Shuttle transfer from New Bridge to Orly and CDG airports


History and visit the Pont Neuf in Paris

The new bridge is the oldest bridge in the city of Paris. It is the third bridge in Paris long before the bridge and the bridge downstream lover. Construction began in 1578 and ended in 1607. It is entirely made ​​of stone and crossed the Seine. The architects who contributed to this magnificent bridge are Métezaeau, Baptiste and Jacques Androuet Hoop II, Marchand and F.des Isles.

The name of the bridge was given due to its characteristics that are different bridges of its time. It was the first bridge made ​​of stone in Paris and has sidewalks. It is part of historical monuments since 1889. It has been a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. It measures 238 meters long and 20 meters wide.
Androuet Hoop Baptiste was the first architect of the new bridge. He provided a bridge with houses like other bridges of Paris. Cellars were built under the arches and stacks. The construction work was suspended for ten years for financial reasons.

When work resumed, King Henry IV had chosen to build a bridge without housing. Already built cellars are maintained and transformed into lower chamber to be sealed before the 19th century.
The bridge piers are surmounted by balconies in a semi-circle. Along its edges is adorned with sculptures of gargoyles. The bridge has a total of 385 distinct masks are made ​​by Germain Pilon. The long arm of the bridge has seven arches while the small arm has five arches.

Transfer to the New Bridge in Paris
The new bridge is 20.9 km from Orly Airport to 30.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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