Transfer and visit of la Sainte Chapelle à Paris

History and visit the Sainte Chapelle in Paris
Holy chapel worshiped Roman Catholic, but it was abandoned after the revolution. It is now attached to the Ministry of Culture. Its construction began in 1242 and ended in 1248. This chapel was classified as a historic monument in 1862 and listed as a World Heritage Site in 1991.
Holy chapel was built at the request of St. Louis to shelter the relics of Christ as the crown of thorns and a piece of the cross he redeemed to 1239.
The architect contractor for the construction of the Sainte Chapelle Pierre de Montreuil. This chapel is the marvel of Gothic art and even his apotheosis. It has 600 square meters of glass were replaced with third parties after the revolution. These windows are the most impressive of the time in 1134 representing religious and secular scenes with vivid colors.
The holy chapel consists of two levels: the lower chapel and the upper chapel. The lower chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. She plays the role of support for the upper chapel, which is composed exclusively of glass separated by columns. This monument has magisterial size windows.
The main facade of the Sainte Chapelle is shaped by it has several gargoyles sculptures crowning each pillar. A rosette representing the Apocalypse measuring 9 meters in diameter located on the south side of the chapel. At the top of the roof up the statue of the archangel Michael.


Transfer to the Sainte Chapelle in Paris
La Sainte Chapelle is located in the neighborhood of Notre Dame - Ile Saint Louis in Paris, it is located 17.7 km from Orly Airport, 28 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport is 90 km to the airport Beauvais.

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