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History and visit the Free Commune of Montmartre in Paris
The free town of Montmartre constitutes the major part of the 18th arrondissement of Paris . It is located on the Place du Tertre , in the north of the capital , where most of the historical sites of Paris can be found . The highest point of Paris , in geographical terms , is in this town , at an altitude of 103.53 meters. There are many artists installed including sculptors, poets, musicians, etc. . Free Commune of Montmartre was founded May 7, 1921 by famous artists Poulbot , Forain , and Neumont Willette . Jack Andrew Yatt is currently the mayor of the town . The people have a map of Montmartre citizen. The town is served by metro Anvers Pigalle, Blanche, Abbesses, Lamarck -Caulaincourt and Jules Joffrin .

Annexed to the city of Paris in 1860, the Free Commune of Montmartre has long demanded independence. It organized its first elections in 1920. On 11 April this year, Jules Depaquit became the first mayor of the town . Shortly after his election, he decreed the separation of town and state . He was known for the implementation of the soup kitchen operation and fair crusts. The National Anthem of the Free Commune of Montmartre was composed by the poet and songwriter French Lucien Boyer in 1923. As for the melody, it was created by the musician Borel- Clerc. The new election in 1934 appointed Pierre Labric as mayor of the town . This was the author of the Harvest Festival . In 1952 , he created the Tourist Old Montmartre. The town was directed more towards humanitarian actions. This remarkable work began under the influence of Poulbot . The latter tried to rescue the orphans , the poor and underprivileged. Social services , however, were few and could not handle the case of all these children. Many shows and performances were frequently organized by artists, inhabitants of the town , in order to raise funds to support the "Little Poulbots " the Montmartre children in difficulty. Every Christmas , the City held a feast in various places such as the Moulin Rouge, Moulin de la Galette and there prepared a great feast for the children. In addition to caring for children, she also participated in their educations . Prizes were awarded to the most deserving that they serve as an example for other children .

The first care center the Free Commune of Montmartre was installed in the Rue Lepic. The building previously served chicken at Father Arthur until he decided to donate it to the City . The clinic received more than 1,500 annual visits . Children's health was closely monitored and traders joined hands to meet the canteen clinic. Although the inhabitants of the town did show great solidarity for the proper functioning of the institution, but it closed in 1936. Later, the " Square of Freedom" was created at the site of the old center of care. It served as a place of recreation for children. In 1995, the Free Commune of Montmartre received an award from the mayor of Paris . The gold medal was offered due to the dedication and all the good deeds done by the Municipality .

Transfer to the Free Commune of Montmartre in Paris
Free Commune of Montmartre is located 29 km from Orly Airport , 25 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83 km from Beauvais Airport .

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