lyon to Trier and that of Besançon to Autun.
Thanks to the wine trade, the city of Beaune plays a key point in the economic and political sector of France during the 13th century. Also, Eude III, the Duke of Burgundy gives it a privileged status by giving it the status of a free city on the model of Dijon. By the Franchise Charter, the Beaune have certain rights and privileges that do not have other populations of the medieval period.
The presence of several abbeys, convents and churches that adorn the different districts demonstrates the importance of religious life. Some of these religious monuments are still present in the city and attract thousands of visitors every year thanks to their unique architectural style.
With its economic development, the city is now organized around three distinct poles: the Place du Marché, Place Carnot and the Notre-Dame district. On the Place Carnot is the parish church while in the Notre-Dame district are the old houses of the Dukes of Burgundy.


The Côte de Beaune
The town of Beaune is known as the capital of wines of Burgundy. It makes one of the best wines of France. You have decided to spend a stay in the area, do not miss the Côte de Beaune, where you will certainly find the best red wines in the region. It is a community spread over a little over five thousand hectares. Vines as far as the eye can see, meetings with the country's greatest producers, tastings, that's what awaits you in this part of the region.

Hospices of Beaune
Built in Gothic and flamboyant style, the Hospices de Beaune was founded during the 15th century by the Duke of Burgundy, Nicolas Rolin. It is one of the most famous vineyards of France thanks to its Gothic architectural style. The hospices of Beaune organize very regularly auctions, an operation during which the winemakers sell the best wines for the financing of this institution. Classified as a historic monument in 1862, the estate is currently a museum and a well-known exhibition venue in the region.
The Burgundy Wine Museum
This is one of the curiosities that makes the tourist interest of the city of Beaune. Also known as the Hôtel des Ducs de Bourgogne in Beaune, this museum is a palace built during the 16th century. Its particularity lies in the diversity of the wine products that are exhibited and presented.


Ibis Hotel
Located in the city center of Beaune, this hotel is six minutes from the Hospices museum. A three-star complex, you will find a friendly and quiet. Furnished rooms, whirlpool, swimming pool, wifi, all the conditions are there to have a pleasant stay. Also, a qualified staff is present to serve you.
Najeti Hotel Post Office

Hotel complex located on Clemenceau Boulevard, just five minutes from the Bourgognes Wine Museum. The particularity of this establishment is the separation which is between each suite. Tranquility and discretion are the watchwords of the house. Also, guests are entitled to a gourmet restaurant, a large garden, a billiard room, free wifi and parking. The atmosphere is also at the rendezvous.

Logis  Belle Epoque Hotel
Housed in an old wine merchant house, the Logis Hotel Belle Epoque is located in the Faubourg Bretonnière district. This pet-friendly hotel has a disability-friendly infrastructure. Comfortable rooms, with spacious bedding, appetizing breakfast, this stop is the unanimity of visitors.


Adélie Hotel
This boutique hotel is located just two kilometers from the city center. If you are traveling with your family, this is the place for you. Several formulas are proposed to the customers according to the needs of the latter. Heated pool, children's corner and many other leisure activities and entertainment are offered to spend unforgettable holidays in the region.


Several highways connect the city of Beaune to its peripheral regions. The city is connected to Dijon, Nancy by the A6 motorway. In addition, if you come from Basel or Besançon and want to reach the town, you must take the A38 motorway. SNCF networks and airports also allow you to easily visit the department if you come from other French regions. The town is two hours from Paris if you travel by train To go around the city, you can travel by taxi, bike, or make your life easier by using a rental car, with or without a driver. To move between the typical villages, the vineyards, there is for example the road from Beaune to Santenay, which will take you directly to the green Santenay Nolay. By cons, the bike is the safest way to move in the city center and enjoy the panoramic view offered by the various monuments there.