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Besides the famous Bayeux tapestry, there are a plenty of sites to visit in this town. Book in advance our private vehicle and the driver will wait for you upon your arrival at Orly airport and drive you directly to your destination

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Bayeux is a picturesque city embellished by a large number of traditional houses. It is the capital of the Baïocasses of today. But in the fourth century, it was called Augutodururn. After being looted in 884 and stormed 6 years later. Bothon, one of the faithful of the Duke of Normandy, decided to begin working on reconstruction of this city. Bayeux later became a residence of the dukes of Normandy including Richard 1er. In 1046, a large part of Bayeux was set on fire and burned down in 1106. Consequently, only the property and treasures of the cathedral and Queen Mathilde's tapestry could be recovered. In addition to the fires, Bayeux also suffered from the Hundred Years War and suffered many ruins and devastations from neighborhood to neighborhood. This city of Normandy could not rise from its ruins until 1414 but it fell back to the hands of the English until the era of the Battle of Formigay.
Bayeux was the capital of Bessin under the old regime. Before becoming the chief town of the bailiwick, it was the chief town of the viscount of the bailiwick of Caen. Thanks to Henri IV who decided to sit in Bayeux one of the elections of the generality of Caen in 1597, this city has been able to experience considerable economic growth. In 1771, a higher council was established at this place with five bailiwicks. This city has also become part of the government of Normandy in this time. As an indication, Bayeux is the first to have its independence June 7, 1944, once the Allies have landed in Normandy. It is indeed from the eighteenth century that Bayeux undergoes profound changes with the destruction of the walls and the castle but especially through the construction of a large number of mansions that reflect the luxury of the era and that are still traces of history to this day. To discover this historical facet of the city, enjoy guided tours by your experienced driver


Bayeux is the 4th town in the department which surrounds itself with ramparts in the 3rd century in order to protect itself against possible invasions. The upper city is made up of three neighborhoods while the lower town includes the city and the suburbs of Saint-Patrice, Saint-Loup or Saint Laurent. Currently, it is the second most important city of Normandy. Bayeux draws a great advantage by relying on a network of companies representing several sectors that are both innovative and diversified. The most developed sectors in this city are the agri-food sector, the tertiary sector, the industry but also the fishery. In addition, tourism is an important part of the economic development of this region thanks to its thousand and one historic monuments very impressive and unique. Be that as it may, it is mainly industry and commerce with more than 600 registered companies that contribute to the economic growth of Bayeux.
As for the change of the city, it is especially the establishment of new luxury hotels which mark most the modernity of Bayeux. Moreover, an alliance of authenticity, modernity and dynamism marks it for a few years. But the most interesting is especially the striking marriage between the traditional and the modernity of the city. Indeed, the beautiful contemporary hotels located near the old houses embellish more this city tourist destination of Normandy. During your stay, we can provide you a service of visits of the city.


The architectural and cultural wonders of the city of Bayeux attract thousands of tourists every year. The Romanesque and Gothic cathedral is one of the most interesting historical monuments to visit. It was built in the 11th century and burned in 1106. But this large, very original building, 96 m long and 23 m high, was rebuilt in the 12th century and rebuilt a century later. The chapter house or "chapter" which dates from the thirteenth and fourteenth century is also a place not to be missed in Bayeux.Indeed, this room which is part of a monastery still contains until today the 13 remains members of the House of Babenberg. In addition, the chapter house contains a large number of ancient objects such as a box made of ivory and silver plates and contains ecclesiastical ornaments attributed to the bishop of Bayeux in the seventh century. In addition, in the sacristy of the Church is enclosed a painted cabinet of the thirteenth century with several objects that date from that time.
Moreover, those who come to visit Bayeux should make a tour to the museum which is north of the cathedral, the former chapter library. In this museum, there are still remains of a Roman arch that were discovered in the 1847s as well as so many other vestiges that attract many tourists each year to come to this picturesque French town. In addition, several chapels are the fame of Bayeux. These include the seminary chapel dating from the 13th century with the seven-storey Renaissance tower of Saint Patrice Church; the Saint-Laurent chapel with the ruins of the Gothic church of Saint-Sauveur.
It is also noteworthy that the old houses of Bayeux make this city unique. Indeed, it is possible to identify various traditional houses worthy of interest. Among others, there is the old house n ° 4 which is located at rue Saint-Malto. It is a vast logis wooden dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth century. There is also the old house No. 1 Street Franche, the governor's house at the street Bourbeneur and the grand manor called "the Caillerie" which dates from the sixteenth century. The old hotels of Saint-Nicolas are also essential when it comes to spending a stay in Bayeux. In addition to all this, the 11th century tapestry, which is registered on UNESCO's "Memory of the World", is an architectural heritage that dates back to medieval times and is known throughout the world. His tapestry also represents the conquest of England by William the Conqueror.

So, a visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy and the Baron Gérard Museum of Art and History, the Bayeux tapestry, the botanical garden, the British cemetery and the banks of the river. the Aure and the old Bayeux are at the rendez-vous during a stay in Bayeux. But it's not just history buffs who make it fun to visit this city. Young people will also be delighted to practice water sports and especially to enjoy the beautiful beach of Bayeux. A car service is always on time can be made available to you if you want to enjoy every minute of your stay.



Bayeux is a French town located in Calvados department on the Aure. It is 22.6 km from Juno Beach Center and 30.2 km from Men's Abbey. The city is 276.1 km from Orly Airport and 280 km from CDG Airport.