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History and visit the Wine Museum in Paris
The Wine Museum is a very special museum is located on the square Charles Dickens in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It is placed just in front of the Eiffel Tower and is located in the vicinity of the Trocadero. It was inaugurated in 1984 and has a total of 2200 collections, including 2,000 exposed. This is a very rich museum in wine and grapes. His collection includes antique bottles, corkscrews, winemaking, the wineskin, cooperage, wine tasting, pottery, etc. The museum covers an area of 800 square meters and had 28 500 visitors in 2012.
The Wine Museum is located on a hill that was once covered with forest called the forest of Rouvray. This is the 6th century village Nigeon developed there with careers and cultures vineyards. Italian hermit Saint-François de Paule there founded the order of Minimes and built the Abbey of Passy. The area of the Abbey had crops of vineyards. The museum is located in an old quarry dating back to the Middle Ages. The brothers of the convent were making a wine that King Louis XIII loved. The vines used in the manufacture of this famous wine came from the wine harvest hillsides of the Seine. The opening of the rue des Eaux in the 17th century allowed visitors to access the museum. The religious orders were suppressed during the revolution of 1789. There was more life in the Abbey since that time, which led to its destruction. Later the museum was discovered and opened the doors to the public in 1984. Since its reopening the museum is owned by the council butler of France. This brotherhood includes purists wine lovers and was founded in 1954. They aim to promote and defend the best wines with controlled sources. A large number of events luxury is organized by the brotherhood throughout the world. Cultural and visits galleries activities are also organized by the council.
The Musée du Vin show the tools used for the cultivation of vines, but also for tasting, winemaking traditions and terroir. Among these collections, the earliest date a century before Jesus Christ and most recently the 19th century. Wax models of figures are used to develop these collections as Napoleon, or Balzac. The museum provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the unusual and traditional tools to make the wine. It is related to the Valais Museum of Wine and Vine Switzerland. This pairing is officially March 7, 2010 in the Wine Museum. This very special place also has a catering service. The restaurant named "the Echansons" offers typical French cuisine with more than 200 references of wines. The Wine Museum can also transform into place with these four events vaulted rooms. Seminars, wine events, training and parties are organized in the museum. It is open every day of the week except Monday.
Transfer to the Wine Museum Paris
The Wine Museum is located at a distance of 21 km from Orly airport, 31 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 95 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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