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History and visit the Place de la Bastille in Paris

Place de la Bastille is one of the most prestigious, to visit at any price in France. Located in the Arsenal Fifteen Twenty-Roquette neighborhood, this site extends over 215 m in length and 150 m in width. Formerly known as Place d'Antoine, Place de la Bastille is now a place that reminds all French and all the tourists the French Revolution took place mainly in Paris. On this symbolic place was found once the Bastille itself, which was destroyed between July 14, 1789 until July 14, 1890. A date quite memorable because July 14 is the national holiday in France.

Based on historical facts, the Bastille was a fortress unsurpassed in its kind. She served as armor for the city of Paris. Its construction lasted more than 13 years old when Charles V was still in power. Later, the walls of the Bastille used to something a little more dangerous, because only a few years after its construction, it became a prison under the orders of Richelieu. During the famous French Revolution, the Bastille was the first victim, she was attacked by all odds, July 14, 1789 arguably marked the end of the Bastille. Since that time until today, the Place de la Bastille is a place where the French have used to stay there for various public events related to politics.

After the fall of the Bastille, a festival was celebrated in the Square. Although the place was still crowded with ruins, Pierre François Palloy could not help but celebrate this fall. Attracting many followers, he proceeded to destroy the stronghold. A ball in honor of this victory was celebrated on July 14 and until now, this tradition has been passed from generation to generation, because it is still relevant even in our time. Place de la Bastille to remember today the release of the people under monarchy. It is to mark this great event that a column was erected on site. Palloy, still feeling very concerned offered one of the first stone for the construction of the column, however, the building had some difficulties in implementation. The project was quickly abandoned, leaving a fountain in 1793.

A year later, between 9 and 14 June, a guillotine was erected on the spot, it remained far enough from the ruins of the fortress. The people did not appreciate the machine asked that it be dismissed, to the Place de la Nation. But before this wish was carried out, 75 people died. This place is very symbolic so far, the word Bastille remember so many memories. Place de la Bastille is famous, apart from the fact that it is a historic place, it became a place where the youth of Paris just to have fun on Fridays, but especially on Saturdays, many activities are available on instead. It is also known as the famous welcoming Gay Pride every year for over thirty years now instead.

Shuttle from  the Place de la Bastille to  Paris airports
Place de la Bastille is situated 19 km from Orly Airport, 27 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 98 km from Beauvais Airport.

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