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There are plenty of wonderful places to spend the leisure time in Paris. If you’ve visited Asterix, the theme park not far from the capital and you’d like to see much more, we advise Eurodisney. Just book in advance our private car. We provide also a free child safety seat if you travel with your child.



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Notre-Dame Cathedral in Senlis is an architectural monument of a religious type, located in the Oise region, more precisely in Senlis. Although not very large, its general architecture and its past make it one of the most beautiful religious buildings in France.

The history of this Cathedral

The building was built in 1151 under the direction of Bishop Peter. It was only forty years later that the work was finished. In the middle of the 13th century, notable works were carried out on the large structure, notably the installation of a transept which was initially devoid of the building. During the French Revolution, considerable damage was caused both to the structure of the cathedral and to its heritage. The building entered the classification of the historic monuments of France in 1840. In the 90's, the cathedral underwent a complete restoration.

One of the most beautiful cathedral exterior

The style used outside the building is Gothic. The ornaments are typical of Roman Catholic cathedrals of the same period. The frescoes are of great beauty with a very high finish quality. In addition to this, the architecture of the premises assumes a robustness to any test. There is also an impressive asymmetry between the two outer towers. The highest tower houses a magnificent emblematic bell tower for such a Catholic religious architecture.

A cultural and historical heritage

The cathedral has several rooms of immense beauty. Among these pieces, lovers of artwork will be able to appreciate the great portal with a sculpture of the crowning of the virgin. It serves as the main gateway to the building. Then, inside, the nave although short is an architectural work of the most impressive. The decorations are very well worked on each piece. Then, at the very center of the cathedral, the choir is a centerpiece of the ensemble. It was worked in a highly sought after Gothic style with a very thorough use of Catholic mythology.


In the Oise department, Saint-Vincent Abbey in Senlis is one of the most beautiful monuments. This building, classified among the historical monuments of France, is one of the most imposing buildings in the Hauts-de-France region. This abbey has not escaped the Roman-Gothic tendency of its origins, but it is this orientation that gives it its present splendor.

A ten centuries building

This abbey began to be constructed in 1065 under the impulse of Queen Anne of Kiev. It was placed under the protection of holy majors in the catholic church of the time: Saint John the Baptist and Saint Vincent of Zaragoza. In 1623, with the advent of the young Charles Faure, the abbey recovered its splendor and became the center of the new Genovéfaine reform. In the 17th century, it underwent a facelift towards a more classic style. After the French revolutions, the abbey served as a civil building like a barracks, a prison or even a hospital. Currently, it serves as a private high school with a strong relationship with the Marist fathers.

An overview of the building

The abbey is made up of two large buildings as imposing as each other. The first is the church with a so-called cruciform plan extending over nearly 50 m in length and nearly 8 m in width. Inside the church, the ceiling height is immense with nearly 14 m in the central ship. The imposing bell tower of the 12th century crowns the whole of this beautiful building.

An architecture and an interior full of sobriety

The interior has remained in a Gothic classicism, very sober in appearance but with a very meticulous work on the details. Moreover, it is remarked that the builders of this abbey had relied heavily on natural light. The latter is very present and highlights the different parts of the set. The choir of the church is also one of the main parts of it. Almost in 10 centuries, it has not undergone any significant change. It is therefore the most authentic piece of this infrastructure.


In the Hauts-de-France region, the Commelles ponds are a great place to preserve nature. Located in the domain of Chantilly, they are in the same way as the domain, property of the Institute of France. These ponds are located in the valley of the Thève. They are part of one of the four ponds of the estate and make not less than 6.5 ha.

A Brief History of Places

Louis Le Gros bought the domain of Commelles in 1136 to make a gift to the abbey of Chaalis. In the 12th century, it is very likely that the monks organized the domain and created at the same time ponds Commelles in the bed of the river. After the French Revolution, the ponds were redeemed by Louis VI Henri of Bourbon-Condé and served as the Prince's privileged domain for hunting. Towards the end of the 19th century, it is given to the Institut de France.

A natural area of great interest

It is worth noting that the ponds of Commelles is a natural area of ecological, floristic and faunistic interest (ZNIEFF). These ponds are part of Chantilly Domain and the Natural Régional Oise Park. Thus, they are protected and form part of a special protection zone. These artificial aquatic worlds include carp, pike, trout or other pike-perch.

Activities around the ponds

These ponds represent a very good place to go for a walk, all the more so as they are open all year round. In addition, they are free to access. The walkers can consequently benefit according to their moods and according to the periods that they want. They can also enjoy the monuments close to the surroundings of these ponds. Examples include the Chateau de la Reine Blanche, the Viaduc de Commelles and the former tile factory.


Less than an hour separates Astérix Park from Disneyland Paris. Since the Park is in Plailly, you have to drive 350 meters to cross a toll road. Continue on A1 (North highway) to Paris. The driver will take the A104 (La Francilienne). After driving about 40 km, take exit 14 and continue on Paul Séramy Avenue and enter Coupvray. Disneyland is a few minutes away from the park Boulevard.