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Conflans-Sainte-Honorine - CDG Airport

The charming little town of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is located 32km from Paris at the confluence of the Oise and the Seine, whether your visit for a river cruise or stroll along the quays you can book our shuttle service with private driver.

Transfer by private shuttle between Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport


A few words about the cruising barge port of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine
The river cruise allows you to discover a city differently while having fun in a pleasant atmosphere punctuated by conviviality, relaxation, fun. Charming small town located ideally at the confluence of the Oise and the Seine, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is an ideal circuit for cruising. It is a city with atypical decor that welcomes you to the rhythm of boat activity. For decades it has been the capital of French shipping. High place of the river cruise, it takes you on a stroll on the Seine, to discover a magnificent panorama of its landscapes. This extraordinary pleasure offers activities and amusements both on board and during stopovers.
You can embark on this adventure under various themes, sufficiently varied, to satisfy everyone's desires. You can for example opt for the picnic cruise to combine pleasure of the eyes and taste buds. There is also the romantic cruise to share the happiness to two, or the cruise commented to know the city and its stories. The boats and the barges compete of originality to offer a stroll out of the commun run. What a pleasure to enjoy a good meal while floating on the water, sip a good rosé on the deck or why not take care of yourself in a spa (some boats are equipped).

Enjoy the banks of the Seine
The walk on the banks of the Seine is also a source of relaxation before joining your cruise. Here, it is your turn to admire the other boats (pleasure, trade or various services borrowing water). Take advantage of this moment to jump into one of the two museum boats, moored on the harbor. An inland getaway takes you through the alleys of the old town, discovering its heritage.
You can also take a breath of fresh air inside the Priory Park. Apart from its refined decor and picturesque gardens, you can admire the beauty of the Seine Valley. Ask us for a driver to take you from Paris to the Port of Cruise Barges.

Description of the Museum of the Cargo and Waterways
In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, you can go ashore to visit the Museum of Inland Waterways and Waterways, located within the castle of the former priory. It is an essential place of the Île-de-France. It houses an impressive collection of ship models and structures from all French basins as well as many objects related to shipping and famous old boats.
Created in 1965, by the president of the Society of Friends of Conflans, Louise Weiss, the Museum of Inland Waterways is an important museum devoted to the history of inland navigation. It is located in the heart of the city of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, near the Seine. It is a unique place in France that allows you to discover the history of river navigation. Indeed, a large number of important national museums have deposited several major works of fluvial heritage of France in this museum with a national vocation. This museum is then a place of safeguarding the last witnesses of the artisanal artisanal shipping of France. Thus the Museum of Inland Waterways and Waterways is regarded as the museum of the most enriched and most complete collection of all Europe which highlights the history of the inland navigation of the country.

What to discover in the Museum of the Boat and Waterways?
This museum of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine contains a large number of collections of rare objects of the capital of water craft which are to discover through an exhibition of open-air boats. In addition, more than 200 models, multiple paintings and engravings and various scientific reconstructions are to discover. It should also be noted that the visit of this museum also leads to mechanized navigation, several canal boats. History buffs will also know the history of the United States. Thus, it is by visiting the Museum of Inland Waterways that every tourist will be able to know more about the boatmen of the past and the mysteries of the rivers. It is in this sense that this museum is interesting for a playful and educational visit. A car service always on time is at your disposal if you want to discover the museum and so many other places of the city.

History of Chapel Je Sers
The Chapel Je Sers is a boat-chapel boatmen who is dedicated to St. Nicholas. This is a boat that is considered a small church or just a chapel on the water. This boat is registered in the general inventory of French cultural heritage. When it was founded in 1919, it was named "Langemark" in honor of a common Belgian not far from Ypres. But from November 11, 1936, it is known as "I Serve" by the Joseph Bellanger abbot and was blessed by Bishop Roland Gosselin, Bishop of Versailles. The chapel is under a bright glass-paved dome at the front of the boat. Its fittings were made by the SEMBA or "company of companies of masonry and reinforced concrete" under the direction of the architect Pierre Robuchon.

The ChapeI Je Sers is a towed barge and a place of social assistance and parish battalion Confluant Sainte-Honorine. And so far, several associations, including Pierre Blanche, contribute to the life and mission of the "I serve". It should also be noted that the original purpose of the floating chapel "Je Sers" was to constitute a rallying point, to have a fixed place of worship and community life, for a group of "non-sedentary": the boatmen.

What to do in the chapel Je Sers?
Each year, the national pardon of the skippers that takes place during the third weekend of June, takes place in the chapel Je Sers. This is a big event of the waterway. In addition, masses are held from Monday to Sunday, or even holidays. Moments of adoration, mass, complicity and above all prayer are held every day. This boat can also accommodate not only masses, but also baptisms, professions of faith and marriages without forgetting that it is a place of meditation. In addition, the association La Pierre Blanche organizes multiple social activities on the boat Je Sers. To enjoy your holidays, you can now book a car service in Paris.

Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is 30 km from Paris. It is 28.2 km from the Hall of Mirrors and 27.2 km from Grandes Eaux de Versailles. As a reminder, Charles de Gaulle Airport is 46.5 km from the city and Orly Airport is 52.1 km away.