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History and visit the flea market in Paris
The Flea Market is an outdoor market which is located in the French capital. It is also known as the Bullets. There are many items except food. The origin of the name of this market has several versions: the first version dates back de1880 it comes from a soldier who looked displays the top of the fortifications of the city of Paris and the market saw as many chips. The second version would come from old clothes that are sold on the place with bullets. The name became popular around 1900 and we see from that time on postcards.
The flea market in the city of Paris has its origin in the markets of the Middle Ages was in the middle of the capital. Sellers were driven from the city center and settled outside. Small markets were well established as the market of the Patriarchs founded around the year 1350. The market recovery in the French capital was banned by Richelieu in 1635 to establish places of sale of new objects . Trade Worn or bric-a-brac grew around Paris. Many of them settled on the fortification of Paris from 1840. These vendors were called porters, the chiftires the ragpickers or fishermen moon. Among the flea markets of Paris city, there is the Saint-Ouen flea, fleas and Vanves flea Montreuil.
Fleas Saint-Ouen is located in the district of Saint-Ouen, which was founded in 1885. The location of the market was occupied by people such travel ragpickers who previously settled in the streets. This market is frequented by a large number of antique shops and antique dealers from around the world. It has around 111 million visitors each year. Among these visitors are foreign tourists and even celebrities. It has several markets like Biron market, the market Malik, the Dauphine market or Vernaison market. Market Paul-Bert and Serpette market that are on these chips are the property of Grosvenor. Shopping for clothes and accessories fantasies are on this vast market. For several years vendors also take place in the premises. The market is held every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It is served by the Metro station Porte de Clignancourt, but also by bus.
The Vanves flea market is held on the Georges Lafenestre Avenue and the Avenue Marcus Sangnier 14th arrondissement. It takes place every Saturday and Sunday morning at this place. It includes 400 spaces used by dealers of furniture and objets d'art may date from 1900, by Art Deco dating sellers, vendors of arts and popular arts of Africa and the East. You can also find furniture business, silverware, art of the table, glassware, furniture and garden bathroom and a large number of unusual objects.
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The flea market is located at a distance of 14 km from Orly Airport, 35 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 101 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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