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History and activities Chesnay

The city name comes from the Latin meaning Castenum place with oaks. This region depended on the Parisian abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The city becomes independent to the twelfth century. City Chesnay suffered adverse consequences during the war. Devastation and destruction marked the city. Diseases have also led to constraints in the destination. The day after the revolution, the city was known for its vegetable and cabarets. The development of the region looks to the nineteenth century. The activities of people relied on agriculture before other activities come into play



Tourism and visits Chesnay

In the city of Chesnay, various tourist and historical sites to discover. You can take a tour of the city to admire the wonders available territory. Villa Chèvreloup is a remarkable building in the city. It was built in the twentieth century. This is a house that owes its name to the nearby field Chèvreloup. Besides this monument, do not hesitate to visit the church of Saint-Germain. This religious monument dates back to the year 1805. This building is characterized by two low-rated built in 1857. The bells from the church of Saint-Nicolas. Many other sites to see in the city Chesnay as the burial of Miss Howard, the memorial, the Chesnay Castle and the castle.

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Transfer from Paris airports to Chesnay

The city Chesnay is 2 km from Versailles and 16 kilometers from Paris. This destination is 19.9 km from Orly airport.


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