Transfer to Airborn Museum of Parachute in Sainte-mère-Eglise


Transportation to Airborn Museum of Parachute in Sainte-mère-Eglise

Recently refurbished, the Normandy museum has a large special memory of the paratroopers who landed on the night of 5 and 6 June 1944 the Holy mother Church, the Museum of Airborn. Founded in the heart of Bourg in 1962 with the participation of Mayor General James Gavin.
The buildings that comprise the museum were built for each year and each include objects mémoratifs the third building is also still under construction and will be operational in 2014. The first was inaugurated on 6 June 1964 with a very specific form of "parachute" which is in its original form, the WACO glider, documents, movies, weapons, photos or even mannequins dressed as soldiers. The second building opened in 1984, contains one of the planes that dropped the brave paratroopers Douglas C47 Skytrain, in the form of a delta wing. At the heart of these two spaces, you could feel and relive the Battle of Arnhem with the testimonies of veterans video, films, 2nd floor, equipped with a video projector, plus underground space to better educate . Thanks to victims drowned and killed in parachute jumping or during their battle, and those who are missing, this war was a success. Airborn Museum, tells us most about the possibility of reconciliation, because we would feel the freedom, deliverance, hope and forgiveness, we would spend moments of emotion and exciting history that deserve be etched in our memories and our hearts without holding a grudge.
Airborn Museum is one of the most visited monuments of Paris, the cemetery, the status of Jits Bakker bronze warrior from his childhood, the park next door makes it so spectacular. Open for visitors every day.


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