Professional transfer from Beauvais airport to Bois-Colombes

History and activities in Bois-Colombes
The history of the city of Bois-Colombes has a close connection with the town of Colombes. Previously, this destination was part of Colombes, later she is separated. Today the city is characterized by a small wood block between two regions including Asnières and Doves. About his past, prehistoric remains are present on the territory. That said, therefore, that even if the stand is very recent human occupation have already been identified in prehistoric times. Also, the city of Bois-Colombes was under the rule of the abbey of Saint-Denis. Buildings in the city grow from the nineteenth century. Indeed, in 1846, a line of railway from Argenteuil contributes to the settlement of the territory of Colombes. Construction craft are favored from 1870. The industry began in the city to the twentieth century.

Tourism and visits to Bois-Colombes
The Hispano-Suiza factory is an old tunnel considered a monument of the city. Since the industrialization of this property, it became a school. There is no plant that adorns the city, the town hall in 1937 is a remarkable monument of the region. In addition to these wonderful promises to the church Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours. This building is a religious monument dating from the nineteenth century. It was until 1897 an annex of the church Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul. Its bell tower was restored late.
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Airport transfer from Paris city Bois-Colombes
The city of Bois-Colombes is just 1 km from Colombes and 7 km from Paris. Compared to the airports, the city is 23.2 km from CDG Airport to 22.4 km from Orly Airport and 60.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.




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