Private car transfer from Vanves to Charles de Gaulle airport


History and activities in Vanves

The city name comes from the Latin de Vanves vanna or banna. These are ancient Gallic words that mean the fishing or fishery. The first mention of the name of the city back to the tenth century in a charter of Robert the Pious of 998. At the time of the Middle Ages, the city was under the authority of the lords. Many owners invaded the region. During the Hundred Years War, the city was very touched and it took years for it to recover. Between the sixteenth century and the seventeenth century, the city was primarily engaged in agriculture and dairy farming. The Second Empire resulted in Vanves exchange a small town suburb. To the twentieth century, Vanves tends to another area because the planting of vines in the region completely disappears and is replaced by urbanization.


Tourism and visits to Vanves

In the town of Vanves are two important historical monuments. The Church of Saint-Remy is a religious monument built in the fifteenth century and remodeled to the nineteenth century. She was ranked 19 October 1928. The Lycée Michelet is a building founded in the fourth quarter of the seventeenth century. The buildings have been listing under historical monuments July 10, 1986. Vanves is also home to various attractions. Frederick Municipal Park Pic is ideal for a walk. This park is full of history. Other sites to see include the Pavillon de la Tourelle, the Chapel of the Virgin and the memorial.

Sightseeing in the town of Vanves requires a means of transport. To do this, visitors are invited to make a reservation with our brand. We will go over well in the city and to the Paris airports. We put at your disposal shuttle collective luxury car VIP and private car. It is up to you to choose what suits you. A knowledgeable and helpful driver will be with you throughout your career.


Transfer from Vanves to Paris airports

The city is located in Vanves Malakoff 1 km and 6 km from Paris. This destination is 11.7 km from Orly Airport to 36.3 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 95.9 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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