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The town of Château Thierry is visited for its famous Muséum Jean de la Fontaine and the ruins of its castle. We provide a private transfer service from Charles de Gaulle to this town at 85 km east from Paris. You simply need to book in advance online


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The first traces of civilization of Château-Thierry date from the Iron Age. These first occupations are followed by a grouped settlement from Roman times. A real secondary agglomeration takes place in the first century and continues until the third century. Until 1285, Château-Thierry remains a town and a fortress of the county of Champagne.
The Duke of Châtillon is the main owner of Château-Thierry during the period of the Hundred Years War during which, this city was ruined by this occupation. The centuries will pass. A fortress rises on the mound and the Duke Charles of Australia where Charles Martel protects the Merovingian king Thierry. The Castle of Thierry was restored in the XII century, it was intimately involved in the history of the town built between its walls and the river. In 1790, the city became the chief town of district before becoming that of the borough 10 years later.
In 1914, it was a city of important battle. More exactly, it was a key point during the First World War, a battleground between German troops and US troops. In early September 1944, the various resistance movements agreed to launch the slogan of general uprising. Throughout the city, as early as Friday evening, the Resistance attacks the various designated targets and german convoys returning to belgium.
françaisIt should also be noted that Château-Thierry is the city that gave birth to the fabulist, the French poet: Jean de la Fontaine. His birthplace became a museum later. If you want to schedule a visit with family or friends, we can provide you with a rental service.

Château-Thierry is the 574th largest city in France with the most inhabitants. With its picturesque villages, its landscapes shaped by the hand of winegrowers for centuries, its horizons punctuated by cellars and its champagne houses, Château-Thierry is a city that attracts tourists as well as new inhabitants. The number of populations of Château-Thierry has increased a little in recent years. Indeed, if it is 14,413 inhabitants in 2011, it rose to 14,602 in 2015. Regarding the economy of Château-Thierry, it is especially the tertiary sector that predominates at present. More concretely, it includes 61% of the population if the secondary sector is 33% against 6% of the population for the primary sector.
It should also be noted that Château-Thierry is currently developing in logistics, more precisely in the Omois ZID, at the exit of the A4 thanks to the FM Logistics group. In addition, well-known companies throughout Europe are based in the city, including the Cousons Copper Musical Instrument Factory, the Belin biscuit manufacturing company which has become the "LU". There are also many Champagne Cooperators scattered in all the villages of the Aisne, in the Marne or even across France.
As for the neighborhoods of Château-Thierry, the district of Blanchard is the most recent district of this city. It is also the gateway north of the city. But for some time, it's mainly the city center that is attracting more new residents. Indeed, it is reputed to be the most lively district of Château-Thierry. It is also the historic and tourist heart of the city, home to almost all the museums and monuments of the city. It is also a vast shopping area. Apart from these neighborhoods, that of Saint-Martin begins to become an interesting area especially for those who wish to live in a quiet area. It is a picturesque city where a new subdivision with pavilions and buildings are currently located. A car service always on time is at your disposal if you want to go to Le Havre, whether for personal or personal reasons.

4 tourist sites are essential during a stay in Château-Thierry including Château de Château-Thierry. It is an old castle, founded in the ninth century by the Counts of Vernantois and remodeled in the twelfth century and the thirteenth century. Today, only the base of the walls remains and on the tower of Bouillon, it is possible to discover the engraved plan on stone castle with its wall and all its towers and keep.
In addition, there is also the Jean de la Fontaine Museum. It is a museum of art and history that is dedicated to the author of the Fables and his work. This museum is in the birthplace of Jean de La Fontaine. It benefits from the name Museum of France and the label Maisons des Illustres.
The pannier champagne cellars are also worth a detour during a stay in the city Château-Thierry. Indeed, Maison Pannier houses magnificent medieval cellars of more than two kilometers, dug since the twelfth century. In the darkness and freshness of this underground labyrinth, vintages are slowly becoming fully mature. Discovering this exceptional heritage and tasting will make any visit unforgettable in Château-Thierry.
There is also Porte Saint-Pierre. It dates from the end of the 13th century. It is a vestige of the urban rampart that surrounded the fortified village, which stands on the commune of Château-Thierry. This historical monument opens on the plateau side between two big towers.
In addition, religious monuments are also famous for Château-Thierry. There is among others the Saint-Crépin Church of Château-Thierry. It is an old church of the twelfth century, but was rebuilt in the fifteenth century. It is the parish church of the whole city. It preserves elements of the choir probably dating back to the 13th century. Apart from all this, the Balhan Tower is an old dungeon of Fort Saint-Jacques, Château-Thierry. It consists of a helical ramp, accessible to riders and a more traditional part, accessible by stairs. A niche that housed a statuette of Saint-Barbe is still present, above the front door. Two columns of a pretty design supported a stone altar shaped console. Above, veins of vaults rise a canopy of rather particular composition. Two angels carved in profile, the wings extended, support an escutcheon whose raised figures constitute, except that of the lamb which is in the center a true enigma for the archaeologists.
During a stay in the city of Château-Thierry, it would be nice to travel the Champagne Tourist Route for about 700 km. The Portes de la Champagne has 3,400 hectares of vines and offers tourists a tour of rhythm punctuated with magnificent views of the hills and the Marne Valley. For you to enjoy with family, do not hesitate to contact us to choose a vehicle (s) that can accommodate 8 people.

Château-Thierry is a french municipality, located in the department of Aisne, in the Picardie region, in the country of the Omois. The Jardins de Viels-Maisons is 19.4 km from the town and Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique is 59.5 km away. CDG Airport is 86.3 km away and Beauvais airport is 137.7 km.