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History and activities in Athis-Mons
Athis-Mons is a destination already occupied in the Gallo-Roman period. In fact, its name comes from the Gallic Latinized "attegias" and "mons" which means huts of branches in the mountains. For the first time in the literature, the name of the city appears in the ninth century with only Athegiam, Mons appeared only in the tenth century to document gift to the abbey of Saint-Magloire. To form the town of Athis-Mons, two locations were merged in 1817 with Athis-sur-Orge and Mons-sur-Orge. This area remained a rural destination, and until the First World War. From 1841, the railroad comes into play in the development of the city, then advance immigration. Between 1898 and 1932, the industries and plants invade Athis-Mons. This development, however, was pushed enough stopped by the economic crisis of 1930 and the bombing of 1944.

Tourism and visits to Athis-Mons
In the town of Athis-Mons, you can discover the wonders diversified. Tourists have the privilege of spending the Château d'Athis which was built in the seventeenth century. This building was remodeled and enlarged in the eighteenth century. It is now become a school of St. Charles. Besides the castle, the church of the twelfth century is a landmark of the city. The Parish Church of Saint-Denis is a fortress of the abbey of Saint-Victor Paris. It has been classified by list in 1840. Visits to natural, you also have the advantage of exploring the park or the Avaucourt Ozonville park.
Our Private car transfer can in the town of Athis-Mont while stopping at tourist attractions that impress you. You only have to make a reservation at our institution and ensure your choice of car. Apart from the private car, you can also learn about the collective bus and luxury car VIP. They are all comfortable and well equipped. These cars also ensure your trip from the city to different airports in Paris and according to your requests.

Paris airports transfers from Athis-Mons
The town of Athis-Mons is 4 km from Viry-Châtillon and 18 km from Paris. It is 35.9 km from CDG Airport, 2.9 km from Orly Airport and 85.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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